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Title: Favourite Songs of Swami Gaurangapada

User: Damodara Svarupa dasa      Date: 2005-03-30 19:25:27


:) Favourite Songs of Swami Gaurangapada


Nitai Mora Jivana-Dhana by His Divine Grace Shrila Lochana Dasa Thakura


Nitai mora jivana-dhana, Nitai mora jati;

Nitai bihane mora, ara nahi gati.


"The Supreme Personality of Servitor Godhead Lord Nityananda Balarama and His

Holy Name is the exclusive treasure and wealth of my life. My caste and family

lineage is only Lord Nityananda. Without the Holy Name of Lord Nityananda, I

have no other destination life after life."


samsara sukhera mukhe, tule dibe chai;

nagare magiya khaba, gaiya nitai.


"I will spit in distaste at even the thought of enjoying the insignificant and

flickering pleasures of this material world. Instead with full determination I

will dedicate my life to chant, sing, preach and relish the unlimited nectar in

the Holy Name of Lord Nityananda in every town and village and eat whatever is

obtained by begging at a few houses."


je deshe mora nitai nai, se deshe na jaba;

Niitai vimukha janara, mukha na heriba


"I have taken a determined lifelong vow that I will never ever visit that place

even in my dreams where the Holy Name of Nityananda is not known. I will never

even desire to see the face of a person who is even minutely or indirectly

averse to the Holy Name and Glories of Lord Nityananda."


ganga jara pada jala, hara shire dhare;

hena Nitai na bhajiya, dukha peye mare.


"The Holy, Supremely pure and sanctified water that washes the lotus feet of

Lord Nityananda Prabhu is constantly carried by Shiva on his head in great

bliss. Thus if one does not chant the Name of Lord Nityananda and worship Him,

such a person is fully certain and doomed to suffer miserably during this life,

at the time of death and also in the next lives."


lochana bale mora nitai, jeba na mane;

anala bhejai tara, majha mukha kane


"Thus Lochana Dasa says that those who do not worship my Lord Nityananda by

chanting His Name and thus refuse to accept Him as the Supreme Personality of

Godhead, such demoniac people will face the great pain of fire which will be

constantly burning their useless and sinful mouths, ears and face."




GAURANGA MORA DHARAMA, the song composed by Shrila Narahari Sarkara Thakura

[177. Shrimati Radharani's dear friend,the vraja-gopi named Madhumati-devi,

appeared as Narahari Sarakara, who was very dear to Lord Gauranga.]


mana re! kaha na gauranga katha


"O my mind, please constantly speak

Gauranga Katha and chant Gauranga's Holy Name.This is my advice to you."


gaurara nama amiyara dhama,

piriti murati data


"O mind! Speak only about Gauranga.

Gauranga's Holy Name is the supreme abode of all nectar and the only worshipable

and personified bestower of unnatojjvala-prema

to Their Lordships Nityananda and Gauranga and Their Lordships Shri Shri Radha

and Krishna."


sayane gaura svapane gaura,

gaura nayanera tara;

jivane gaura marane gaura,

gaura galara hara


"While sleeping I want to only remember Gauranga's Name and while

dreaming I want to think only about Gauranga. Lord Gauranga Mahaprabhu is the

exclusive star and the vision of my eyes. During my life there will be only

Gauranga and at the time of my death Gauranga's Name will be my only shelter.

Gauranga's Holy Name is the most precious necklace I constantly wear around my

neck with great happiness."


hiyara majhare gauranga rakhiye,

virale vasiya rabo


manera sadhete se rupa-candere, nayane nayane thobo


"Keeping Gauranga deeply and steadily inside my heart and His Holy Name

continuously on my tongue, I will sit alone in a solitary place and relish Them

constantly without any external disturbance. Thus I will fix my

mind on His supremely enchanting golden moon-like form. I will gaze in Lord

Gauranga's beautiful eyes and become absorbed in His beauty while chanting His

Holy Name."


gaura vihane na vanchi parane,

gaura korechi sara


gaura boliya jauka jivane,

kichu na cahibo ara


"Without Gauranga's Name I do not desire to maintain this body or live in this

world. Lord Gauranga and His Holy Name are the very essence of my existence. I

have only one desperate prayer in my life: to be able to give up my life while

uttering the Holy Name of

Gauranga --- I ask for nothing else in this world."


gaura gamana, gaura gathana,

gaura mukhera hamsi


gaura-piriti, gaura murati,

hiyaya rahalo pasi


"May Lord Gauranga's graceful movements, Lord Gauranga's splendid features and

characteristics, Lord Gauranga's sweet smiling lotus face, love and attachment

for Lord Gauranga's Name, and Lord Gauranga's nectarean delicate form --- all of

Them forcibly and spontaneously enter and remain manifest in my heart at every



gauranga dharama, gauranga karama,

gauranga vedera sara


gaura charane, parana samarpinu,

gaura karibena para


"Gauranga is my only Dharma or religion, Gauranga is the only object or goal of

all my karma or endeavour and Gauranga's Holy Name is the distilled essence of

all the Vedas. I completely surrender my life, mind, body, heart and soul at

Lord Gauranga's lotus feet. I am fully certain that it is only Lord Gauranga's

Holy Name Who will take me across the impassable ocean of material existence."


gaura sabda gaura sampada,

jahara hiyaya jage


narahari dasa tara carane,

sarana mage


"Gauranga's Name and Instructions are the essential sound vibrations and the

exclusive treasures for that fortunate person in whose heart Lord Gauranga

manifests Himself by His causeless mercy. Narahari dasa always prays and begs to

be able to take shelter at the lotus feet of such an exalted devotee without any



Translated by Swami Gaurangapada on the 17th of January 2004.