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Lord Caitanya is channa, but why?

Post Author: Swami Gaurangapada    Date: 2006-01-14 06:54:29
Title: Lord Caitanya is channa, but why?
User: Gouranga dasa    Date: 2007-04-06 01:56:14

Nitai Gauraaanagaaaaa!!!

Dear Swami Gauranga Pada,

Please can you help me,

We hear that Lord Chaitanya is Channa or covered and also we find that His appearance is not directly disclosed in the sastras, why is the Lord so secretly hidden? what is the reason for this hidden nature of Lord Caitanya Krishna, described asTri Yuga Avatara, when the Lord in comparison wants to share Love of Godhead with one and all?


Gouranga dasa

Title: Re: Lord Caitanya is channa, but why?
User: Swami Gaurangapada    Date: 2007-04-06 14:23:41

I have already replied to this question in detail. Please download and search the NITAI Veda. Basically the reason is that Lord Gauranga had two divine purposes for His descent: external purpose was to distribute Prema Naam Sankirtana and internal purpose to relish the Mahabhava of Shrimati Radhika. So He did not want the relishing of His internal purpose to be disturbed in Gambhira, Puri Dhaam, by millions of people approaching and worshiping Him as God. In that case, He would not have got the required solitutude to fulfill His internal purpose with Shrila Svarupa Damodara and Shrila Ramananda Raya. Even though He tried to keep Himself hidden in the scriptures, still millions came to see Him in Gambhira, so one can imagine if it was widely known, how much busy He would be.

Ofcourse after His pastimes were completed in Puri Dhaam, He is no longer Channa or concealed. He wanted to remain Channa for fulfilling His internal purpose which is over now. He told to the brahmana in Navadvipa whom He showed His eight-handed form that not to tell anyone that He is Lord Krishna until His pastimes are over. The Goswamis revealed Him through their holy writings and all His verses in the Vedas knowing that He no longer wants to remain Channa. His Holy Name of Gauranga will bring about the great wave of His causeless mercy again in this world. So we have to profusely reveal the glories of His Holy Name, Pastimes, Abode and Associates now and make Him Achanna which is what He wants now!!!  

Title: Re: Lord Caitanya is channa, but why?
User: Gouranga dasa    Date: 2007-04-06 19:07:28



That is very nice explanation, thank you so much, pranams Maharaja.

Gouranga dasa

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