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Bhaja Gauranga reference..

Post Author: Gouranga dasa    Date: 2008-01-23 01:15:02
Dear Swami Gaurangapada,

Please accept my respectful obeisances, All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

Please can you tell me where the verse "Bhaja Gauranga Kaha Gauranga.". is from? And who is speaking it.

Thank you

Gouranga dasa

Post Author: JagannathaGaurangadasa    Date: 2008-01-24 00:08:17

Nityananda instructed this to the people of Bengal because he knew that Gauranga's name and pastimes should be heard and chanted before Krishna's names for their ultimate benefit. Even though Gauranga told him to preach Krishna's names he was internally very pleased with Nityananda for giving them this instruction.

Post Author: Bhakta Igor    Date: 2008-01-24 12:31:34
Nityananda Gauranga Hare Krsna

"You can also chant the prayer you asked about. This was spoken by Lord Nityananda while He was preaching in the town. He was addressing the people: 'My dear brothers, you simply worship Lord Caitanya; talk of Lord Caitanya; speak Lord Caitanya's Name, so anyone who does so, he is my life and soul." (SP in Letter to: Mahapurusa, Los Angeles, 7 March, 1968)

Post Author: Gouranga dasa    Date: 2008-01-24 13:49:32
thank you prabhu! and the sastric reference? where is this verse written?

Post Author: Swami Gaurangapada    Date: 2008-01-25 15:19:31
Nityaananda! Gauraanga! Hare Krishna! It is said to be described in a Bengali song by the poet Shrila Devakinanandana dasa or another poet. Unfortunately, we don't have an exact reference. But the proof that it is fully authentic according to our scriptures is that an almost fully similar instruction is given by Lord Nityaananda in the Shri Chaitanya Charitamrita Madhya lila 1.29:

'chaitanya' seva, 'chaitanya' gao,
lao 'chaitanya' nama
'caitanye' ye bhakti kare, sei mora prana

Lord Nityananda implored: "Serve Lord Chaitanya, sing the Holy Name of Lord Chaitanya and chant Lord Chaitanya's Name (in japa and kirtana). Those who worship Lord Chaitanya in this way are My life and soul."

Daaso'smi, Swami Gaurangapada.

Post Author: Gouranga dasa    Date: 2008-01-25 23:42:32
Thank you very much, I will love to know the exact reference for this verse,

Post Author: Bhakta Igor    Date: 2008-01-26 07:38:00
'It is said to be described in a Bengali song by the poet Shrila Devakinanandana dasa or another poet.'

I tried to find that song; it will be wonderful to have that song in NG song book! Does anybody know something more? Is this song available anywhere? There must be some text about that. Otherwise; we know reference from song, but we do not have solid evidence, or song itself.

Post Author: Swami Gaurangapada    Date: 2008-01-26 07:48:13
Nityaananda! Gauraanga! Hare Krishna! Yes, unfortunately the song is not available or unknown till now. But this verse was accepted by Shrila Swami Prabhupada and also in the Gaudiya Math by Shrila BR Shridhara Maharaja so it is absolutely authentic. There may be a source where it may be available. I will see if that source is available somewhere.

Daaso'smi, Swami Gaurangapada.

Post Author: Bhakta Matus    Date: 2008-01-26 11:21:22
Nityananda! Gauranga! Hare Krishna! i would like just to add, that His Holiness Shrila Gour Govinda Swami Maharaja used to sing this verse also in His bhajans. Yours, Matus

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