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Title: Process Text Books Into Real Speech

User: Pankaja dasa  Date: 2006-08-26 07:09:20


Hare Krishna Dandavats.



Jaya Prabhupada!


I have a idea for devotees here to convert their texts into speech (instantly).


How I came across it:


 I came across a Program which is called Readplease which now has a Feature that lets anybody convert (Using Internet Explorer-Bar Only),

Text to Audio in Mp3, No waiting Time!!




Other Programs:


 Then I came across a Program called Text Aloud. (the speech engine is better). You can get human-like voices (but they cost money).




How I converted the Text:

The way I converted was that I took out all the Sanskrit Marks (you know the ones), but where no English Translations were provided (i.e. in the Intro, Purports), I left them in. The reader has a little trouble reading Sanskrit. I tried to improve the text by adding extra letters to help it. But I found it and very time consuming). And it actually doesn't do a bad job.




Examples of Converted Text: ""





About this Text:

I made it with Text Aloud, wav. files. But converted the wav. files with Super by erightsoft, into .Mp3.


A MS Word Macro you may use:


I think it's an improvement on the one already

available: ""