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Title: How much is this diamond worth

User: Swami Gaurangapada Date: 2007-04-22 07:39:46


A diamond merchant who was an expert in his field died young. He left

behind his wife and a very young son.


When the child came of age his mother told him that his father had

left him an invaluable diamond and that he should go around and find

out its worth. She also told him that he should not sell it off but

only find out its value. The value given by each would be a reflection

of the person's intellect and not the value of the diamond.


The boy began around his house. He went first to the woman selling

vegetables and asked her how much she valued the diamond at. She told

him that she did not have much use of it but she was prepared to give

two carrots in exchange for the stone as a plaything for her child.


The boy next went to a petty shopkeeper and asked its value. The

shopkeeper told that he was prepared to give few hundred rupees for



Then the boy went to the local goldsmith who was prepared to give five

thousand rupees for the diamond. He went next to a jeweller who was

prepared to give twenty thousand rupees for the diamond. A stop at the

diamond merchant's shop drew an offer of a hundred thousand.


At last the boy went to an expert in rare and precious stones and he

readily disclosed that the diamond was so precious that even millions

of rupees were not enough for its exact value. In effect, he said that

the diamond was invaluable.


If we think about it, so is the value of the human life we are blessed

with. It is a different matter altogether that many of us do not

realise its value and like the vegetable seller, put a very low price

on it, squandering it on petty pursuits (and sense gratification).


But if we realise that this life is given to us only in order to

realise our souls and God, we appreciate that old phrase,

'ratan janam'. (Satyendra Garg, March 15, 2007)