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Title: Gopal

User: Bhushan         Date: 2006-06-06 17:45:04


Nityananda!Gauranga!Hare Krishna!


All Glories to Lord Nityananda,who is constantly Glorifying Lord Gaura-Gopala.

All Glories to Shrila Vrindavana dasa Thakura the original Vyasadeva

All Glories to Shrila Gurudeva


Gurudeva,please accept my humble obeisances at dust of your lotus feet

dandavats at lotus feet of all devotees


I first fall at the lotus feet the small boy and His Mother who are pure devotees of Lord Gopala.

Let me pay my humble obiesances to all those who have by their causeless mercy have told n retold this pastime from one generation to other.Its actually my father who told me this pastime when I was small,he too had heard it when he was small,so let me offer obiesances to him.


In which scripture this pastime is mentioned I dont know.Please forgive me for any offences done in telling this pastimes,i am ignorant n a fool,please forgive me if due to my ignorance i hav changed the story.


There was a village in which there lived a pure devotee n Her sweet small son.But she was very very poor,she had to work very hard to earn a days meal for her child.She had staunch faith n devotion for Lord Krishna.

Her son was small and was of school going age,His school was far,n between His village n school there was a dense forest. He was very very scared to pass through the forest alone,as howling of wolves etc was common.

One day he told her mother to accomapny him to school as he is very scared to travel alone in forest.Her mother told Him "Call for Gopal,He will definately accompany you". The next day the He went to the forest n called Gopal Gopal Gopal, n Lord Gopala appeared, the boy felt very happy. Both of Them used to enjoy going through the forest, the boy never felt afraid,n both of Them used to play n have fun.


One day their teacher told them "its my birthday one Saturday get gifts for me,one who wont bring will get severe punishment". So her son asked her Mother for something to give to His teacher, as he was scared of teachers punishment. His Mother could somehow manage to provide her child's days meal.She didnt have anythng to give,so she told Him to ask Lord Gopal.So the next day the boy told Gopal His problem.Gopal told Him not to worry, and told that He will bring a nice gift for his teacher.On Saturday Lord Gopal got a pot of yogurt n gave it to the child. The child took it to school n presented it to His teacher.The teacher became furious on seeing it n shouted at him,"You have got me this small mud pot of yogurt on my birthday".He pored the yogurt in a bowl,and suddenly wonder of wonders the pot became fille with yogurt again,again he emptied it,again it became filled,it continued till a huge vessel became full with yogurt,yet the pot was never empty.Everyone enjoyed the delicious yogurt,but the teacher was bewildered,He again shouted at small boy "What sort of magic is this,where did you get the pot from,who gave you this?"


The boy,sweetly told Him that Gopala who lives in the forest gave it to him.

At this the atheist teacher became more angry,n shouted at him saying tht thrs no one in forest called Gopala,n he better show him who gave the pot otherwise he will give punishment.


The boy took the atheist teacher n everyone to the forest, there the boy started crying for Gopal Gopal, the small  body was in tears as his teacher had shouted at him n also no one believed in Gopala.But still Lord Gopal did not appear,tears started flowing from the boy's lotus face,as He agin n again creid calling for Gopala,the teachers n others started laughing.


Suddenly a voice echoed from the forest, "I can be seen only by My pure devotees who have staunch faith in me like You and Your mother,those who have no faith in Me can never see Me"


After that what happened I dont know.But I am sure that boy must have become a great Vaishnava Preacher and mst have delivered everyone.


All Glories to boy! And his mother! All Glories to Lord Gopala.


This pastime has always inspired me,and continues to do so,

Just by innocently n purely chanting the Holy Name of Lord Gauranga Krishna,Lord  came to the help of His pure devotee boy. Actually I feel that the poverty of the boy n his mother was jst external,how can anyone be called poor if Lord of innumerable universes is Their friend.


How much faith They had,but I am so unfortnate as I have no faith n devoton for Lord Krishna inspite of knowing This story.But Shrila Gurudeva has mercifully given me  Nityananda Gauranga Mantrarajas which dont even require faith.


All Glories to Lord Nityananda the friend of the fallen,He drowned everyone in ecstatic love,even those who did not want it recieved it,He freely distributed Love of Godhead that is desired my exalted demigods,even to faithless.


Please forgive me for my disastrous english.I am very very bad at writing,n my grammer n vocabloury is terrible.please forgive me for spelling mistakes,n typing mistakes.


Aspiring to be the servent of your lotus feet.


Bhushan Nityananda dasa


Nityananda!Gauranga!Hare Krishna!


Title: Re: Gopal

User: Igor     Date: 2006-06-07 12:43:25


Nityananda! Gauranga! Hare Krishna!

Such wonderful story! Please accept my obeisances. Thank you, thank you for sharing that story! Please tell more and more – krishna katha ki jay! Gopala ki jay!

    Yes, you are right, we are most fortunate to be here, under shelter of Shrilla Swami Gaurangapada and Mantrarajas, so let us continue to inspire and help each others, glorify devotees and Lord and speak and hear such wonderful stories about Krishna – Gaura! Wonderful story! Please write more! Your English is good, don’t worry about that! Nityananda! Gauranga! Hare Krishna!


Title: Re: Gopal

User: Bhushan         Date: 2006-06-09 14:29:56


Nityananda!Gauranga!Hare Krishna!

Jaya Shrila Vrindavana dasa Thakura

Jaya Shrila Gurudeva

Igor prabhuji, please accept my humble obiesances at your lotus feet


Thank you so much for your kind words,I am so happy,you liked the katha,everybody likes to hear this wonderful Krishna Katha.This Katha is very popular in Marathi language(local language in Mahrashtra).When I was small it had become so popular,some fortunate people made it a mini-film and was shown on the local T.V channel!!! I still remember my Grandmother calling me,"Come come they are showing story of Lord Gopala,on T.V,watch it,its a story of small boy who called out to Lord Krishna and He actually came,just watch watch"

But i am so unfortunate,at that time i was only intrested in playing cricket with my friends,so i missed it.Suddenly while listning to Hare Krishna Kirtana,I suddenly remebered the wonderful Krishna katha.

By mercy of Lord Nityananda,I heard many pastimes of Lord Vitthal Thakura n devotees.Will definately write,actually Lord should inspire then only i can write,what power do I have to Glorify Lord Gauranga-Krishna,Lord Nityananda is constantly Glorifying Him,only by His mercy can anyone Glorify pastimes of Lord Krishna.

Thank you so much for your encouraging words.I was really worried about my composition,as I had to translate from Marathi.


humble servant of your lotus feet


Bhushan Nityananda dasa


Nityananda!Gauranga!Hare Krishna!


Title: Re: Gopal

User: Swami Gaurangapada Date: 2006-06-09 14:45:48


Nityananda! Gauranga! Hare Krishna! Just goes to show that if simple innocent faith in the Lord can do wonders, what to speak of the humble devotees who have developed deep faith in the Lord by the chanting of His Holy Names.