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Title: Swami Gaurangapada: Vyasa puja

User: Swami Gaurangapada Date: 2006-11-24 09:51:00


Nityananda! Gauraranga! Hare Krishna! All Glories to the Guru Parampara! 

All Glories to Shrila Swami Gaurangapada!


Dandavat Pranams to your lotus feet, dearest Gurudeva!


 I want to make an offering to you for your vyasa puja, but I am neither 

advanced nor eloquent.


Thank you for making known the mercy and glories of their Lordships 

Nityananda and Gauranga!


I am drowing in an ocean of materialism, yet through your mercy, you 

constantly show me how Lords

Gaura-Nitai rescue even fallen souls like me.


You rescued me from being lost in sahajiyaism. You helped me to realize 

that spirituality isn't cheap. Its worth working for.


Thank you so much for accepting a mleccha like me as a disciple and thank 

you for all the kindness and blessing that you always shower upon me.


Your servant, aspiring to serve the devotees of Nityananda,