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Title: The Glories of Lord Nityananda Audio Book

User: Swami Gaurangapada Date: 2007-01-17 02:04:03


The Glories of Lord Nityananda Prabhu

Audio Lectures By Shrila Bhaktiratna Sadhu Swami Gaurangapada

Book Transcribed and Published Bhushan Nityananda dasa



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A. Chapter 11 Madhya Khanda: Characteristics of Lord Nityananda Prabhu

01. Glorification of Lord Gauranga and His associates

02.Lord Nityananda’s mood of a cowherd boy

03.Transcendental blissful quarrels

04.The crow and the brass bowl

05.Malini devi’s prayers to Lord Nityananda

06.Pastimes of Lord Nityananda in Lord Gauranga’s house


B. Chapter 12 Madhya Khanda: Glories of Lord Nityananda Prabhu

07. Pastimes of Lord Nityananda with the Ganges crocodiles

08. Supreme ecstatic trances of Lord Nityananda

09. Supreme Prayers to Lord Nityananda by Lord Gauranga

10. Supreme Glories of Lord Nityananda’s loin cloth

11. The Supreme Glories of Lord Nityananda’s Charnamrita

12. Result of honouring Lord Nityananda’s charnamrita

13. Tumultous kirtana with ecstatic dancing

14. Glories of air that has touched Lord Nityananda

15. Benedictions by Shrila Vrindavana dasa Thakura


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01. Glorification of Lord Gauranga and His associates




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Shri Chaitanya Bhagvata, Chapter 11 Madhya Khanda, the characteristics of Lord Nityananda Prabhu, Nityananda Prabhu lakshana .

After the end of Mahaprakasha leela Shrila Vrindavana dasa Thakura is taking another very beautiful,ambrosial, nectarian topic and description of Lord Nityananda’s activities in house of Shrivasa Thakuras house in Navadvipa dhama.


nidhi gauraanga kothaa haite aailaa premasindhu .

anaathera naatha prabhu, patita-janera vandhu ....


Gauranga is the treasure prema sindhu the potion of love.Where has He gone? He is the master and owner of the orphan souls of kali yuga and especially the fallen souls who have no hope of deliverance they take shelter at  Lord Gauranga’s lotus feet.


jaya jaya vishvambhara dvijakulasimha .

jaya hau tora yata caranera bhringa ..1..


All glories to Lord Gauranga,Vishvambhara who is the lion amongst the bramhana community. He is the crest jewel of the bramhana community and all glories to charnera bhrnga to the honeybee like devotees whose minds and hearts are always revolving around lotus feet of Lord Gauranga MahaPrabhu. All glories to all of them.


jaya shriparamaanandapurira jivana .

jaya daamodarasvarupera praanadhana ..2..


All glories to life and soul of Shri Parmananda Puri,Parmananda Puri was such a great devotee that though he was in the external level of godbrother of Gauranga’s Guru, Shrila Ishvara puri, but he was so attached to Gauranga’s association that when Gauranga MahaPrabhu came to Puri, he also came here with the aim to reside  the rest of his life with Lord Jagannatha and also with moving Lord Jagannatha, Lord Gauranga MahaPrabhu.So his house was behind the Jagannatha temple, Gauranga MahaPrabhu would go there to discuss Krishna katha, and always while taking prasadam with the devotees Shrila Parmananda Puri used to sit on a higher level because he was the Godbrother of Lord Gauranga’s  Gurudeva. Jaya damodara svaruperea pranadhana:the life and treasure of Svarupa Damodara Gosvamai. Shrla  Svarupa Damodar Gosvami had a beautiful pastime. He was in Navadvipa as well as Puri. In Navadvipa his pastimes are not so much known but in Puri Dhama when Lord Gauranga came Svarupa Damodar Gosvami renounced the whole world and came to sing with the Lord and directly serve the Lord by assisting Him with His various divine moods of remembering Shrimati Radha and Lord Krishna.


Jaya rupasanaatanapriya mahaashaya .

jaya jagadisha-gopinaathera hridaya ..3..


All glories to Shrila Rupa and Shrila Sanatana who are very dear to the Lord and also to the Lord who is dear to Rupa and Sanatana.When you remember the Lord in the conjunction of His devotee, Lord is very pleased.So it was Shrila Sanatana Gosvami who was actually given the mercy of Lord in Shri Jagannatha Puri dhama and Sanatana Gosvami came here and he got some boils on his body due to drinking some dirty water in Jharikhand jungle. Sanatana Gosvami always thinking I will commit suicide under the ratha yatra cart after seeing Lord Gauranga and Lord Jagannatha. But Lord Gauranga MahaPrabhu said that Your body is very dear to Me than Myself, so Lord Gauranga embraced the body of Santana and his body turned into golden effulgent and all sores disappeared so He is very dear friend of Shrila Rupa and Sanatana.

Rupa Gosvami was so intimate to Lord Gauranga that the verse vetasi tire beginning with that word which Gauranga recited during ratha yatra,very few devotees could understand the meaning.Rupa Gosvami could understand and wrote it on a leaf. He wrote another verse which is similar but more easy to understand ‘radha ubhyora sangam sukham madhur murali pancham tvishe’ that sangam sukham which Shrimati Radharani could not experiance in Kurukshetra increased her bhava to mahbhava seeing Krishna before Her and She could not participate in the pastimes of Vrindavana so Her intensity of Her mood magnified, because this has never happened like that.In Vrindavan Krishna and Radha always enjoy to their full satisfaction but in Kurukshetra after 100 yrs Radharani is meeting Krishna in kshatriya dress and plus its not Vrindavana dhama and Radharani has never met Krishna outside Vrindavana dhama so that meeting was very unique meeting so Radharani developed very intense moods of mahabhava and that has been described by Shrila Rupa Gosvami Gopinatha acharya was the brother in law of Shrila Sarvabhauma Bhattacharya.He also came and resided in Puri later and he was the one who was instrumental in revealing the glories of Lord Gauranga MahaPrabhu to Shrila Sarvabhauma Bhatacharya who later on became a great devotee and composed beautiful stotras in glorification of Lords.


henamate navadvipe Prabhu vishvambhara .

kridaa kare, nahe sarvanayana-gocara ..4..


So in that way Lord Vishvambhara used to perform His pastimes which are nahe sarva nayana gochara.Everyone could not see those pastimes eventhough residing in Navadvipa these pastimes were not accessible to them because they were very extraordinary


navadvipe madyakhande kautuka ananta .

ghare vasi’ dekhaye shrivaasa bhaagyavanta ..5..


So in Navadvipa Madhya khanda of Chaitanya Bhagvata there is unlimited boundless kautuka which means transcendental pastimes of Lord Gauranga in Navadvipa and the most fortunate was Shrivasa Pandita because he could see these pastimes just by sitting at his home. Lord would come and perform pastimes at his home. So nobody can estimate the extreme good fortune of Shrila Shrivasa Pandita.


nishkapate Prabhure sevilaa shrinivaasa .

goshthi sange dekhe

Prabhura mahaa-parakaasha ..6..


Another name of Shrivasa is Shrinivasa so because Shrivasa served the Lord without any duplicity, without any ulterior motives, decietfullness, crookedness; with very simple heart, that is why Shrivasa was ‘ghoshti sange’ i.e along with all his family memebers he was able to see the Mahapraksha lila at his home.




02.Lord Nityananda’s mood of a cowherd boy




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shrivaasera ghare nityaanandera vasati .

‘vaapa’ vali’ shrivaasere karaye piriti ..7..


So in the house of Shrivasa Nityananda Prabhu was residing there. Nityananda Prabhu considered him as His father and always He was addressing Shrivasa as ‘My dear father’. In that way Lord Nityananda was showing affection to Shrivasa thakura because Lord Nityananda was in the mood of a very affectionate child.


aharnisha vaalya-bhaave baahya naahi jaane .

niravadhi maalinira kare stanapaane ..8..


So 24 hrs day and night Nityananda Prabhu was not conscious He was unconscious about His external surroundings and that is why He used to drink the breast milk of  Malini devi the wife of Shrivasa. This not something which is transgressing vedic principles because Lord Nityananda Prabhu was Himself thinking that He is a cowherd boy of Vrindavana and Malini devi is elderly gopi of Vrindavana kilimbika gopi. So in that mood of cowherd boy Lord Nityananda was always drinking her breast milk.


kabhu naahi dugdha, parashile maatra haya .

e saba acintya-shakti maalini dekhaya ..9..


