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Title: Your Eyelashes

User: Gouranga dasa          Date: 2007-07-24 16:42:01


To gain knowledge and understanding through our experiences will always be faulty as our sensory perceptions are limited. Imperfect sensory perceptions can only give limited and imperfect understanding.


Take for example the eyes, a person my be very proud of what he can see and observe, however we cannot even see our own eye lashes which are the closest thing to the eyes without some help from a mirror and so forth. Also we cannot see what is going on a long way away. So again we need satellite, television or telescope.


It is a lot easier to gain knowledge from more perfect sources than our own tiny sensory and mental understandings. Vedic knowledge is above the imperfection of the senses, and by applying this knowledge in our lives we realise its truth by seeing the results.



Your servant in the service Of Laksha Naam each day.


Gouranga dasa