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Title: Results of chanting Nityananda Gauranga

User: Swami Gaurangapada Date: 2005-02-05 16:09:07


I have to say I feel very blessed to come in contact with your preaching efforts in regards to the prime importance of fallen souls to chant the two mantrarajas of Nityananda and Gauranga.

For many years I have been involved with many sangas and have always felt surpised that more stress is not given to associating with Lord Chaitanya through His potent names and lila.

Intuitively I always new this should be done but it seemed that only few understood this point. Personally I always had my nose in Chaitanya Bhagavata and Chaitanya Charitamrita because that was where the real accessible nectar was for myself.


At one time I even went so far as giving up associating with any sanga and started a church called Temple of The Heart which mainly focused primarly on taking more shelter of Lord Chaitanya and His associates.


Since lately I have been living in India, staying more neutral and aloof from vaishnava groups. I ran accross your web page and thought to try out the methods advocated.


Well, Let me tell you very quickly I experienced results that went way beyond my expectations. I thought if this chanting would work I would at least have to wait a few days as the scriptures said that were quoted. That did not happen. Within minutes I felt cleared of some very stuborn offenses that were keeping me from living a life full with a mood of love, forgiveness and compassion. Obviously even though I have been regularly chanting the Mahamantra for years as my accepted authorities had advocated, due to my previous sins of being born a meateater and in a western culture, I was not so qualified to develop taste and freedom from offenses in chanting.


But by first taking up chanting the all powerful Name of Nityananda and then Gauranga. All I can say with a heart full of gratefullness, Wow! Wow! Wow!

I feel a very close , and wonderful relationship growing with the source of these mantras. I have the feeling that this is a small portion of what these two transcendenal brothers want to freely offer all us degraded fallen souls of Kali Yuga. From my heart I just want to tell this to the world what a wonderous treat that is instore for those who take shelter in this practical and simple way of chanting their munificiant holy names.


I could say so much more but I know you are a very busy person intrusted with a very great mission. Thank you for coming to this desert like planet and acting like a good servant and spreading the real water around to the thirsty souls here.

Hare bol, Gaurahari dasa (India).