Sometimes there was no milk in Malini’s breast, but when Lord Nityananda would desire to drink her breast milk then immediately by the touch of Lord His Achintya shakti inconceivable potency Malini’s breast will become full of milk and Lord will drink it.


caitanyera nibaarane kaare naahi kahe .

niravadhi vaalyabhaava maalini dekhaye ..10..


Because Lord Gauranga forbid Malini to tell anyone about this intimate pastime with Lord Nityananda Prabhu because common people will not be able to understand the divinity and transcendental nature of Lord Nityananda’s pastimes. But Shrila Vrindavana dasa Thakur is telling us these pastimes because, till the time both MahaPrabhus were present on this planet manifesting pastimes,the pastimes were kept confidential but after  the order of Lord Nityananda, Shrila Vrindavan dasa Thakura is describing all these pastimes without any shame,without hiding anything, whether people of the world understand or not they have to accept Lord Nityananda as it is they have to understand all His activities are transcendental.So Malini devi constantly saw pastimes of Lord Nityananda Prabhu.




03.Transcendental blissful quarrels




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Prabhu vishvambhara bale,—“shuna nityaananda .

kaahaaro sahita paache kara tumi dvandva ..11..


Lord Nityananda Prabhu was told by Lord Vishvambhara that ‘please hear Nityananda You always pick up quarrel with someone please don’t do that again’.


cancalataa naa karivaa shrivaasera ghare .”

shuniyaa shrinityaananda ‘shrikrishna’ sanare ..12..


‘Please don’t act in a restless and mischievous manner in Shrivase’s home’ and hearing this Lord Nityananda would remember Krishna.


“aamaara caancalya tumi kabhu naa paaivaa .

aapanaara mata tumi kaare naa vaasivaa ..”13..


Lord Nityananda replied ‘My dear Lord You have never seen Me performing any pranks or childish mischief You have never seen Me like that any time, You will never see Me like that but because You are extremely restless You are that cowherd boy of Vrindavana, You are Krishna Himself that is why You think others also will be like that.


vishvambhara bale,—“aami tomaa’ bhaala jaani .”

nityaananda bale,—“dosha kaha dekhi shuni ..”14..


Lord Vishvambhara said ‘my dear Lord Nityananda don’t try to justify I know You very well.Nityananda Prabhu said ‘ok tell me what is My fault’.


haasi bale gauracandra,—“ki dosha tomaara ?

saba ghare annavrishti kara avataara ..”15..


Gaurangachandra said ‘Oh You are asking Me what is Your fault, in every home  in every room You go and throw food stuffs everywhere, Your incarnation is like that.’


nityaananda bale,—“ihaa paagale se kare .

e chalaaya ghare bhaata naa dive aamaare?16..


Nityananda Prabbu said that ‘This is the activity of madman I never do all that, this is Your trick of depriving Me of eating rice. Give Me rice in Your own home, You don’t want to give me bhiksha, You don’t want to give me alms, You don’t want to feed Me that is why You say I go to home and home and throw food stuffs there.


aamaare naa diyaa bhaata sukhe tumi khaao .

apakirtti aara kena baliyaa vedaao ?”17..


First of all You eat Yourself alone without feeding me.You enjoy nice foodstuffs and You don’t invite me and secondly now You are coming out and accusing me of misdeeds this is two things together.’ So this is the same quarelling that goes on in Vraja lila also between Balaram and Krishna where Balarama tells Krishna that ‘When You reside in the palace of Nanda and Yashoda, O Krishna you are always demand and get good foodstuffs and enjoy them, and if I try to get such food stuffs You criticize Me and disclose My mischief to everyone this is nothing but selfishness’. So Lord Nityananda and Lord Gauranga are transcendentally quarreling.


Prabhu bale,—“tomaara apakirttye laaja paai .

sei se kaarane aami tomaare shikhaai ..”18..


Lord Gauranga is saying that  ‘If You are dishonored in anyway by anyone because of Your apparent restless activities, pastimes than I will feel very embarrassed, ashamed that is why I am instructing you in proper manners etiquettes.’


haasi’ bale nityaananda,—“vada bhaala bhaala .

caancalya dekhile shikhaaivaa sarvakaala ..19..


Nityananda said ‘very good very good you are instructing me but when You see me restless then You instruct me not now, now I am normal if you see there is anything then You instruct Me’.


nishcaya vujhilaa tumi, aami se cancala .”

eta vali’ Prabhu caahi’ haase khala khala ..20..


You must have certainly understood by now that I am very restless in your love’. In that way Lord Nityananda looked at Lord Gauranga and started laughing very loudly, uproariously.


aanande naa jaane baahya, kon karma kare .

digamvara hai’ vasra vaandhilena shire ..21..


So because of extreme bliss Lord Nityananda did not understand, did not have any external consciousness.What He did, what He did not do, He did not know anything. Once what Lord Nityananda Prabhu did in His blissfull trance extreme trance of love for Lord Gauranga, He removed His clothing dress and tied it on His head and He Himself became totally naked.


jore jore lampha dei haasiyaa haasiyaa .

sakala angane vule thuliyaa thuliyaa ..22..


Then He laughed and He jumped loudly laughing and jumping around in the courtyard staggering ,rolling on the ground of courtyard of Lord Gauranga MahaPrabhu in extreme blissful love and He was totally unaware that He had no clothes on the body He was totally in a transcendental situation.


gadaadhara, shrinivaasa aara haridaasa .

shikshaara prasaade sabe dekhe digvaasa ..23..


Gadhadhara, Shrivasa and Haridasa, all these three great personalities saw this pastime of Lord Nityananda Prabhu rolling on the ground without any clothes and they understood that this is some very special mercy ‘shikshra prasada’. Lord Nityananda wants to teach He wants to give some special mercy to everyone.


daaki’ bale vishvambhara,—“e ki kara karma ?

grihasthera baadite emata nahe dharmama ..24..


Lord Gauranga Vishambhara called out ‘Oh what are you doing Nitai what are You doing Nityananda this is not the proper action to be performed at the house of a grihastha of a householder’. Lord Gauranga even though He is Krishna Himself, but Lord Gauranga never displayed His conjugal pastimes with the gopis in Navadvipa with other peoples wives. He was very exemplary in His behaviour and He taught all the devotees of the world how to worship Him and chant his Holy name. We cannot imitate Krishna but we can try to follow on the ideal activities of Lord Gauranga MahaPrabhu it is very easy for souls of kali yuga to do that. So Lord Gauranga stopped Lord Nityananda.


ekhani valilaa tumi—‘aami ki paagala?’

eikshane nija-vaakya ghucila sakala ..”25..


Lord Gauranga said that ‘Just a few moments ago You said that You are not mad You are totally normal but now you are contradicting Your own words.You have forgotten Your own words, what are You doing?


yaara baahya naahi, taara vacane ki laaja ?

nityaananda bhaasaye aananda-sindhu-maajha ..26..


Shrila Vrindavana dasa Thakura is telling a very good point that ‘If someone has no external consciousness at all and one is simply drowned in ocean of pure blissful happiness then what will words do to Him’.You can speak so many words he will not even understand the meaning of those words.So Lord Nityananda was so much ecstatic nobody can imitate Lord Nityananda Prabhu otherwise one will die but Nityananda Prabhu was so much in transcendental bliss. We never see any incarnation of Lord in this much transcendental bliss. This is peak, high climax of all transcendental happiness exhibited in body of Lord Nityananda that is why His name is Nityananda. Nityananda. So He hardly has any external discrimination. So Nityananda Prabhu could not listen to words of Gauranga and was simply drowning in bliss.


aapane dhariyaa Prabhu paraaya vacana .

emata acintya nityaanandera kathana ..27..


In that way Lord personally caught Lord Nityananda with His own hands and this is how inconceivable pastimes of Lord Nityananda Prabhu took place


caitanyera vacana-ankusha maatra maane .

nityaananda mattasimha aara naahi jaane ..28..


Lord Nityananda could only hear the controlled words of Lord Gauranga,nobody else.So only one who could control Lord Nityananda Prabhu was Lord Gauranga MahaPrabhu, ’Nityananda matta simha ara nahi jahe’ Nityananda Prabhu like a maddened lion was not at all in the mood of listening to anyone except words of Lord Gauranga.




04.The crow and the brass bowl




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aapani tuliyaa haate bhaata naahi khaaya .

putrapraaya kari’ anna maalini yogaaya ..29..


