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Title: Maha Vishnu And Voyager

User: candrika         Date: 2006-09-06 12:14:00


This is interesting, inspired by Matus satellite picture of the bridge of Ramachandra, and showing some direct evidence of how our small world is situated as described in the Vedas as being very true.


"Voyager is reaching the edge of the solar system. This is no Christopher Columbus false call, mind you. Eight billion miles from the Sun, Voyager's 26-year journey has made it the farthest-reaching spacecraft in the solar system and it is about to set a new record. All of the planets and objects within our solar system are surrounded by a sort-of bubble created by supersonic wind from the Sun. The spacecraft that first laid its robotic eyes on Jupiter and Saturn, is about to burst through that bubble, or may have already, according to some scientists."