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Title: Absolute Harmony-the name of Gauranga

User: Nava Gauranga dasa  Date: 2007-02-02 12:26:47


Nityananda! Gauranga! Hare Krishna!

Dear Swami Gaurangapada and assembled devotees,

please accept my humble obiesances.


A couple of nights ago I was engaged with another person, in an interesting discussion, touching on how to live in harmony with others. Especially with others of so-called apparent differences ie, cultural backgrounds, customs etc. The flow of the conversation was, the need to see with higher vision;

there harmony can be found.


Just today I came across this video of H.H. Bhakti Raksaka Dev Goswami Maharaja. He touches on the need of taking shelter of our Gaurdian (God) as the source of true harmony. He says that  apprehension and fear occur  because of turning away from our source of harmony, Krishna.


This is such a sweet video, truly a kind and merciful Sadhu with great wisdom. Maharaja points out that we must take the name of Gauranga. That Naam is the key, and that Nityananda comes begging to our door. "Please take the name of Gauranga...I desire nothing in exchange."


I hope this video will be a blessing in some small way.

Here is the link: