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We need your posts on

Post Author: Swami Gaurangapada    Date: 2007-10-18 12:40:00
Nityananda! Gauranga! Hare Krishna! Jaya Shri Guru Parampara! We require more devotees to write and submit Bhakti Posts, Katha, Questions etc. on and to comment on the posts and start discussions so that devotees can read and view fresh Bhakti nectar daily on the site as well as on email via the daily Newsletter. We have now made it is very easy for you to submit your posts or questions or katha or video etc. So we hope you will share and not hold back.

(1) You can use the new WYSIWYG Html Submit Post form at which is recommended or send an email directly to with your full post in the body of the email and the post title as the title of the email. This new form has full html capabilities with buttons for font color, size, indenting, tables, undo, redo, insert hyperlinks, insert photos from external urls and directly uploading your photos and attachments. This will enable you to format your post in any manner you want and upload and insert photos and insert videos and audios too.

(2) It would be wonderful if you can kindly include at least one photo or video for each post though it is not mandatory. The width of the inserted photo or video should be 400px maximum.

(3) You can upload and insert photos for each post by using the photo upload button on the extreme right of the form toolbar. Please keep your photos under 150 kb in size. If you have large photos in megabytes, please resize them to under 150 kb by using the free Easy Thumbnails software. The best would be if you can kindly upload your photos first to an external free photo sharing site like or etc. and then insert them (urls) into the posts via using the insert photo button to the left of the upload photo button on the form toolbar. This would be good for permanent photo archival purposes and will simplify our service.

(4) Please try to avoid very long posts. You can copy, paste and post but try to avoid doing that all the time. Please write and share your unique realizations also. Please post about the basic philosophy of the Soul, Supersoul, Life, Karma and the Lord also and advanced topics also. You can also post relevant news or events which are related to spirituality and ask for comments and feedback.

(5) You can freely embed your videos, presentations, audios etc. in the body of the post form by posting the embed and object code from the video sharing website on which you have uploaded your videos. Please ensure the width of the video is not more than 400px and reduce the height accordingly.

(6) Kindly sign your name at the beginning or end of the post if you want it to be included.

(7) We will have atleast have two backups of the present site so your posts will be permanently there on the internet for a long time to be read.

(8) If you insert a video or audio from a photo sharing site in your post, please add Video or Audio at the end of the post title so that it can be easily be identified. You can use etc. for uploading and inserting audios as it automatically inserts a flash audio player. For videos, you can use Google Video, YouTube or any other video sharing site.

(9) You can post to on the move from your mobile phone by typing your message and if possible attaching a photo for the post and sending it as an email (from your phone) to our email posting address given in the first point above.

(10) Please post your comments to posts via the "POST A COMMENT" link below each post to discuss and share about the post to encourage the poster and increase active participation.

So please pick up your pens and type in your browser.

Thank you and hope to see your posts on soon!

Daaso'smi, Swami Gaurangapada.

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