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Title: Need help for Popup and Link Glossary

User: Swami Gaurangapada Date: 2006-07-18 12:00:44


Nityananda! Gauranga! Hare Krishna! As you must have noticed, the two words Nityananda and Gauranga now have a popup explanation to them in every post. This is a sample of the popup Glossary with no links. There are two kinds of other glossaries with a simple link to specified words and the third one is a popup box with further html links. All html code including photos can be included in these popups.


A glossary is quite important so that new visitors (around 100 new visitors daily as of now) to our site, whichever page they go, they can easily understand the spiritual terminology and the names, which may be quite new to them, without having to research more.


I would require your help for making this Glossary. Let us brainstorm and please post in this thread about which words you would like to see a popup or a link to and what is the popup text or the link url you would like to have. The popup text can also have ahref or img links as explained earlier. If your suggestions are good I will immediately add that popup or link to the Glossary. So please please, let them come... :pranams:


"The act of nurturing another's spiritual growth by teaching them the science of chanting of the Holy Names has the effect of nurturing one's own and is a major characteristic of genuine love and compassion to all souls to bring them back to the Lord." -Swami Gaurangapada


Title: Re: Need help for Popup and Link Glossary

User: Igor     Date: 2006-07-18 13:04:03


Here are some possiable definitions. Simple as possiable.


  japa - Repetition of the mantra on beads


   Naam - The divine Name of God


   Bhakti - Devotion; the expression of love for and surrender to God.


   Kirtan -  The devotional singing of God’s Holy Names


   Guru – teacher, spiritual leader, a saint


   Karma - the total compilation of all a person's past lives and actions that result in the present condition of that person


   Vaishnava - a follower of Lord  Vishnu. Vaishnavas follow the path of devotion to Vishnu, specially Lord Chaitanya, Lord  Krishna, Lord  Rama etc


   prasadam - An edible, first offered to the God and later distributed to the devotees.


   sakti - Power, energy


   tilak - the mark vertical placed on the forehead of a devotee


Title: some more suggestions and definitions

User: Igor     Date: 2006-07-18 14:53:09


Adi-Guru - The first spiritual master of a disciplic succession


   Parama-guru - grand-spiritual master; the guru of one's guru


   diksha -  ritual of initiation into chanting Lord's Holy Names Nityananda, Gauranga and Hare Krishna


   Vrindavan - birth place of Lord Krishna where he performed many wonderful pastimes 5000 years ago; His eternal abode


   brahma-muhurta - period of one to one and a half hour before the  sunrise. Time most suitable for spiritual activities


   Yuga - An age of the world of which there are four, namely, Krita (or Satya) Yuga, the golden age; Treta Yuga, Dwapara Yuga, and Kali Yuga, the black age


   sampradaya - established lineage verbally passing on eternal truths from spiritual master to disciple


   Gaudiya Vaishnava Sampradaya - the school of Vaisnavism following in the line of Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu


   Jagannatha – “Lord of Universe” special form of Lord Krishna, specifically manifest and worhip in Puri


   Ratha yatra – “festivals of chariots”, special ceremony in glory of Lord Jagannatha, Lord Baladeva  and Subhadra, performing in Puri


   Dhama – Holy Abode, place where Lord Gauranga Krishna eternally reside


   Dhyana – meditation; contemplation on Supreme Lord Gauranga Krishna


   Govardhana - a sacred mountain situated in the middle of Vrajamandala about 26 km north-west of Mathura. Shri Giriraja (the king among mountains) facilitates Shri Krishna’s pastimes with His intimate friends and especially the most sacred pastimes with the gopis.


