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Title: Time to Start Chanting Seriously

User: Neil LA Date: 2007-04-11 16:43:06


Nityananda! Gauranga! Hare Krishna!

All Glories to Swami Gaurangapada!

All Glories to the Guru Parampara!

All Glories to all Devotees!


I've been thinking about it and I really feel that if I don't just start right off now at chanting at the Hari Nama stage, I might never get there.


I'm going to give it a shot. With Swami Gaurangapada's blessing, I will chant 5 rounds of Nityananda Gauranga and 6 rounds of Hare Krishna in the morning, 3 rounds of Nityananda Gauranga and 2 rounds of Hare Krishna in the mid morning, the same 3 and 2 in the afternoon and then 5 and 6 again in the evening.


Reading other devotees experiences of breaking it up into workable bits has inspired me. It still is a lot of chanting, but I do believe that chanting is the best thing to spend one's time on. I really want to get close to the Lord.


Nityananda! Gauranga! Hare Krishna!


Title: Re: Time to Start Chanting Seriously

User: Swami Gaurangapada Date: 2007-04-11 20:53:07


Nityananda! Gauranga! Hare Krishna! Jaya Guru Parampara! Thankyou Neil for trying to increase to 25,000 Holy Names daily. Shrila Prabhupada always said that one should aim for the rhino so that even if we miss, others will always understand and say he aimed for a big thing anyway and if we are successful then it will really a very satisfactory achievement for the pleasure of Gurudeva and Lord. And there is only benefit in trying because during that period we would have chanted more number of Holy Names daily which will be deposited permanently in the eternal bank balance of the soul.


Shrila Prabhupada's standard is that Hari Naam Diksha is given when a devotee is fixed in the chanting of 25,000 Holy Names daily for 6 months. My blessings and prayers are always there for such a noble endeavor to please the Lord. Thankyou again for trying. If there is a will, then we will create the way.


Title: Re: Time to Start Chanting Seriously

User: Neil LA Date: 2007-04-13 16:20:41


Nityananda! Gauranga! Hare Krishna!


Thank you Swami Gaurangapada for your prayers and blessings. With the Grace of Sri Guru, I know that anything is possible.


I will take things one day at a time and know that any time spent chanting is pleasing to the Lord and the Guru and is definitly time well spent