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Title: Surya Namaskar

User: Igor     Date: 2006-07-17 10:03:24


Nityananda! Gauranga! Hare Krishna!

 In order to maintain good health and vital body (after few hours of working or sitting and translating I feel pain in arms and shoulders), I decided to start regular practice of Surya-Namaskar.

I googled a little and found different explanations, forms and advices, so I decided to ask forum members for some guidance and advice. Are you familiar with that exercise? Some advice, explanation or chart will be helpful. Thank you.

   Nityananda! Gauranga! Hare Krishna!


Title: Re: Surya Namaskar

User: Bhushan         Date: 2006-07-17 16:37:00


Nityananda!Gauranga!Hare Krishna!

All Glories to Shrila Prabhupada

All Glories to Gurudeva


Prabhuji, my aunt is a hatha yoga practitioner n teacher.She constantly recommends to do Surya namaskar.She told tht Surya namaskar is very good, doing Surya namaskar, exercises every part of the body,and good health is maintained.


When we join the Gymnasium here,the first exercise is Surya namskar.Surya namsaker is very popular here.

i used to do basic surya namsakar some 2 years back,but now stopped.


aspiring to be your humble servant

Bhushan Nityananda dasa


Nityananda!Gauranga!Hare Krishna


Title: Re: Surya Namaskar

User: advaitacharya das      Date: 2006-09-10 03:13:36


Nityananda! Gauranga! Hare Krishna!

All glories to Guru,Gauranga and Govinda!

Prabhuji,Suryanamaskar is indeed an all round exercise.The sun is the demigod which bestows good health.Also it is the only visible manifestation of Lord Gaur-Narayana.So this exercise leads to physical health as well as mental purity.It is the best form of physical exercise ever.So please go ahead and avail of its benifits.

                         Hare Krishna.