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Title: Gauranga Breathing

User: Swami Gaurangapada Date: 2005-02-05 16:16:08


The most merciful and powerful Gauranga Mantraraja is becoming more and more popular in this world and even Yogis are realizing that it is the Topmost King of All Mantras in Kali Yuga:


—NAPRA ReView, September/October 2002


As part of a trilogy, Rest and Relax introduces two specific relaxation techniques. "Free Your Mind" familiarizes us with gauranga breathing, which calms the mind as you chant "gau-ra-an-ga" with each inhalation and exhalation. A challenge at first, this is a powerful, visceral experience. "Relax Your Body" utilizes yoga nidra to effectively relax the body from the toes up. Track 3, "Soothe the Soul," calls upon gauranga and invites the soul into the complete state of relaxation already realized by the mind and body. Hypnotic musical strains accompany these three tracks and move the practitioner seamlessly through the sessions. Also in the trilogy: Yoga Music of the Heart and Yoga Sound™.





Gauranga Breathing works.


—Naomi DeBruyn, linearReflections, August 2002




Rest and Relax is the third disc in this boxed set, and features Wai Lana doing a guided meditation, actually talking the listener through two different relaxation techniques—Gauranga Breathing and Yoga Nidra. I found this to be the most entrancing and enjoyable disc of the set, and if you actually do the guided exercises, you will find yourself completely relaxed. The objective is a goal that is reached in this case.