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Title: My Vision

User: Neil LA Date: 2007-04-10 17:17:35


Love of the Lord is the driving force for everything in the world.


Love of the Lord is the center of my being.


I can connect with that center of love that exists deep within and know that I am loved and able to love.


As I turn to the Lord, Who is the source of love within, I can take a moment to just sit there, soaking in love with every fiber of my being.


When I feel empty, I can take a moment to sense the Lord, the center of love, and I can bring that love to the surface and wrap myself in love.


This source of love is internal and external and is called God. When I chant God's Holy names, I know that God is with me in the most personal and intimate way possible.


I will analize all actions that I am contemplating and find out if that action springs from the center of my love for Lord, or if it comes from another place of fear and negativity.


I will align all my actions with love and become a beacon of light of the Lord's love to others. I will treat myself first of all with love and respect and then my dealings with others will come from my love for the Lord.


I will look at all work to be accomplished as offerings of love to God and others rather as a burden imposed upon me by an unloving world.




Nityananda! Gauranga! Hare Krishna!