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Post Author: Swami Gaurangapada    Date: 2007-10-29 00:39:30
Nityananda! Gauranga! Hare Krishna! Jaya Shri Guru Parampara! Pranams! I have fixed the top blue menu links for the VIDS, TV and other menu items on Now you can open and play all our Videos simply by this dropdown menu items as before. I have added our new Video player under the TV menu as Veoh has started offering 5 minute reviews only for our videos.

I have also updated the page with the new Video player. The Audios Mp3 files in the Video player were not playing for the past many weeks. The direct flv browsers links were also not playing the video inside the player. I have fixed these problems also. I apologize for the inconvenience caused. It is all up and running now.

Daaso'smi, Swami Gaurangapada.

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