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Title: F: Latest feedback from Devotees

User: Swami Gaurangapada Date: 2005-01-28 17:30:46


Thank you very much for these wonderful Audio Lectures on the Mahaprakash Lila which You have placed on Your website. It is almost 17 hours of pure bliss to listen to. Jaya Swami Gaurangapada! --- Daniel, Belgium.


Thank you for facilitating enhanced viewing of all the great services to their Lordships online, I am benefitting from chanting the two new ( to me mantras of Gauranga and Nityananda following your guidance with the online audio samples. I have some nice reflections and experiences through this with some Hare Krishna chanting which I could share in the allocated section of the website at some stage, but in essence the tremendous revelation is that one is in touch with The Real and not some concocted nonsense found elsewhere and posing as religion. The Lord reveals tiny fragments of His inconceivable potency that make absoloute reality and sense to the devotee on his or her own personal level. Reading the Chaitanya Bhagavata puts one in touch with the personality of the Lord how full of sweet humour and divine jokes He is! Just reading a few of His pastimes with His close ones brings such a superb rasa or flavour of the Absoloute. --- Michael, UK.


Your new website design is most certainly the most inspired,well thought out,so

wonderfully designed,and the content is drenched in the loving nectar of Nityananda Gauranga. Without your website, I would be totally devoid of your most precious assocation. --- Lila Gauranga dasa, UK.


It really is a great portal page. It must have taken hours and hours to do all that. It is now a much simpler navigational system and it includes so much nectar. --- Chandrika Gauranga dasi, UK.


Just a quick note of pleasure. I found a computer shop in town who is able to burn the Chaitanya Bhagavata lectures to MP3 for a very small fee. I am so pleased that I will be able to continually listen to them on my dvd player at home without the high costs at internet shops. Thanks for your service in this area I will treasure these lectures with all my heart. --- Nava Gauranga dasa, Australia.


Matus from Spain accepted Gauranga Ashraya Mahadiksha this week being very inspired by chanting the Holy Names of Nityananda and Gauranga for one month and by reading the Website.


I went to the website. It's wonderful how everything has been arranged. And I especially liked the part about the worship of Nitai Gauranga Deities. It's wonderful. ---Vishvambhara-priya devi dasi.