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Title: Summary of Lecture given by HH Swami Gaurangapada

User: Damodara Svarupa dasa      Date: 2005-03-29 18:37:16


Summary of Lecture given by HH Swami Gaurangapada


Compiled by Shri Tarun Mallik; Organized by: Hema Gauranga dasa prabhu, Shri Ashok Muni and Shri Nair




 By reciting verses one can remember the Lord Krishna’s voice.

 Arjuna is like a calf and drinks the nectar of Bhagvad Gita.

 Bhagvad Gita is the summary of all Upanishads.

 Because Lord Krishna is speaking it.

 Wherever Lord Krishna speaks whether in battleground of Kurukshetra or at Vrindavan, it is all the summary and crest jewel of the Upanishads, is all the holy nectar i.e. amrita.

 Who wants to become immortal should read Bhagvad Gita i.e. those who do not want to take rebirth in this material world.

 The nectar of Bhagavad Gita can be drank through ears i.e. shravan.

 Through ears one can see Lord Krishna in Kaliyuga.

 It is Lord Krishna’s blessing to us that he is giving the discourse through his bhakta Arjuna.

 Lord Krishna bewilders Arjuna, as Lord Krishna can speak Bhagvad Gita to his devotee only and not to any Asura or Rakshasa.

 So to understand Bhagvad Gita one should be like Arjuna.

 Sudhir i.e. expert in drinking the nectar of Bhagvad Gita, which is the voice of Lord Krishna, with rapt attention, one should listen to Bhagvad Gita.

 Rapt attention is possible in three ways:

     o Pure in body

     o Pure in mind

     o Pure in heart

 One can be Pure in Body

     o By taking bath and by applying tilak at twelve places in body after taking bath or one can use Holy Ganges Water or Radha Kund Jal. One can apply besan while bathing as it removes all dust, oil and purifies.

     o By visiting the abodes of Lord


(i.e. by touching the dust of Lord Krishna lotus feet, one gets purified.


That’s why one sees bhaktas doing dandavat pranam in the holy places.)


     o By dhaam seva one gets naam seva and then one gets Kaam seva

        + i.e. unless one goes to dhaam one cannot chant. Because one’s body and senses are not purified till then.

     o One develops (ruchi) attraction only thereafter, i.e. after visiting the holy places.

     o Those who cannot go to holy places should worship Tulasi Plant because Tulasi maharani is the purest of all devotees.

     o By chanting the holy names of God one comes to know as to what is Lord Krishna’s requirement from us.

     o One gets tuned to God i.e. one understands, as to what is our relation with Lord Krishna.

     o Then only we can start Kaam seva (Kaam means ‘desires’, ichchha) i.e. one has to know Lord Krishna’s desire first.

     o By eating Sanctified food, one’s every existence gets purified. After cooking, one should offer Food to Lord Krishna first and then only one should eat the holy Prasadam.

           # In Kaliyuga, offering food to God is like a Biggest Yagya.One destroys the worm of Kaam, krodh, lobh and moha when one offers the food to the lord. Those who eat directly after cooking without offering get entangled in the Karma.


Tulasi Worship - How to Do


     o Offer Pranam, whenever one sees tulasi

     o Water to tulasi everyday. Because Lord Krishna will give us Bhakti in equal Amount as much one takes care of the Biggest devotee Of Lord Krishna i.e. Tulasi, by offering water to Tulasi.One should offer 4 times the Water to tulasi at its head i.e. leaves with a conch.

     o Offer Ghee lamp to Tulasi (4-2-3-7 i.e. 4 times at the lotus feet, 2 times at naval, 3 times at face and 7 times at full body)

     o Offer some flowers at the roots (4 times at feet)

     o Offer some incense (4-2-7 i.e. 4 times at the lotus feet, 2 times at naval, and 7 times at full body)

     o Parikrama (move 4 times clockwise around the Tulasi Plant). Greatest of sins are cleared by doing Parikrama.

     o Offer Bhajans/Mantras of Tulasi.

     o Take the holy mud from the roots of Tulasi and put it in the forehead, it clears all the sins.

     o Chant Holy names of Lord in front Of Tulasi, as it is the biggest seva because Tulasi becomes pleased.

     o One should keep Tulasi plant at least for 2 hours in the sunlight and rest of the time, can be kept inside the house.

     o Lord Gauranga Always kept Tulasi in front, while chanting.

     o Manjari, the soft small fresh little beads of Tulasi are very favorite of Lord and the same should be offered to Lord. If they are bit hard then the same should be broken in small pieces and then can be offered to Lord.




  * How is mind purified?

     o By remembering Lotus eyed (kamal nayan) and by following above said points.




  * How to Purify Heart?

     o By chanting the Holy names.

     o By associating with sadhus.

     o By reading Shri Chaitanya Bhagvatam.

     o By deity worship. (By decorating Lord one stop worrying about one’s own beautification).

     o By visiting holy places (dhaams).

     o By worshipping Tulasi.

  * The more one becomes purified the more one understands the Bhagvad Gita.

  * Gita Saar i.e. essence of Gita is that one should always be doing Kirtan of Lord Krishna/Gauranga because in kaliyuga, that’s the only way.

  * One should very clearly understand that soul is eternally part of Lord Krishna, but it cannot be same as Lord Krishna or Lord Gauranga ever, because constitutionally soul is different from Lord.

  * Actual Mukti is to become one with Lord Krishna’s desire.

  * A parrot goes to a tree, and it seems to become one with the tree, but parrot is different from tree, so is soul, in golok.

  * Lord is

     o Sat, satya, eternal

     o Chit, gyan, knowledge

     o Anand, bliss

  * Both the Lord and the soul are same but in quality only, and not in quantity.

