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Title: The Happiest Form of Life

User: Nava Gauranga dasa  Date: 2006-04-04 02:53:17


Merciful Gauranga Mahaprabhu; here is Happiness, perfect Peace, here is Home.




                            "The Happiest Form of Life"

                              taken from the book,

                              "Inner Fulfillment"

                              by HH BR Shridhar Maharaja.







Absolute love and charm is all-accommodating. None can deny it. None can say, “I don’t want

love.” It is so universal. One may say, “I do not want any grandeur, any power,” but, “I do not

want love” – never. Sometimes one may even go as far as to say, “I don’t want justice.” That

may be possible. Of course, generally it may be the exception, but still it may be said, “I don’t

want justice. By justice that man will suffer. Rather, I shall suffer, and that man be saved.” Just

as Jesus Christ told, “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.” By that prayer, Lord

Christ set justice aside: “No, justice may go on this side, and let me be the sufferer.” We can take

the risk of dismissing justice, but we can’t avoid love. We can give up everything but that love

for love. If we have the eye to see, then we shall see that only to get love, prema, we can give up

everything in the world. So how valuable is that thing? And Mahaprabhu and Shrimad-Bhagavatam

came with that.


God takes the form of Krishna in the plane of love and that is the most fundamental and the most

subtle plane behind all this variegated creating. So come to that plane, try to penetrate into that

plane where God is Krishna, and where the paraphernalia is Vrindavan. Anyhow try to have admission

in that plane and you will find there the happiest form of life.

Mercy is more beautiful than justice. We cannot think of blaming the spirit of justice, but at the

same time we cannot deny that there is mercy over justice. But one who can extend mercy over

justice must have such power that he is able to give due compensation. The Lord has such power

of compensation. Krishna is such an aspect of the Lord. He can give mercy through love and affection,

and by any means we want to live in that environment. Mahaprabhu came to show that

to be the plane for which we should strive. And Shrila Bhaktivinoda Thakur said, “In no time the

intelligentsia of the world will come to understand that this is the highest conception of attainment

of all humans as well as of everything else in the whole creation. The intelligentsia cannot

be misguided for long by so many other proposals of the highest attainment which are only giving

partial achievement. Many things are going on in the religion in the name of the highest

solution of our life, but what Mahaprabhu has given very soon will be detected be the intelligentsia

of the world, and all will flock to the banner of Shri Chaitanyadev and will sing the glory of

Mahaprabhu and Krishna.”


The fulfilment of our heart’s satisfaction is in the Krishna conception of the Absolute. He is the

Lord of love, beauty, ecstasy and happiness. That is the innermost necessity of us all. Shri Chaitanya

Mahaprabhu said, “Go straight to Vrndavan by this special train. Don’t try to break your

journey anywhere, for that will only be a loss of time and energy.” In addition He said, “Whoever

you find, give them Krishna consciousness. It is just as in a famine-stricken country, whoever

you will find you will give some food to save him, but this is a hundred times more urgent – so

you are to inject Krishna consciousness. Tell them, ‘A loving Lord is above your head seeing everything

– you only have to connect with Him and His servants. His servants are very, very kind

and magnanimous. Somehow get some connection with them, and try to go to your home. Here,

nowhere is home. Your home is only there.”

For and example, a madman may be wandering here and there, but if he is cured of his madness,

he will go straight from the street to his home. He won’t continue to wander in the street to his

home. He won’t continue to wander in the street endlessly like a vagabond but he will go straight

home to both satisfy himself and also to satisfy his near and dear ones, his guardians.


kim pramattasya bahubhir, paroksair hayanair iha

varam muhurttam viditam ghatate sreyase yatah

(Shrimad Bhagavatam 2.1.12)

“Imperceptibly, many, many years pass uselessly in the life of a person intoxicated by mundane

pleasures. Better if only for a moment he realises that he is losing valuable time, for he may thus

become serious to attain his eternal benefit.”

Here, Sukadev Goswami says that one moment is sufficient to solve the whole problem of life, if

it is properly utilised in sadhu-sanga. At all costs, try to utilise the opportunity of sadhu-sanga,

the association of the agent of Krishna. What is the necessity of living for ages and ages if we are

unconscious of our own interest? One moment properly utilised is sufficient to solve the whole

problem of our life, for which we are eternally wandering about this plane. We must be wakeful

to our personal interest, not negligent. Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu came to direct us to our real

interest within: “You do not know your own heart. You are a foreigner to your own heart and its

demand. There is a wealth within your heart – try to find it: eliminate the foreign things and you

will find your heart to be a Temple of Krishna. With the help of a proper guide, search your own

heart and you will find Krishna there. This is not a foreign thing to you. Every heart is a temple of

the Lord. It is your property, it is your home. Back to God, back to home.”