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Title: Dreaming

User: Gouranga dasa          Date: 2007-05-03 09:32:45


Jaya please accept my respectful Obeisances, All glories to Sri Guru and Gauranga!



Just as we sleep and when we dream, then the waking state is like a dream and the dreaming becomes real for us, we are in some situation, and then when we awaken, we realise the waking state as reality, and?oh, it was a dream? Similarly, the waking condition is also a dream, as we are living in the dream of false ego, thinking our-self to be the body, which is a dream, We are actually the soul, But we are suffering in the nightmare of this life, due to false ego, this is a dream only, but we take it to be real, just like when we dream, we take it to be real, and may sometimes Wake up sweating, then we realise it is a dream, but the waking state is also a dream, until we reach Spiritual Krishna consciousness.




Gouranga dasa