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Title: Quality of our lives

User: Swami Gaurangapada Date: 2005-02-05 16:12:04


These are real inspiring quotes by Swami Gauranga pada. I am new here to the discussion forums. I was thinking that it would interesting to start a discussion subtopic about the results devotees are getting from Chanting Nityananda’s and Gauranga’s mantrarajas. It has been such a blessing for me and continues to be. It would be interesting and inspiring to hear some sharings about the effects that devotees are personally expeienceing through their own personal chanting of the Mantrarajas.


Many Christians share in a similar way how their worship of

Jesus is improving the quality of their own lives. Many people have joined Christianty after hearing such sharings. Of course It especially important to hear the acharyas realizations about these things but it can also be very inspiring to hear how Gaura and Nitai are impacting the lives of the common folk who are taking shelter of them. After all they came to give shelter save the most fallen. I would be inspiried to here such personal accounts.


Of course since I am proposing this I will begin with my own sharing.

The following is an exerpt from my own diary when I first began chanting the Nityananda mantraraja


Wed March 31st 2004

Yesterday I was reading some interesting ideas on the Gauranga dham discussion forum. I got inspired to try the Nityananda mantraraja as they recommend. For years I was always naturally attracted to Gauranga’s lila. Intuitively I wanted to chant these names but I did not find support from any living authority confirming the directions I found in devotional books to do this.


The results were fantastic as I very quickly began feeling a closness, affinity, understanding, connection and liking for Lord Nityananda’s mood. By His mercy I got to sample a drop of His blissful ecstactic almost drunken like madness when I began spontaneously laughing out loud while I was walking in public chanting to myself. I felt so drunk with ecstacy that I did not even care what people throught of my abrupt outburst that would obviously seem a bit crazy. My My! what kind wine is in this chanting of the Name of Nityandanda?


In a quote they mentioned on Gauranga dharma website, from Bhaktivinode Thakur it said that in only a few days one would get profound results from Chanting Nityananda’s name, but for me so much mercy coming even more quickly even within minutes of chanting this beautiful name of Nityananda. Maybe also chanting here in Radhakunda must be giving some extra effect.


For over twenty five years I have read the pastimes of Lord Chaitanya and felt more of an affinity for Gauranga and more distance from Nityananda. But now that is all changed by starting to chant Nityananda’s Holy name. I can now begin to see the immense importance of chanting Nityananda’s holy name, because I can feel it tangably removing stubborn offenses from my heart that I was previously unaware of and obviously would not go no matter what other process of devotional service I was engaged in. I did not know that there was still some resentment and blame in my heart that I was still holding twards a Vaishnava who displayed some faulty behaviour. I resented and blamed him for losing my relationship with my wife. Nityananda is not only revealing this to me but he also removing it and filling my heart with soothing balm of love and forgiveness! Ki Jay….



Since then while chanting Nityananda’s glorious name, occasionally I have felt moved to write down some aspirations in glorification of his mercy.




% 9Only Beggars Make Progress

Oh Nityananda goswami pada! Every new day I come and sit at the door of your holy name. Knowing better now that in truth I am only a beggar. I have nothing of value to offer you but my full attention. I don’t even have a drop of love for you, only the burden of sin accumulated in countless misguided lives. If you want to give me true happiness which is the ability to taste the intoxicating love nectar that emenates from your glorious holy name or make me sit here withering up because of lack of this life giving water. It is up to you and your grace because whether you give your mercy or seemingly withhold it I am your trusting surrenderd plant and I know your actions are all absolute and always for my ultimate benefit. What is within my real power is only to sit like a simple hearted dog before his masters table waiting with great hope and expectation. I do this because of hearing of Your unsurpassed magnanimous nature from those genuine authorities who have truly received your mercy. They say that you are incarnation of causeless grace who does not take any notice of the qualifications of those who fall down at your feet and take shelter of you.



% 9Impossible Can Be Made Possible

Oh most merciful Lord Visvambara it is my bold aspiration to drink deeply with tears and trembling of loving ecstacy the indescribable nectar emanating from your playful pastimes which illuminate the amazing qualities of the loving surrendered behavior of your pure devotees and I pray for the ability to relish with great loving bliss your magnanimous nature and loving mercy shown towards them. The ability to taste this is the only true ambrosia of immortality that can save and maintain a fallen soul in this world.



Jai Nitai

Jai Nitai! Finally, now I am able to come before your holy name possessed of unlimited spiritual strength because I can really see I have no strength or good qualities of my own.


Being stranded for a long time on this desolate island of the material world I have accumlulated nothing but burdens of false treasures that have that bewildered my mind.


In ignorance always thinking I was very qualified and spiritually advanced I could not approach your feet.


I am truly a beggar now coming before you with my cup full of a heavy burden of alms collected from this world of woes.


I have heard from the previous authorities that calling upon your Holy Name, Nityananda, is the only hope to liberate a fallen wretched soul like me.


--- Gaurahari dasa (India)