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Title: Sri Gaura Gadadhara

User: Anonymous    Date: 2007-04-20 20:22:22


nilambhodi tate sada sva viraha ksepanvitam bandhavam

srimad bhagavati katha madiraya saivayan bhati yah

srimad bhagavatam sada sva nayanasru payanaih pujayan

gosvami pravaro gadadhara vibhur bhuyat mad eka gatih


"On the sands of the blue ocean in Puri, feeling deep separation from Himself (Krsna), Mahaprabhu is consoled by His friend Gadadhara (Radharani). As one nears death, suffering the loss of a beloved, Gadadhara tries to resuscitate Mahaprabhu by supplying the intoxicating wine of krsna-katha to drown the agony of separation plaguing His heart. As Gadadhara sings the songs of the Bhagavata, tears cascade from his eyes, like a shower of flower offerings, washing the words from its pages. My only goal is to enter that current of devotion flowing from the divine heart of that best of Gosvamis - Gadadhara." (verse by Srila B.R. Sridhara Deva Gosvami Maharaja)


ha ha mora gaura-kisora

kabe doya kori' sri godruma-bane

dekha dibe mana-cora


"Oh, my most youthful Lord Gaura-kisora! When will You be merciful and show Yourself to me, thus stealing my mind within the forest of Godruma?"


ananda-sukhada, kunjer bhitore,

gadadhare bame kori'

kancana-barana, cancara cikura,

natana suvesa dhori'


"Within the grove of Ananda-sukhada-kunja, You stand with Sri Gadadhara on Your left side, radiating the effulgence of pure gold. With beautiful curling hair, You are wearing the fine dress of a dramatic actor."


dekhite dekhite, sri radha-madhava,

rupete koribe ala

sakhi-gana-sange, koribe natana,

galete mohana-mala


"In an instant Sri Sri Radha-Madhava will appear and brilliantly illuminate the entire scene. Accompanied by all of Their confidential friends and associates, They will dance with Their necks decorated with various types of golden necklaces."


ananga-manjari, sadoy hoiya,

e dasi-korete dhori'

duhe nivedibe, dunhara maduri,

heribo nayana bhari'


"The merciful Ananga Manjari, catching the hands of this maidservant, will take me to offer me in devotion unto Sri Sri Radha-Madhava, and my eyes will be brimming with pleasure to behold the beauty and sweetness of Them both."

(Srila Bhativinode Thakura)