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Title: Supremely Merciful Lord Nityananda!

User: Swami Gaurangapada Date: 2006-10-13 09:03:00


Nityananda!Gauranga!Hare Krishna! Jaya Shrila Prabhupada!


Gurudev please accept my humble obiesances at your feet.


Pranams and Dandavats to all devotees.


Jaya Nityananda!Jaya Gauranga.


I would like to share my experiance of Lord Nityananda's mercy with all devotees.


 One fortunate day,Gurudev mercifully told me that if I listen to the Supreme Glories of Lord Nityananda,He will have mercy on me.

I listened to the nectarian discourse given by Gurudev from Chaitanya Bhagvata on Supreme Glories of Lord Nityananda.

The very next day,Lords Nitai Gauranga had mercy on me,photo frame Panchatattva performing kirtana along with RadhaRasbihariji arrived on my altar.


Some weeks later I got Typhoid.Sitting at home I decided to listen to the Supreme Glories of Lord Nityananda again. As I was listning, due to some exertion my temperature began to rise and it crossed 104.I thought I was finished,I began to pray to Lord Nityananda in desperation.I could listn to the Suprme Glories of Lord Nityananda sleeping on the bed,I couldnt even open my eyes and mouth.Desperately, I prayed to Lord Nityananda to save me.

Supremely Merciful Lord Nityananda saved this fallen soul from sure death.As the discourse ended my temperature dropped to 102.


The next night again my temp started rising.My father started applying cold and wet cloth on my head but the cloth used to heat up.Nothing was working not even the Typhoid antibiotcs.

At that point my temp again crossed 104 and also I had difficulty breathing hence I again felt that this is it.This time I was not listning to anything hence I was more scared.Mentally I started praying desperately and intensely to Lord Nityananda fully convinced that I have no other way,other than surrendering to His Lotus feet.Supremely Merciful Lord Nityananda again glanced mercifully on me and saved me from certain death.


The next day Gurudev mercifully offered special prayers to Lord Nityananda for my recovery. That same day a miraculous thing happened,I had 102+temp and I felt perfectly normal-no bodyache,no headache no feeling cold and no weakness.The doctor was puzzled.After the reports came which showed the exact strain of Typhoid the doctor told me that I was very fortunate that the fatal disease left me within 4-5 days,usually people have to stay for 3 weeks at home. I also thank Gauranga dasi who talked to me during my illness.


What happened to the Antibiotics where were they when I had 104+,

what was the effect of my bodily resistance against diseses,what was the effect of that cold strip on my head? All failed.

ONLY the Supreme Mercy of Lords Nitai-Gauranga saved me from death.


From this I learnt that all material things might leave you one day but the Lord is so mercifull that He will never leave your side He is always there.Out of His causeless mercy He protects us at each and every point.I realise that the very air I breathe now is due to His mercy.


By mercifully allowing me to chant Nityananda Gauranga Hare Krishna He has saved this fallen degraded soul from eternal destruction. I offer my fallen dandavats to Lords Nityananda Gauranga and all devotees,by the mercy of Lord Nityananda may I serve all devotees till this breath is in my body.

Due to mercy of Lords Nitai-Gauranga now I could reach Harinama stage of chanting.3 months ago I could hardly chant 1 round of Hare Krishna Mahamantra.


Although I am a neophyte and very ignorant but I still humbly request all devotees to listen to the Supreme Glories of Lord Nityananda atleast once.


Jaya Nityananda Jaya Gauranga Jaya Chaitanya Bhagvata         Jaya Vrindavana Dasa Thakura Jaya Gurudev Jaya Devotees.


Please forgive my mistakes, as I am a neophye and prone to make many mistakes.