Nityananda Prabhu did not eat rice with His own hands Himself, He was so much in bliss, Malini devi considering Lord Nityananda Prabhu as her own son,she herself fed Him rice putting it  in His mouth.


nityaananda-anubhaava jaane pativrataa .

nityaananda-sevaa kare yena putra maataa ..30..


This pativrata chaste wife of Shrivas Pandita fully understood the Glories of Lord Nityananda Balaram,She understood that He is none other than Balaram Himself.She had served Him previously in Vraja Dhama and now in Navadvipa dhama.’Nityananda seva kare’.She is serving Nityananda menially just as a mother serves her son.


ekadina pitalera vaati nala kaake .

udiyaa calila kaaka ye vanete thaake ..31..


One day a crow came and took a brass bowl from Malini when Malini was serving dities and flew away. 


adrishya haiyaa kaaka kon raajye gela .

mahaacintaa maalinira cittete janmila ..32..


The crow flew to the forest taking the small bowl in his beak

Soon the crow flew out of sight and great anxiety filled the heart of Malini. Mahachinta  very big anxiety was aroused in her heart


vaati thui’ sei kaaka aaila aara baara .

maalini dekhaye shunya-vadana taahaara ..33..

After putting that bowl somewhere the crow flew back to Malinis home near window and Malini devi saw that beak of crow was without the bowl then she became even more anxious


mahaativra thaakura-pandita-vyavahaara .

shrikrishnera ghritapaatra haila apahaara ..34..


In this bowl Shrivasa Pandita her husband was offering ghee to Lord Krishna,and if this is lost,it was a dear family item and if this was lost then Shrivasa would become very angry.So Malini devi was very frightned.


shunile pramaada have hena mane gani’ .

naahika upaaya kichu, kaandaye maalini ..35..


Thinking this will create great havoc if Shrivasa Pandita knows about it,Malini was very sad. She started crying there is no other way now,”because my husband will blame me for my carelessness how a crow could take this pot.”


henakaale nityaanda aailaa sei sthaane .

dekhaye maalini kaande ajhora nayane ..36..


At that time Lord Nityananda Prabhu arrived there, and He saw Malini devi was crying with profuse tears and red eyes


haasi’ bale nityaananda,—“kaanda ki kaarana .

kon duhkha bala ?—saba kariva khandana ..”37..


Nityananda Prabhhu was smiling when Malini devi was crying why are you crying.What is the cause of your crying? What is the source of your distress? I will immideiately relieve it.


maalini balaye,—“shuna shripaada gosaani .

ghritapaatra kaake lai’ gela kon thaani ..”38..


Malini devi replied ‘See listen Nityananda Gosai this crow took this brass bowl and vanished.’


nityaananda bale,—“mataa, cintaa parihara .

aami diva vaati, tumi krandana samvara ..”39..


Lord Nityananda said ‘Please give up your anxiety I will give you this bowl, please stop crying please stop crying immidiately’.


kaaka-prati haasi’ Prabhu balaye vacana .

“kaaka, tumi vaati jhaata aanaha ekhana ..”40..


Lord Nityananda Prabhu looked at the crow and said”kaka ,O crow ‘tumhi jhaat’ go quickly and get the bowl back here.


sabaara hridaye nityaanandera vasati .

taara aajnaa langhiveka kaahaara shakati ? 41..


So Vrindavan Dasa Thakura is making deep philosophical point here,He is saying that actually Lord Nityananda is present in everyones heart as kshiorodakshayi Vishnu the parmatma is expansion of Nityananda Prabhu.There is verse in Chaitanya Charitamrita

sankarsanah karana-toya-shayi

garbhoda-shayi cha payobdhi-shayi

sheshash cha yasyamsha-kalah sa nitya-

nandakhya-ramah sharanam mamastu


Nityananda Rama expands into Kshirodakshayi Vishnu who sleeps in ocean of milk and  from Kshirodakshayi Vishnu expands into Supersoul in heart of all living entities.So its Lord Nityananda Prabhu who is in the heart of everyone .Therefore Lord Nityananda’s orders who has the power to transgress or not obey the orders of Lord Nityananda Prabhu, if He tells something His orders the soul has to obey because it’s the order of Supersoul.Nityananda Prabhu is Supersoul and Supersoul is the permiteer and overseer of all the activites of embodied soul.


shuniyaa Prabhura aajnaa kaaka udi’ yaaya .

shokaakuli maalini kaakera dike caaya ..42..


Being ordered by Lord Nityananda the crow immediately flew away and Malini, she was so much shocked and agitated by distress that Malini looked at the crow and the crow flew away.


kshaneke udiyaa kaaka adrishya haila .

vaati mukhe kari’ punah sekhaane aaila ..43..


In a very short time the crow flew out of sight,but then the crow immediately returned after a very short time with a bowl in his beak.


aaniyaa thuila vaati maalinira sthaane .

nityaananda-prabhaava maalini bhaala jaane ..44..


The crow literally came and he dropped the bowl next to Malini and flew away.So Nityananda Prabhava the influence of Lord Nityananda’s potency.the whole creation is under His influence,so Malini devi was perfectly well aware of Lord Nityananda’s potency,infact maybe Malini performed this crying pastime so that world will know pastimes of Lord Nityananda Prabhu, don’t know why devotees perform pastimes,sometimes they perform to glorify the Lord.


aanande murcchita hailaa apurva dekhiyaa .

nityaananda-prati sttati kare daandaaiyaa ..45..


When the crow kept he pot and flew away Malini fainted,became unconscious with ecstasy realizing the mercy of Lord Nityananda upon her.She got up and she offered dandavats,sometime some devotees say that devotees shouldn’t offer dandavat obiesances but here Chaitanya Bhagvata sayas “Nityananda prati stuti kare dandaiya”Malini payed prostrated,flat,full body obiesances to Lord Nityananda Prabhu.And then she could not control herself, spontaneous devine ecstatic prayers poured forth from her heart and mouth.She said




Shrimati Malini's Prayers to Lord Nityananda




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“ye jana aanila mrita gurura nandana .

ye jana paalana kare sakala bhuvana .46..


For He who has brought back the dead son of spiritual master.Sandipani Munis son died long time back.Krishna and Balaram after studyinmg in Ashram,Sandipani Muni asked for Gurudakshina that Lord Balaram and Krishna get back his son.So 64 days Lord Balaram and Krishna went to prabhasa tirtah riding on a chariot and They demanded son of spiritual master from the ocean,but diety of ocean told Them that son was killed by deamon called panchajanya.He is inside the ocean and devoured the son.Krishna and Balarama entered the water in palace of Panchajanya and killed him,this is how Lord Krishna got the conch Panchajanya.But they could not find spiritual masters son within belly of deamon.;So they went to abode of Yamraja and Yamraja duly worshipped Balarama and Krishna and according to their order He brought the dead son of Sandipani Muni back.So Malini devi is saying “You got back the dead son of Your Guru,You are Balarama You and Krishna got back the dead son of Your Guru and also it is You who maintains all the universes of whole creation actually.


yamera ghara haite ye aanite paare .

kaakasthaane vaati aane,—ki mahattva taare ?47..


You could get the son of Your Guru directly from Yamaloka what to speak of getting a brass pot from a crow,nothing,very insignificant. Those who don’t believe this pastime will be destroyed,because You can get the dead son from Yamaraja, so what is this.


yaanhaara mastakopari ananta bhuvana .

lilaaya naa jaane bhara, karaye paalana ..48..


You hold innumerable the universes on Your head and yet feel their weight just for performance of pastimes,Unlimited universes just for performance of pastimes He maintains them,He does not feel any weight though each uniuverse must be weighing millions and billions,and trillions of tones,one earthly planet nobody has power to move it shake it.So one can imagine the whole universe,how much weight it is.Those Universes are lying on hoods of Nityananda Prabhu and He is not feeling any weight at all,you can imagine  how powerful He must be.


anaadi avidya dhvamsa haya yaanra naame .

ki mahatttava taanra, vaati aane kaakasthaane ? 49..


By just chanting Your name, Nityananda Prabhu’s name. the potency of this name is described in this verse by Malini the avidya and ignorance,avidya is the actual cause for us being in the material world embodiment from avidya  false desire then comes ego then comes intelligence then the mind then the five gross elements.So everything starts from avidya or ignorance,so by chanting Your name avidya or ignorance from immemorial time can be destroyed,eradicated completely from the root by chanting holy name of Nityananda so what is the Glories of  getting one bowl from a crow,hardly anything,by chanting your name the unimaginable ignorance which has no beginning or end is destroyed forever.So what is the big thing in to get one bowl from crow.


ye tumi lakshmanarupe purve vanavaase .

nirantara rakshaka aachilaa pitaapaashe ..50..


