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Title: Advaita Acharya - The Combined Form

User: Anonymous    Date: 2007-07-11 03:41:13


Advaita Acharya - Combined form of Maha Vishnu and SadaShiva


All glories to Shri Chaitanya! All glories to Sitanatha! All glories to Nityananda, along with all the devotees!


When the five-headed Lord Shiva saw Kali-yuga was filled with terrible sins, he thought, ow can I deliver the living entities??After a long discussion with Yogamaya, he concluded that no one other than Lord Hari could deliver the fallen souls. Sadashiva, who is always joyful at heart, then went to the shore of the Causal Ocean. That great yogi then sat in yogic meditation for seven hundred years, until Maha-Vishnu, the Lord of the universe, was pleased by his severe austerities and appeared before him. When the five-headed Shiva saw Lord Narayana there, he offered many indescribable prayers. Maha-Vishnu then said, ou and I are nondifferent except for our separate bodies.?

Saying this, He embraced Lord Shiva and their two bodies became one. Who could understand His mind? It was most wonderful how they became one form with pure golden effulgent limbs, chanting, rishna! Krishna!?Suddenly there was a miraculous voice from the sky saying, isten, Maha-Vishnu! You first descend in this form in the womb of Labha, later I will descend in the district of Nadia in the house of Shaci and Jagannatha. Balarama and other devotees will also take birth in order to deliver the living entities.?

Taken from Advaita Prakash chapter 1

Bilva Mangala Thakura Dasa