  * For God all energies are same, whether material or spiritual.

  * Kirtan is of four kinds:

     o Naam Kirtan

     o Rupa Kirtan

     o Guna Kirtan

     o Leela Kirtan

  * Name of Lord is our visa/passport to spiritual world of Lord. Everything is spiritual in Golok. One can go in one of the following Ras:

     o Shanta Ras: As trees, grass, wall, flute, cow, cow stick, peacock, birds.

     o Dasya Ras: As Hanuman, Garuda, Chitrak & Patrak (two servants who bathes/massage the lord), Jay & Vijay.

     o Sakhya Ras As Sudama, Arjun.

     o Vatsalya Ras: As Yashoda, Dashrath, Kaushalya, Sachi Mata. Here the ras is of dependence (father and mother), if don’t feed child, he will go weak.

     o Madhuraya Ras: In intimacy, conjugal Love.

  * Atma (soul) has to reach or satisfy one by one from shanta to dasya to sakhya to vatsalya to madhurya.

  * However in Kaliyuga Lord Gauranga has stated very clearly that one should connect by Dasya Ras with Him by chanting His Name.

  * Try to become servant of the servant of Lord Gauranga and all the rasas with Lord Krishna will be revealed to you.



Ten Truths


  1. Lord Krishna/ Gauranga is the only truth. The Supreme one. Cause of all causes. The beginning, the middle and the end. Lord is independent and all souls are dependent on Lord.

  2. Lord is the object of all Scriptures/Vedas. They are all written to understand Lord only.

  3. Universe is Real. If God is real so are his creations. Our Brahmand is ‘temporary’. Only spiritual creation is permanent. All material bodies merge with Maha Vishnu.

  4. Isvara, Jiva and Matter are the three kinds of energies of Lord. To satisfy the desires of Living Entities the matter is created. As Sand in the beach is covered by water mostly but only sometimes it is not covering. Same way living beings want to become God sometimes but ultimately soul gets frustrated. The more one tries to become like Lord the more one gets frustrated. So don’t suffer in the world, first let the Lord Enjoy and then you get the enjoyment. If Jiva lets Isvara enjoy then it will feel happiness only. One should not let our body (matter) enjoy as that is contrary to nature because matter is dead and so how can it get happiness?

  5. Jiva/soul is the servant of the Lord is a fundamental truth. One should directly serve the Lord and not indirectly. Soul is energy of Lord. One can do Service in either of the following two ways:


Mahamaya – one revolves around in 84 lakh species by serving Mahamaya.


Yogamaya – one goes to vaikunth and serves Lord by serving Yogmaya.


Person is holding the tree of Maya. Person chooses to go away from Lord Krishna and Lord wants to satisfy the desire of the person and so Lord takes away the soul. Hence one should understand that because we ourselves have chosen Mahamaya to become the enjoyer that is why we suffer. It is only by chanting the Nityananda and Gauranga Mantrarajas and the Hare Krishna Mahamantra, one comes under the shelter of Yogamaya.


6.               All souls are different each one of us have a constitutionally unique relationship with Lord. There is diversity in unity. Some devotees distribute books, some serve prasad; some do paintings of Lord, some listen to discourses of Lord.


Devotees are of two types:


a.                Gosthyanandis: These devotees spread the Lord Names through The Speeches about the Glories of the Lord’s Name by writing books and by traveling all over the owrld.


b.               Bhajananandis: These devotees spread the Lord Names through their own Chanting and example by residing in the Dhama.


Disciples should take more and more responsibilities and that way the disciple becomes dearer to all three i.e. Lord, Guru and Vaishnavas and they becomes pleased.


7.               Liberation means to attain the feet and abode of Lord. To attain the kingdom of Lord. Rocket will be in the air till fuel is there. Same way till strength of spiritual energy is there and after it ends one falls back for yogis/gyanis. Devotees get stable place in the lotus feet of Lord in Vaikuntha and so they never fall back.


Soul is of three types:


o    Nityasidha - Eternally perfect, they are the pure devotees and are the avatars (Lord’s messenger) they never get contaminated even for a second. They don’t forget Lord for even a second.


o    Nityabadha – they were never in Vaikuntha. They are manifested in the marginal line between material and spiritual world and fall down to the material world and become embodied and conditioned.


o    Badhamukta – These souls are the fallen down Nityabaddha souls who are trying to go back to Vaikuntha, the devotees are of this type. Then from badhanmukta one tries to go to sadhan siddha and achieve the eternal abode of the Lord.


8.   Bhakti Yoga is the only mean to achieve Mukti, to achieve vaikuntha. As one knows that to visit someone’s house one need to please him. Gyanis and yogis do not please Lord and so they cannot enter Vaikuntha (by dint of their own efforts the reach up to Brahma Jyoti). However the devotees by chanting please the Lord (by their Bhakti).


9.   Chanting: No other way except taking the holy name. Name is the only truth in all the Vedas. Chanting is the beginning and the end of the bhakti. In the beginning it gives ruchi and the raw mango of Bhakti ripens. And finally chanting becomes the Goal.


10. Pratyaksha, Anumana and Shabda: Pratyaksa , anumana , and sabda  are the three types of evidence. It’s by anuman mostly (speculation) one try to know the Lord e.g. sun, by seeing one imagines, it is like a ball but one’s material senses are imperfect so both pratyaksha and anumana both are defective. Only way to understand Lord is by sabda – spiritual word/chanting. By accepting the highest authority i.e. by sound vibration of Lord Gauranga-Krishna, one feels spiritual experience and finally gets the pratyaksha anubhav.