Sita was constantly in forest for Ram, and as Lakshmana you were constantly guarding her protecting her.These pastimes are mentioned in the Valmiuki Ramayana, Aranya Khanda chapter 4.43 Lakshmana is also Nityananda, He is an expansion of Lord Nityananda just as Ram is an expansion of Lord Gauranga.


tathaapiha maatra tumi sitaara carana .

ihaa vai sitaa naahi dekhale kemana ..51..


Yet the most surprising thing was that you were guarding Sita constantly day and night you were protecting her in the forest but yet you never saw her face ever,you just saw her lotus feet.You never looked up.Ramayana Uttara Khanda 58.21, Lakshmana says that”My dear Sita I have just seen your lotus feet never even your form”.


tomaara se vaane raavanera vamsha-naasha .

se tumi ye vaati aana, kemana prakaasha ?52..


It was you by whose arrows the entire dynasty of Ravana was destroyed so what is the glory in bringing a small bowl from a crow.Very beautiful prayers by Malini she is Glorifying Nitai’s activities in His transcendental incarnations.


yaahaara carane purve kaalindi aasiyaa .

stavana karila mahaa-prabhaava jaaniyaa ..53..


Due to the influence of Lord Balarama the river Kalindi Yamuna became frightned and offered prayers to Your feet,You are the same Lord what is the greatness in getting bowl from crow,what to speak of crow Yamuna came to You voluntarily and she started offering you prayers.This pastime is there in Bhagavatam,from Dvarka once Lord Baladeva came to Vraja to meet His devotees and to perform the rasa dance with His batch of Gopis.Then Krishna’s Gopis saw this rasa dance from far and they were very satisfied after very long period of time they could feel presence of Krishna very strongly though they always feel. So Balaram came to Vrindavana to asuage the feelings of separation of His gopis and Krishna’s gopis. So He came in month of Chaitra and Vaishakha April and May, to Vrindavana  and at that time Balarama drank Varuni the honey like nectar given by Varuna and then He enjoyed pastime with gopis after enjoying pastimes to remove their tired fatigue,transcendental fatigue.Balarama and the Gopis wanted to sport in the Jamuna so Baldeva ordered Yamuna to come.Yamuna was little far,so considering Balarama was transcendentally intoxicated Yamuna or Kalindi neglected His order for some time.This is a pastime, then Lord Nityananda Baladeva the son of Rohini, became so angry that He began to scratch,push Yamuna from the tip of His plow,to make streams of Yamuna.At that time she became extremely afraid and she came personified and fell at the feet of Lord Balarama begging for His pardon by offering various prayers which are written in canto 10 chapter 65 of Shrimad Bhagvatam. So Nityananda Balarama You are the same personality to who Kalindi had come to ask for forgiveness.So what is this pastime with a crow,I mean its hardly anything,for Your devotees you are ready to do anything.Actually this pastime has a significance it shows us that even if one is a great devotee of Lord Krishna and if one dosent accept order of Nityananda Prabhu to chant Gauranga’s name.”Bhaja Gauranga,kaha Gauranga,laha Gaurangera nama re”. One dosent accept order of Lord Nityananda to worship Lord Gauranga in kali yuga,to chant His name than, eventhough such a devotee is a great devotee of Lord Krishna,but there is chance of wrath of Lord,if such a devotee tries to obstruct the mission of Lord Nityananda.Spreading of Gauranga’s name.Eventhough He may be devotee of Krishna.But one has to be very careful not to displease Lord Nityananda Balarama because otherwise one is doomed.If Radha Krishna chastise a devotee Gauranga will protect him,if Gauranga chastises Nityananda will protect.If Nityananda chastises there is none to protect so better we have to be careful not to displease Lord Nityananda Prabhu in anyway.Not to undermine His order not to stop anyone from chanting the name of Gauranga,never to stop anyone,never to discourage anyone never to call it a deviation chanting Gauranga’s name,one should not even hear this, its very displeasing to Lord Nityananda Prabhu,and Nityananda’s plow will wreck our devotional life like He wrecked the life of Yamuna into hundreds of rivulets.


caturddasha-bhuvana-paalana-shakti yaanra .

kaakasthaane vaathi aane—ki mahattva taanra ?54..


All the 14 planetary systems You are maintaining my dear Lord by your potency my dear Lord than what are the glories of bringing brass bowl from crow.


tathaapi tomaara kaarya alpa naahi haya .

yei kara, sei satya, caari vede kaya ..”55..


So Malini till now she is saying that Your activities are so glorious and gigantic and powerful that getting a bowl from a crow is insignificant compared to other transcendental activities.So there is no surprise about it,but Malini is saying that my dear Lord none of Your activities are small,every activity is supreme, pure and transcendental. All four Vedas state that whatever you do is the ultimate truth.. Same is repeated by Shrila Narottama dasa Thakura in His song.He says” Nitaire charan satya tahara sevaka nitya,Nitai pada seva sada kore aash"


The only truth in this world is His Lotus feet and servants of Lord Nityananda’s Lotus feet are eternal,the servants of other things are perishable,but servants of Lord Nityananda’s lotus feet are eternal.His lotus feet are the only truth in this world accessible to conditioned souls


haase nityaananda taana shuniyaa stavana .

vaalyabhaave bale,—“muni kariva bhojana ..”56..


Hearing Malini’s beautiful prayers Lord Nityananda smiled and and in the mood of child He says “I will eat.”


nityaananda dekhile taahaara stana jhare .

vaalyabhaave nityaananda stana paana kare ..57..


As soon as Malini would see Nityananda, her breast would be full of milk and in mood of child Lord Nityananda would drink Her breast milk.


ei mata acintya nityaanandera carita .

aami ki valiva, saba jagate vidite ..58..


In that way Shrila Vrindavan dasa Thakura says that Lord Nityanandas pastimes are inconceivable,if anyone doubts this or criticizes this ,then he will be destroyed,completely destroyed.His pastimes are known throughout the world,what can I say more,Shrila Vrindavana dasa Thakura is saying


karaye durjneya karma, alaukika yena .

ye jaanaye tattva, se maanaye satya hena ..59..


So His activities are difficult to understand by devotees what to speak about non-devotees,very difficult and incomprehensible and unparalleled activities and it is only who understands the tattva, Nityananda naam tattva, Nityananda dhama tattva, Nityananda leela tattva, Nityananda bhakta tattva. Anyone who understands the tattva,philosophy of Nityananda Prabhu position of Nityananda Prabhu only can actually understand these pastimes as true and develop faith in them.


We have seen how Malini devi was so fortunate in 3 worlds because she had the good fortune of directly serving Lord Nityananda who is the creator maintainer and destroyer of the material world,there is nothing that Lord Nityananda will not do for His devotees.though it was very insignificant for Him,still He got back the bowl from the crow just for sake of Malini devi His pure devotee,so even the most insignificant service for zHis devotees just like Krishna became the menial chariot driver for Arjuna,for what.He had no intrest in battle,His city of Dwarka was not getting affected in the battle,because the Pandavas Arjuna is very dear to Him that’s the only reason why He became menial chariot driver.its is very menaila service because in attle all glories will go to driver,the driver is very insignificant,So Krishna took insignificant service nobody remebrs the drivesr of many chariots in kurukshetra,ofcourse when Lord does it it becomes very significant like Malini says Here eventhough bringing back bowl from crow is insignificant to you but because you have done it yourself it is become glorified in all the worlds it is no longer insignificant with respect to your devotes it is transcendental activity.


aharnisha bhaavaaveshe parama uddaama .

sarva-nadiyaaya vule jyotirmmaya-dhaama ..60..


Absorbed in transcendental ecstasy,bhava-vesha means manifestation of divine emotions,param udana means very freely Lord Nityananda theres no proper word to describe meaning of udama,udama means very independently very powerfully Lord Nityananda Prabhu day and night wandered about in Navadvipa dhama fully absorbed.And all the residents of Navadvipa were thinking that jyotirmaya dhama this abode, Lord Nityananda when He used to pass by He is abode of jyoti of transcendental light,effulgence,sun-ball,moon itself,Lord was very effulgent He destroyed the illusion of all living entities by His form.


kivaa yogi nityaananda, kivaa tattvajnaani .

yaahaara yemata icchaa, naa balaye keni ..61..


