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Title: Dry desert

User: Gouranga dasa          Date: 2007-04-05 21:11:08


The material world is like a dry Desert, all the living entities in the desert are thirsty for water, they will do anything to get a drop, just like in this material world, everyone is mad for sense enjoyment, it is our nature to enjoy, just as it is our nature to feel satisfied after drinking water, but this world being like a desert can provide only a tiny drop.Such a drop merely drives a thirsty person wild for more. A drop cannot satisfy a thirsty person.


There is water in the desert, and it is inside the cactus, so to try and enjoy this world is to embrace the cactus to gain some relief, all the time one is spiked by so many thorns. This is the nature of this world, it is a dry desert, but one can taste immediate relief from the Holy Names which increase the ocean of transcendental bliss.