   Yamuna - a sacred river flowing through Vraja-mandala. She is considered the holiest of rivers because Krishna performed many sublime lilas in her waters with the gopis and gopas


   varna - the four orders of society, Brahmins, the priests or spiritual class; the Kshatriya, administrator class; the Vaishya, the merchants and farmers; and the Shudras or servants



   Uttama bhakti - pure devotional service, is the cultivation of activities that are meant exclusively for the benefit of Gauranga Krishna, in other words, the uninterrupted flow of service to Lord Gauranga Krishna





Title: Re: some more suggestions and definitions

User: Swami Gaurangapada Date: 2006-07-18 15:24:56


Nityananda! Gauranga! Hare Krishna! Thankyou so much. :ty:


I will add them one by one. Igor, when you are clicking enter for the next line in your posts, it is inserting some strange characters which can only be seen in non-html view. What program are you typing in? Are you pasting it in after typing in that program? Can you type in a simple notepad or wordpad like editor as a txt file rather than in word if you are typing it in another program?


Title: part 3 from Extreme pad

User: Igor     Date: 2006-07-18 15:29:28


I am using "Extreme pad". Hoping not to cause extreme trouble!

more definitions


avatar - 'descents', incarnation of God Gauranga Krishna


prana - vital breath that sustains life and manifests as thought, bodily function, and physical action


chakra - An energy center in the body. There are seven main chakras.


Bhagavad Gita - `song of God' spoken by God Himself, composed about 200 BC and incorporated into the Mahabharata contains a discussion between Krishna and Arjuna on purpose of life


Mahabharata - "great tale of Bharata's descendents" one of India's two great ancient epics telling of the great war between the Pandavas and the Kauravas, It contains the Bhagavad-Gita


rshi - Wise man, ascetic


Maya - illusion or false belief, illusory energy of Lord


Vaikuntha - the spiritual world.; the majestic realm of the spiritual world which is predominated by Lord Narayana or His various expansions. Highest planet in spiritual sky is Goloka Vrindavana.


Dasa - meaning 'servant'; pointing that soul is eternal servant of Lord Gauranga Krishna


Swami - A term of respectful address for a sannyasi, person in renounced order of life


Title: Few more most used words

User: Igor     Date: 2006-07-18 16:19:01


brahmachari - An unmarried man and spiritual aspirant who observes religious disciplines,  sadhana, devotion, service and teaching


grihastha - Householder; family man or woman


pranayama - Science of controlling prana (life force or vital energy) through breathing techniques


sadhana - The practice of spiritual disciplines such as meditation, japa, fasting, austerity,  and humble service


babaji -one who devotes the major portion of his life to solitary devotional practices, especially chanting the Lord’s names


charanamrita - The water that has bathed the feet of the Supreme Lord Gauranga Krishna or His devotee


chaturmasya - the four months of the rainy season. During this period, there are certain rules and regulations which are strictly followed


danda - a staff carried by Vaishnava sannyasis


dandavat - prostration of one’s body on the ground as an expression of respect


devas - The demigods who rule the universe and administer the necessities of life for its inhabitants


diksha-guru - The spiritual master who connects one with the Supreme Lord Gauranga Krishna through initiation. A disciple has only one diksha-guru.


 ekadashi - day on which devotees fast from grains and beans and increase their remembrance of Gauranga Krishna. It falls on the eleventh day of both the waxing and waning moons.


gunas - the three modes of material nature, sattva-guna (goodness), rajo-guna (passion), and tamo-guna (ignorance)


adharma - thoughts, words and deeds which transgress God's divine laws; opposite of dharma


dharma - Divine law; law of God


Vedas - the most ancient sanskrit scriptures consisting of four collections of sacred writings


Upanishads - the name of the final portion of the Vedas; divinely revealed to rishis who thus expounded the ultimate nature of God, soul and world and answered the philosophical queries of devotees


ahimsa - Noninjury; refraining from causing harm to others


ashram -  abode or residence of a sadhu, saint, ascetic or guru who is engaged in teaching about Lord Gauranga Krishna, Holy sanctuary;


ashrama - four stages into which a person's life is divided according to Vedic teachings;brahmacari, grhastha, vanaprastha and sanyasa


bhakta - A devotee, follower of bhakti yoga