Some in Navadvipa said that oh Lord Nityananda is a great yogi,some said He is a very great philosopher and knowledgeable philosopher knowing tattva,whatever each one of them felt,whatever they felt like saying they said. They can say that,they are free to say that,Shrila Vrindavan dasa Thakura is saying.But according to me Shrila Vrindavna dasa Thakura is saying..


ye se kene nityaanda-caitanyera nahe .

tavu se carana mora rahuka hridaye ..62..


That whatever Lord Nityananda Prabhu has with Lord Gauranga MahaPrabhu what one feels subjectively and does not know subjectively whatever it is.But I don’t care what people think,I want that the lotus feet of Lord Nityananda Prabhu always arise in my heart that is my only desire.I don’t want to see Lord Nityananda independeantly from Lord Gauranga MahaPrabhu,both are brothers one is served Godhead,other is Servitor Godhead so but I don’t care what people speculate about Lord Nityananda Prabhus position and relation with Lord Gauranga MahaPrabhu.


eta parihaareo ye paapi nindaa kare .

tabe laathi maarom taara shirera upare ..63..


In spite of seeing Lord Nityananda as most effulgent sun on Navadvipa and in spite of hearing Lord Nityananda’s 24 hour devotional sentiments there are some very sinful people papi  who criticizes Lord Nityananda with their mouth which has been given by Lord Nityananda so what an ungrateful act,power of speaking has been given by Lord Nityananda to all souls. Some envious souls use the same power to criticize the Lord which makes their doom inevitable. Shrila Vrindavan dasa Thakura is saying if somebody criticizes Lord Nityanandain front of me according to scriptures one has to leave that place or one has to stop the person so I will hit Him on head if someone criticizes Lord Nityananda in front of me I will not tolerate that,because it is the most sinful action most ungrateful action and it is our duty, duty of devotee to stop sin being happening in front of himself, not because of any way to harm that person but because of trying  to stop him from criticizing Lord Nityananda


eimata aache Prabhu shrivaasera ghare .

niravadhi aapane gauraanga rakshaa kare ..64..


In that way Lord Nityananda Prabhu as He was residing in home of Shrivasa Thakuras home(Shrivasa Angan)Lord Gauranga MahaPrabhu would Himself take care of Him,would protect Him,when He was totally oblivious of external consciousness Lord Gauranga would protect Him personally.




06.Pastimes of Lord Nityananda in Lord Gauranga’s house




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ekadina nija-grihe Prabhu vishvambhara .

vasi’ aache lakshmisange parama sundara ..65..


One day in His own home,in Sachi matas home in Yogapitha in Navadvpa Mayapur where Shrila Bhaktivinoda Thakura and Shrila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarswati Thakura have built a huge temple Adbhuta Mandir.So birth place of Lord, Sachi matas home.Lord Vishvambhara would sit in His home with Lakshmi devi and He was looking more beautiful than millions of cupids with Lakshmi, means Vishnupriya devi, second wife of Lord Gauranga, Lakshmi devi the first wife had already gone back to the transcendental abode of Lord, when Lord had gone back to east Bengal (Bangladesh) for spreading His holy name.


yogaaya taambula lakshmi parama harishe .

Prabhura aanande naa jaanaye raatridishe ..66..


Vishnupriya devi is none other than Goddess of fortune. She was totally enchanted by beauty of Lord she was preparing betel nuts for Lord with great hapineess and Lord was pleased and also she was very pleased because by accepting her service Lord was feling happy,Prabhur anande has many different meanings in this verse.Prabhur anade means Lord Gauranga was feeling very happy satisfied by Vishnu Priya’s service so Vishnu Priya ws feeling very happy,and second Prabhur anande means to behold the beautiful bliss of Gauranga Vishnupriya was feeling happy,so she was happy by all means and all ways,she did not know if it was day or night.It was totally absorbrd in serving Lord directly.


yakhana thaakaye lakshmisange vishvambhara .


shacira citteta haya aananda vistara ..67..

So at that time When Lord Vishvambhara Gauranga would perform pastimes with Vishnupriya devi during that Sachidevi felt  time intense pleasure and happiness because she did not want her only son now to take sannyasa and leave the world.


maayera cittera sukha thaakura jaaniyaa .

lakshmira sangete Prabhu thaakena vasiyaa ..68..


Undersanding that His mother is very happy and pleased in her heart when He performed pastimes with VishnuPriya,the Lord deliberately spent time in company of Vishnupriyadevi in association with Vishnupriya devi to give pleasure to His mother to give pleasure to Vishnupriya devi to devotees.Lord is willing to do anything and everything to keep His associates happy,so our goal should be to become an associate of the Lord then Lord can become happy by our service,but to become an associate of the Lord one has to become an associate of associate of Lord,one cannot become direct associate.


henakaale nityaananda aananda-vihvala .

aailaa Prabhura baadi parama cancala ..69..


At that time the most restless translated as restless but it also means very agitated in love parama chanchal because He was ananda vivhala overwhelmed with Gauranga’s love Gauranga prema that is why Lord Nityananda Prabhu was extremely restless and He came at that time and was totally oblivious of external world,He was totally absorbed in remembrance of Gauranga and His pastimes.He came to Lords home.


vaalyabhaave digamvara rahilaa daandaaiyaa .

kaahaare naa kare laaja paraananda paaiyaa ..70..


So He was totally in the mood of a child,there were no clothes on His  transcendental body at that time and He stood there,and He was not ashamed of anyone,not feeling shy of anyone because He was so absorbed in Gauranga consciousness,absorbed in ecstasy of cowherd boy.


Prabhu bale,—“nityaananda, kene digamvara ?”

nityaananda ‘haya haya’ kareya uttara ..71..


One can imagine the limits of Lord Nityananda Prabhus ecstasy,this kind of ecstasy cannot be seen in any scripture.When Gauranga is telling Him why are you not having clothes on,why are you undressed,Lord Nityananda Prabhu is saying haya haya ok ok,yes yes.He is so absorbed in love that He is not even understanding Gauranga’s question,The Supreme Personality of Godhead is asking Him,but He is not able to understand the question imagine one can be in such a trance in direct order of Supreme Lord,it must be tremendous ecstasy.


Prabhu bale,—“nityaananda, paraha’ vasana .”

nityaananda bale,—“aaji aamaara gamana ..”72..

Lord Gauranga telling Him O Nityananda please put on Your cloth and Nityananda Prabhu is  saying today is My departure ,So He was speaking totally incoherently ,He was not able to understand anything.


Prabhu bale,—‘nityaananda, ihaa kene kari ?”

nitaa balena,—“aara khaaite naa paari ..”73..


Lord Gauranga asked Him,”Nityananda why are you acting like this”,Nityananda Prabhu replied,”I cannot eat anymore”


Prabhu bale,—“eka kahi, kaha kene aara ?”

nitaai balena,—“aami genu dashabaara ..”74..


Lord Gauranga MahaPrabhu is saying,Oh Nitai when I tell you something why do you speak something elsewhich is not related to my question.


kruddha hanaa bale Prabhu,—“mora dosha naani

nityananda Prabhu bole-“itha nahio aai..”75..


Lord Gauranga became little angry,Lord Gauranga told Lord Nityananda this is not my fault ,You are not listening to me.Nityananda Prabhu said,Prabhu Sachimata is not here.


Prabhu kahe,-krpa kare paraha vasana

nityaananda bale,—“aami kariva bhojana ..”76..


Lord Gauranga told Him,please have mercy,please wear Your cloth, Nityananda Prabhu replied”Now I will eat”.


chaitanya-aaveshe matta nityaanandaraaya .

eka shune, aara bale, haasiyaa vedaaya ..77..


What was Nityananda Rayas situation is Nityananda Raya the king of all ecstatic personalities He was immersed in avesha,mood,bhava of Lord Gauranga MahaPrabhu,He is absorbed in the mood,because in this Gauranga leela He is getting that kind of love and realizations and emotions which are not even He  got in Vraja leela of Balarama and not even Ramachandra-lila when He was Lakshmana,He is getting very very esoteric very very deep,very coinfidential moods that why He is totally oblivious of the external situation.He hears something and speaks something else and He is smiling and wandering about in the home of Gauranga MahaPrabhu.


aapane uthiyaa Prabhu paraaya vasana .

baahya naahi-haase padmaavatira nandana ..78..


