NITAAI Kriyaa: Breathe the Name

Post Author: Bhakta Matus    Date: 2007-07-13 09:00:00

There is one very powerful method of meditation on the Divine Names. It was this method actually, by the help of which i found entrance into the chanting of the Nityananda and Gauranga Mantrarajas. Until now i can very well remember the deep impact of the Holy Names of Nityananda Gauranga, which i felt at the time of my first contact with Them. i am not afraid to say that it was partly due to this powerful process of Mantra Breathing Yoga also. Although it isn't presently my main method of chanting the Holy Names, i still derive great joy and satisfaction therefrom whenever i do it again.

So how does it work? Very simple. You chant the short forms of the Mantrarajas and You divide them into 2 parts each of them. It should be mentioned in this regard that the short forms of the Mantrarajas have absolutely the same power as the full Mantras and they are a very loving way of addressing the Lord.

Nitaai (Nityaananda) Kriyaa = Ni (inhale) + taai (exhale)
Gaura (Gauraanga) Kriyaa = Gau (inhale) + ra (exhale)

While inhaling You chant the first part and while exhaling the second part of the Mantraraja. The chanting should be done internally and you should meditate on the Sanskrit syllables of the Mantra going in and out of you while inhaling and exhaling respectively. It is important that one breathes through the nose and not through the mouth. If one cannot concentrate on the Mantrarajas within one's mind while breathing, then one can very softly move one's lips and tongue but continue breathing through the nose. If it get automatized in that way, gradually one will come to a stage, when the Mantrarajas will be chanted automatically within one's mind while breathing. And this will be a great gain, when one will effortlessly use every breathe to chant the Holy Name of the Lord. And one's health will improve as well, as it very much depends on a proper breathing process.

You can see the method of Mantra Breathing Yoga in the above animation, where the short form of the Nityaananda Mantraraja is being used for demonstration. The same way can be done with the Gauraanga Mantraraja. Inhale "Gau", exhale "ra". Generally the Nityaananda Mantraraja should be chanted first and then the Gauraanga Mantraraja. Means, first breathe "Nitaai" and then "Gaura". Nitaai Gaura Nitaai Gaura Nitaai Gaura, in that way...

I wish You a lot of peace and joy practicing the Nityaananda Gauraanga Mantra Breathing Yoga.