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Title: Nitai Gouranga Hare Krishna festival in Manchester!!!

User: Gouranga dasa          Date: 2007-04-09 06:19:21


Nitai Gauranga Hare Krishna!!!!!!


Please accept my respectful Obeisances, All glories to Sri Guru Parampara!



Dear devotees,


there will be a Nitai Gouranga festival in Manchester UK at the end of this month, Chanting Dancing, Philosophy, drama, and a free sumptuous Prasadam feast. There is more information on the website: ""



If any devotees in the Uk would like to come for giving of leaflets in city centre, or putting posters in shops, or Hari Nama Sankirtana in the  City Centre, please leave your details on the site and we will be very happy to meet with you and serve you!


As we all know from the amazing revelations, talks and writings of our beloved Gauranga Pada Maharaja, there is no higher welfare activity and pleasing act than to distribute the most Merciful Names of Gauranga Nityananda to the fallen souls rotting in the Kali Yuga.




Gouranga dasa,