Lord Gauranga got up from His position and personally put on the clothes of Lord Nityananda Prabhu,during this time Lord Nityannda Prabhu was simly smiling and laughing,He is the son of Padmavati Devi Ekachakra Dhama,His mother disappeared very shotly after Nitai left them they could not bear His separation.It breaks our heart even to remember that pastime.Son of  Padmavati  lost all external consciousness.Padmavati suta is name of Lord Nityananda because His mothers name is Padmavati who is incarnation of Sumitra from Ramalila and Devaki and Rohini personified.She is incarnation of Sumitra and Rohini devi,His fathers bname ws Hadia Pandita and .He was  the incarnation of Vasudeva and Dasharatha,and the childhood name they gave it to Lord Nityananda was Kuvera Pandita because when He advented in Ekachakra dhama which is in Radhadesha,where Ganges does not flow,that village is so sweet,I so wish I was there,now.That is the actually the parama dhama of Kali-Yuga,place of birth of Lord Nityananda,because Nityananda is the only hope of deliverance of all souls.So He went back there when He went to Bengal,and He disappeared in His own dities of Bankim Raya,like Lord Gauranga entered Tota Gopinatha,Nityananda Prabhu also has fully Satchinanada spiritual body.Bankim Raya was found in Jamuna there by Himself.When the Sanyasi left,the sanyasi gave diety of Murlidhar to His mother.Mother whenever she used to see diety,she would see fae of Nitai.Nityananda Prabhu and Ekachakra dhama,Janhavi devi became so distressed when Nityananda Prabhu disappeared inside diety of Bankim Raya.Very very powerful temple there,one can do 24-hrs kirtana never loose any taste.Left side of Bankim Raya is Radharani,but after Lord Nityananda merged in diety,Janhava devi requested to put her own diety on right side of Bankim Raya,so Janhvi Bankim Raya,Radha Bankim Raya.She is actually Ananga manjiri,younger sister of Radharani.So there is original diety of Jaganntha Baladeva and Subhadra worshipped by Hadai Pandita.And beautiful birthplace of Lord Nityananda is very beautiful,the hut,home of Padmavati and pond where Padmavati used to wash clothes and pots  of Nitai,and her maternity ward,where Lord Nityananda took birth.Very very old tree ancient tree is there,two-three trees are there,one where Nityananda showed His Vishvarupa.beatiful dietis of Gauranga Nityananda Advaita.Nityananda put His hearing one hole of cobra so that it cannot come out does not harm others,that is why Lord Nityananda does not have earing in right ear only in left ear.Balaram Nitai don’t wear in both ears. So we went into rememberance of Ekachakra. Unfortunately people of this world are making so many not so important places very very great holy places,mythological bogus places are becoming great pilgrimage places now in kali-yuga, but birth place of Lord Nityananda Balarama,is most crucial place for all conditioned souls,where all their offences will be destroyed,nobody knows that village so hidden,so confidential.A time will come soon when a rich man will take up the development of that village make it very nice abode,great tirtha,pilgrimage place of kali-yuga.So Padmavati nandana,that’s how we remembered Ekachakra dhama.


nityaanandacaritra dekiyaa aai haase .

vishvarupa-putra-hena mane mane vaase ..79..


Sachimata became very happy and smiled on seeing transcendental characteristics of Nityananda Prabhu.and deep within in her mind she saw Vishvarupa who was a partial expansion of Nityananda Prabhu


seimata vacana shunaye saba mukhe .

maajhe maajhe seirupa aai maatra dekhe ..80..


Many devotees had the realization that Visvarupa,Vishvarupa is non-different from Nityananda,but only Sachimata who could see sometimes in between,the form of Vishvarupa in Lord Nityananda,and she would feel extreme joy.


kaahaare naa kahe aai, putra-sneha kare .

sama-sneha kare nityaananda-vishvambhare ..81..


But Sachimata did not disclose it to anyone that she had vision of Nityananda Prabhu.Thus is not surprising, because Nityananda Prabhu could not see Lord directly when Lord was born,when He appeared,because it was planned by Nityananda and Gauranga in Goloka before coming the pastime that they will meet each other when Nityananda Prabhu is 32 and Gauranga is 19 yrears of age.Then Gauranga would officially launch His sankirtana pastimes,because if scholastic pastimes with Lord Nityananda Prabhu would be there, then Nityananda Prabhu would implore Lord to do sankirtaan pastimes directly.Lord wanted to do some scholastic pastimes,so it was arranged that Nityananda would meet Gauranga only after 19 years of age, so Lord Nityananda Prabhu thought that since I will be meeting the Lord after 32 years of my pastimes then I should also manifest myself in My partial expansion as Vishvarupa, I should take birth as son of Sachi and Jagannatha Mishra before Lord Gauranga comes. He appeared as Visvarupa so that He could serve Lord in childhood pastimes, He could serve Lord in childhood pastimes also. This is the confidential reason,nobody knows this reason why Lord Nityananda made His partial expansion appaear as elder brother of Nimai,Gauranga. So Sachimata saw that, she did not tell anyone, did not disclose the secret. She used to have absolutely the same spiritual affection which she had for Gauranga she had for Nityananda, Nityananda and Gauranga equal affection.she used to show this is very important lesson to be learnt for all devotees.We should not differentiate between these two brothers,we should not think one is more important than the other.that is not the right way to woprship Them. Nityananda is not the means to Gauranga, Nityananda is the goal. Like some devotees feel that Gauranga is the means to Radha Krishna,so they give more prominence to Radha-Krishna and less prominence to Gauranga that is not right Gauranga and Radha-krishan equal prominence they are the same. Shrila Prabhupada says anyonme who chants the name of Radha Krishna anyone who chants Gauranga mantra same level.The Acharya has said, so one should give equal importance to the Gauranga bhaktas and Radha Krishna bhaktas,infact Gauranga bhaktas make even more rapid progress, because Gauranga’s name does not consider offences,if not more respect but equal respect should be give,one should not give more respect to one side and less respect to other.While chanting and singing Nityananda’s glories one oneself becomes oblivious of external situation. Nityananda Prabhu is Himself so absorbed, some try to get a drop of His qualities. Like a silk worm meditates on butterfly becomes a butterfly, ofcourse one can never become Nityananda, never one can become Nityananda dasa by meditating on Him.


baahya paai’ nityaananda parilaa vasana .

sandesha dilena aai karite bhojana ..82..


When Nityananda Prabhu returned to external consciousness, Nityananda Prabhu put on His clothes and dressed Himself,and Sachimata gave nice sandesh sweets,milk sweets to Lord Nityananda to eat.Actually one who hears this pastime of Nityananda Prabhus so called transgressing moral principles like not wearing clothes.If one hears this pastimes with faith.then there will be spiritual revolution within heart,heart will be totally purified,because Lord Gauranga will see that devotees reading this pastimes and the faith of the devotee in Nityananda is increasing and one is not doubting the character of Nityananda even a little bit,then Gauranga immediately purifies heart of devotee.


aai-sthaane panca kshira-sandesha paaiyaa .

eka khaaya, aara caari phele chadaaiyaa ..83..


Now Nityananda Prabhu wanted to show His prowess and potency to none other than Sachimata,that His pastimes are not ordinary.So Sachimata gave five pieces of milk sweets to Lord Nityananda Prabhu,He ate one of them and four He threw them out.


“haaya haaya”—bale aai—“kene phelaailaa ?”

nityaananda bale,—“kene eka thaani dilaa ?”84..


Sachimata said”Alas!Alas!Why did you throw of 4 of them” Nityananda Prabhu  said “Why did you give all of them together?”


aai bale,—“aara naahi, tabe ki khaaivaa ?”

nityaananda bale,—“caaha, avashya paaivaa ..”85..

Sachimata said”I don’t have anymore,what You will eat now,You must be hungry” Lord Nityananda Prabhu replied “if you want that they are there then they will be there surely”


gharera bhitare aai aparupa dekhe .

sei caari sandesha dekhaye parateke ..86..


Sachimata was amazed,at Nityananda words,she went inside the kitchen and she saw to her great surprise that the 4 pieces of Sandesh were there intact.


aai bale,—“se sandesha kothaaya padila ?

gharera bhitare kon prakaare aaila?”87..


