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Title: Jagannatha Gauranga dasa

User: Jagannatha Gauranga dasa   Date: 2007-08-16 14:06:39


Nityananda! Gauranga! Hare Krishna!


I was born in 1978 in the Midwestern part of the United States. I was raised as a catholic and attended church every Sunday as a child and I liked the intimacy I felt with God when I prayed to him. My main interests growing up were playing sports with my friends and school studies. When I got older I began to study and play music also. I had a lot of friends and we had a good time playing baseball, football, soccer, basketball, etc. Wasting time as so many people in the western world do.


 I went through some dark times when I was in high school and a little bit later but I eventually came into contact with Srila Prabhupada teachings and then later Swami Gaurangapada. I was desperately searching for a pure living Vaisnava guru and then one day I saw His picture alongside his article on VNN titled 16 reasons to chant Nityananda. I thought immediately that here is a pure self controlled Vaisnava who is not a cheater. I eventually got initiated by Swami Gaurangapada into stage 5 Gaura Hari Nama and chant 64 rounds of the Nityananda and Gauranga mantrarajas and 16 rounds of the Maha mantra. Lately though Ie noticed that on days that I don work a full day or don work at all that I need to chant more. So my goal is increase the chanting of the maha mantra to 32-64 rounds on these days, which I have been doing lately, and I notice a big difference. The statement that chanting 100,000 names is our prime objective as Vaisnavas is no exaggeration, I feel this very deeply, and so my only goal is to somehow always increase my chanting and become oblivious to this external world.