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Title: The Disarming Sticker

User: Swami Gaurangapada Date: 2006-08-09 08:56:00


For ordering this sticker for your glass window, case or car, go to Store: "" and find it under the Category Mantra Stickers, Cards etc -> Glass & Car Stickers.


 Bhakta Michael from UK:

"When I was driving, many hundreds of people got to see and read Lords Nityananda and Gauranga and Their Holy Names. One effect of the sticker was that often a following car seemed to get "stuck" or hypnotized into following behind for miles! Also I noticed there was hardly any aggression from the following vehicles impatiently wanting to overtake, as there was usually before. The Nityananda Gauranga sticker is very disarming! Astonishing and sad to witness though is that no one's lips are vibrating the holy names anywhere where I went. So many people are simply caught up in their egos and their ME world. Why don't they ever enquire into life?"



Amala Gauranga dasa, South Africa:


"The website is really nice. I enjoy it. The pictures are very funny. It is amazing the amount of work you put out constantly. I would just like to thank you for all that you have done in service of the Lords Nityananda Gauranga. Without you mercifully endeavouring like this where would all of us be today? I don't think that I or this world can even fully realize the value of what you are doing today, when we finally do we will all lament for having had freely available the association and guidance of such a rare soul and not taking full advantage of it. The chanting of the Holy Names of Lords Nityananda Gauranga Holy Name has brought relief and enjoyment back into japa meditation."


Bhakta Daniel, Belgium:

"Thanks for the video lectures as they are very inspiring indeed."


Bhakta Ronald, USA:

"My excitement today on receiving the Mahadiksha beads and kit makes me feel like a child with such a great blessing. Thank you again and again."