Sachimata said “ Nityananda  threw Sandesh somewhere else,how did they come here inside kitchen,He threw them outside how did they come inside the home”


dhulaa ghucaaiyaa sei sandesha laiyaa .

harishe aailaa aai apurva dekhiyaa ..88..


Very surprising thing was that there was some dust sticking to sandesh,so Sachimata removed the little dust over Sandesh and she brought them outside,but then when she came outside she saw another big wonder,she was in total dilemma.


aai’ dekhe nityaananda sei laadu khaaya .

aai bale,—“vaapa, ihaa paailaa kothaaya ?”89..


When she came out she was seeing Nityananda eating those ladoos,Sachimata was totally stunned and shocked and she told Nityananda”My dear son,where did you get these from?”


nityaananda bale,—“yaahaa chadaanaa phelilun .

tora duhkha dekhi’ taai caahiyaa aanilun ..”90..


Nityananda Prabhu wanted to confuse Sachimata even more,so He said that my dear mother you did not like that I threw those sweets away,you said haya haya alas alas so I went and got those sweets and eating them.


adbhuta dekhiyaa aai mane mane gane .

nityaanandamahimaa naa jaane kona jane ?91..


Seeing these wonders miraculous pastimes,Sachimata contemplated, thought within her mind,who actually in this world actually knows the Glories of Nityananda Prabhu,very very difficult to understand.


aai bale,—“nityaananda, kene more bhaanda’ ?

jaanila ishvara tumi, more maayaa chaada ..”92..


So Sachimata looked at Lord Nityananda “Why are You trying to bewilder me and confuse me,now I know and undrstand fully that you are the Supreme Personality of Godhead,you are Ishvara Himself ,please remove Your covering of bewildering me,please don’t do this.


vaalyabhaave nityaaananda aaira carana .

dharivaare yaaya,—aai kare palaayana ..93..


In the mood of a child, Nityananda Prabhu immediately tried to grab the lotus feet of Sachimata and Sachimata ran away.


eimata nityaananda-taritra aghaadha .

sukritira bhaala, dushkritira kaaryyavaadha ..94..


In that way the characteristics of Nityananda Prabhu are unfathomably deep agadha cannot be conceived by anyone, and hearing about them is very very auspicious and very very beneficial to those who have faith in them.But those who are sinful and envious people will be destroyed by hearing these pastimes, they will face many obstacles if they don’t have faith.


nityaananda-nindaa kare ye paapishtha jana .

gangaao taahaare dekhi’ kare palaayana ..95..


Anyone who criticizes Lord Nityananda in thought word or deed or mind in any kind of way,even little bit even tiny drop of envy one has against Nityananda then even mother Ganga,she will run away when one sees such a person.She will not even feel like approaching.


vaishnavera adhiraaja ananta ishvara .

nityaananda-mahaaPrabhu shesha mahidhara ..96..


So Nityananda Prabhu thought. Shrila Krishnadasa Kaviraja Gosvami states that Lord Gauranga is known as Mahaprabhu and Nityananda and Adviata are known as Prabhus, Kavi Karnapura also says that Gauranga is known as Mahaprabhu, no one else. But Shrila Vrindavana dasa Thakura addresses Lord Nityananda Prabhu, and in Chaitanya Mangala, Shrila Lochana dasa Thakura also addresses Nityananda Prabhu as Mahaprabhu,so we see some apparent contradiction, this is explained by Shrila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thakura Prabhupada,that Nityananda Prabhu can be addressed as Mahaprabhu lovingly by His devotees,there is no harm.When the Acharyas says that Gauranga is Mahaprabhu and other two are Prabhus,they mean that Gauranga is Master,Served Godheads,and those two are Servitor Godhead.But Nityananda Mahaprabhu He has Mahabhava,He exhibits the Supreme mellow,Gauranga prema.So by Nityananda Prabhus Ashraya one achieves ultimate oblect of worship Lord Gauranga Mahaprabhu. So He is the king of Vaishnavas,the presiding diety of all Vaishnavas,He is ananta-ishvara,He is controller and master of unlimited planets and universes in spiritual and material world,He is also Ananta Shesha and bears thousands and millions of Universes on His hoods.


ye te kene nityaananda caitanyera nahe .

tavu se carana-dhana rahuka hridaye ..97..


Whatever relationship Lord Nityananda has with Lord Gauranga MahaPrabhu I will always carry the treasure of His lotus feet within my heart.


vaishnavera paaye mora ei manankaama .

mora Prabhu nityaananda hau balaraama ..98..


Shrila Vrindavan dasa Thakura is begging and praying in second last verse of chapter to lotus feet of all the Vaishnavas who are hearing Chaitanya Bhagavta that please bless me that my master always remains Nityananda Balarama life after life


shrikrishnachaitanya-nityaanandacaanda jaana .

vrindaavanadaasa tachu padayuge gaana ..99..


Sitting at the lotus feet of Lord Nityananda and Lord Gauranga,Shrikrishana MahaPrabhu  Chaitanya and Lord Nityananda MahaPrabhu,the moon like Lords,I Vrindavana dasa sing the Glories of lotus feet their holy names and their pastimes.


iti shrichaitanyabhaagavate madhyakhande

shrinityaanandacarita-varnanam naama


Thus ends the Chapter 11 of Madhya Khanda of Chaitanya Bhagvata entitled The Characteristics of Nityananda.

Chaitanya Bhagvata ki Jaya,Shrila Vrindavana dasa Thakura ki jaya

dvaadasha adhyaaya.Nityananda Gauranga MahaPrabhu ki Jaya,Samaveta bhakta vrinda ki jaya




07. Pastimes of Lord Nityananda with the Ganges crocodiles




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jaya vishvambhara sarvavaishnavera naatha .

bhakti diyaa jive Prabhu kara aatmasaat ..1..


All Glories to you Visvambhara the master of all Vaishnavas,the master,father,mother Guru,everything of all the Vaishnavas,please give all the souls devotion unto you, please kara atmasat, it’s a deep word, it not only means to deliver all the souls but to bring all the souls in your family,there are various meanings or make all the souls like you,like you means soul cannot become God,they can realize their spiritual bodies and engage in service of Lord in spiritual world and accept everyone as your own and allow them into your pastimes is another meaning of atmasat.Means Lord will never keave that soul, soul will always be dear to Lord,let all souls become as dear to you as yourself is another meaning.So in that way Shrila Vrindavan dasa Thakura is asking for benediction from Gauranga and requesting Him to please accept all orphan souls in this material world.


hena lilaa nityaananda-vishvambhara-sange .

navadvipe dui jane kare vahu range ..2..


So in that way Lord Nityananda Prabhu and Lord Gaurasundara both of them enjoyed diffirent, variegated, unlimited, boundless, spiritual, blissful pastimes in Navadvipa dhama.


krishnaanande alaukika nityaanandaraaya .

niravadhi vaalakera praaya vyavasaaya ..3..


Due to extreme bliss of Krishna Consciousness Krishna naam,Krishna dhaam,Krishna leela Nityananda Prabhu was alaukika means unpralleled extraordinarily beautiful.Constantly 24 hours He was absorbed in mood like a child because bliss of Krishnaananda,Gauraananda bliss of Lords devotion made Him totally innocent like a child oblivious to external surroundings.


sabaare dekhiyaa prita madhura sambhaasha .

aapanaa’-aapani nritya-vaadya-gita-haasa ..4..


Eventhough Lord Nityananda Prabhu was oblivious to external surroundings,everyone who saw Him,He would converse with them very madhura-sambhasa sweetly,and anyone who heard His divine voice would melt in ecstasy.Normally His associates were there with Him,but even if there were no one with Him also ,then apana-apani,on His own He would always keep on dancing,playing musical instruments,singing,laughing.He was so absorbed. He wasn’t dependent on anyone on His blissful trance that is why He is known as Nityananda He is not dependant on anyone He is Supremely Independent Lord for His happiness.In this material world we have to be so dependant  on so many things for our happiness,if we don’t get any supply of food from grocery we are not happy,if the electricman stops the fan,light we are not happy,if we have so stomach ache,doctor does not give proper medicine then we are not happy.But Lord Nityananda is not dependant on anyone for His blissful absorbtion.Fully independent.


svaanubhaavaanande kshane karena hunkaara .

shunile apurva-vuddhi janmaye sabaara ..5..


Svanubhavaande,very deep words have to be described properly in English,sva means own and anubhava means own experiences/realizations spiritually His own tattva His own position as Supreme Personality of Servitor Godhead anande in that bliss in bliss of His own position as primary servitor of Lord Gauranga. At every second He used to roar loudly and very very  fortunate souls who somehow got the opportunity to hear the roaring,their intelligence,some very special kind of divine intelligence unique intelligence awakned in them it cannot be expressed in words.Shrila Vrindavana dasa Thakura says those who heard His roaring developed some very fine intelligence very very blossoming intelligence Their iintelligence blossomed even more even though they were pure devotees with fully bossomed consciousness but still their consciousness was blossoming


varshaate gangaaya dheu kumbhire veshtita .

taahaate bhaasaye, tilaarddheka naahi bhita ..6..


During the rainy season we know how the Ganga is extremely turbulent and expanding, even in rainy season Lord Nityananda “kumbhira vestita” kumbhira means crocodiles and vestita means fully covered.Ganges was fully covered by crocodiles in rainy season even more.Still Nityananda Prabhu fearlessly floated and swam in water of Ganga without any kind of fear little bit.Even drop of fear He did not have of the crocodile infested waters.


sarvaloka dekhi’ dare kare—‘haaya haaya’ .

tathaapi bhaasena haasi’ nityaanandaraaya ..7..


Nobody was swimming obviously at that time in Ganga,everbody was saying alas alas when Nityananda Prabhu would start swimming,floating in Ganga everyone would shout alas because crocodiles were so nearby.Huge crocodiles 500 years ago.Now species have vanished,500 yrs ago there were huge crocodiles.Everyone else was tremendously frightned when Nityananda Prabhu would float in waters,but He continued smiling and performing pastimes in Ganga.If He does not swim in Ganga how  will Ganga get the good fortune of embracing the Lord with her waves.In kali yuga Lord had promised Ganga that He will come personally as His mantra upasaka.


anantera bhaave Prabhu bhaasena gangaaya .

naa vujhiyaa sarvaloka kare—‘haaya haaya’ ..8..


Lord Nityananda Prabhu’s partial incarnation is Lord Ananta Shesha who floats in the karana sagara(causal ocean) ananta Shesha becomes bed of Lord in the ocean so He floats over the water.So Nityananda Prabhu in same mood because He was same personality His expansion is Lord Ananta.Not understanding His full Glories,not knoswing His full Glories  some people some devotees would say haya haya alas alas in anxiety, nothing should happen to Nityananda Prabhu.




08. Supreme ecstatic trances of Lord Nityananda




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aanande murcchita vaa hayena kona kshana .

tina caari divaseo naa haya cetana ..9..


This is very miraculous because even Lord Gauranga did not exhibit His trances for so long Nityananda Prabhu sometimes used to become unconscious and used to faint due to extreme happiness and ecstasy and bliss and He did not regain consciousness even after 3 or 4 days.He went deep into meditation in His Vrindavana’s pastimes in Vraja as cowherd boy He entered those pastimes and  not able to come out of His pastimes for 3-4 days.or He would faint in the love and bliss of serving Lord Gauranga Mahaprabhu in the eternal realm which is not manifested before our eyes,which is eternally existent.


eimata ara kata acintya kathana .

ananta-mukhete naari karite varnana ..10..


In that way Lord Nityananda’s pastimes in Navadvipa are unlimited in thand even if I have infinite number of mouths I wont be able to describe even a drop of them.


daive ekadina yathaa Prabhu vasi’ aache .

aailena nityaananda ishvarera kaache ..11..


By divine providence by divine arrangement one day let us meditate on this pastime because this pastime is really beautifull pastime because the Supreme Personality of Godhead the Supreme Absolute Truth Lord Gauranga MahaPrabhu He personally glorified Nityananda Prabhu to the ultimate extent.Nityananda Prabhu due to divine arrangement,one day Lord Nityananda Prabhu came where Lord Gauranga MahaPrabhu was sitting.


vaalyabhaave digamvara haasya shrivadane .

sarvadaa aanandadhaaraa vahe shrinayane ..12..


In the mood of child Nityananda Prabhu had no clothes on, He was digambara and He was constantly smiling with His shrivadan with His beautiful cupid-like lotus like face and tears of blissfull love were constantly flowing from His lotus like beautiful eyes. His childish sweetness contradicted His principle of shyness.When you are a child the sweetness of child the emotions of child and feeling strong attraction for Gauranga,who else can experience Lord Gauranga’s love more than Lord Nityananda in creation.Just like Radha can experience Krishna’s love in topmost way similarly Nityananda Prabhu is full receptacle of Gauranga’s love and totally He would become in mood of child and than He came before Lord Gauranga MahaPrabhu and roared whatever was within His heart.


niravadhi ei vali’ karena hunkaara .

“mora Prabhu nimaai pandita nadiyaara ..”13..


Lord Nityananda Prabhu roared loudly and repeatedly proclaimed “My Lord is Nimai Pandita of Nadiya,He is my Lord life after life unconditional Lord”.So actually we see that Lord Nityananda’s trances were due to His feeling so blissful being in closeness with Gauranga MahaPrabhu. He travelled all over India for 20 years and He exhibited ecstatic symptoms but not in this way.In Navadvipa He has been totally overwhelmed by the intimacy to Gauranga MahaPrabhu.So He is saying Nimai Pandita of Nadiya is My Lord. This is the lesson we have to learn from Nityananda Prabhu That we have to accept Nimai Pandita as our Lord also. He is telling for our sake for sake of all living entities. Some people accept Krishna as Lord but Nimai Pandita as devotee,that is not right, in kali yuga Nimai Pandita,Chaitanya MahaPrabhu is actually Lord of kali yuga. He is actually Lord of all living beings from time immemorial what to speak of kali-yuga.


haase Prabhu dekhi’ taana murtti digamvara .

mahaajyotirmmaya tanu dekhite sundara ..14..


Seeing Lord Nityananda Prabhu in  such an ecstatic trance Lord Gauranga MahaPrabhu laughed,He could see the most beautiful jyotirmaya the most spiritually effulgent form of Lord Nityananda Prabhu before His eyes and Lord Gauranga simply smiled.Our eyes are so sinful and so much full of contamination that we cannot see the transcendental divine form of Lord Nityananda Prabhu.We must consider ourselves most sinful,most fallen most degraded because that most merciful form which tolerates blood coming out from His body.Jagai and Madhai they hit Him Lord Nityananda Prabhu was wounded but still that form is so merciful of Lord Nityananda Prabhu, He gave them love of Gauranga, pure love of God eventhough, He was wounded what a merciful form that is.Mare tare prema de: One who hits Him He gives them love,who can in this world very very few people.If somebody hits us we will immidiately hit back.Even if one will not hit back one will be wounded in heart for revenge,even if one dosent want to take revenge but still soul cannot give other person love of God.The greatest treasure which is rare for Bramha and Shiva that treasure Nityananda Prabhu is giving to those who hit Him.What a merciful form of Lord Nityananda this is. .We will see prayers of Madhai in Chapter 15 Madhya Khanda Chaitanya Bhagvata where Madhai Glorifies His form,he slaps his face his hands,why did he hit that form,it is heinous sin never can forgive eventhough Lord forgave him,he said why did I perform this sin,why did I take birth to perform this sin to hit most merciful form of Lord Nityananda.


aakhevayathe Prabhu nija samtakera vaasa .

paraaiyaa thuilena—tathapiha haasa ..15..


Lord Gauranga hurridly came and took off the cloth from His head the turban which He was wearing.Lord put it around transcendental body of Lord Nityananda Prabhu.Lord Nityananda Prabhu was simply laughing and smiling due to His transcendental nature.


aapane lepilaa taana anga divyagandhe .

sheshe maalya paripurna dilena shriange ..16..


Lord Gauranga MahaPrabhu took this opportunity to serve the divine form of Lord Nityananda. Such a fortunate postion service to Lord Nityananda Prabhu is even aspired for by Lord Gauranga.He smeared sandalwood paste and perfumes on Nityananda Prabhu’s transcendental body than offered Him flower garlands on His transcendental form which enchants even the godess of fortune.






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09. Supreme Prayers to Lord Nityananda by Lord Gauranga


vasite dilena nija sammukhe aasana .

sttati kare Prabhu, shune sarva bhaktagana ..17..


Lord Gauranga MahaPrabhu then seated Lord Nityananda,He made nice asana for Him made Him sit there and Lord Gauranga MahaPrabhu started His prayers to Glorify Lord Nityananda Prabhu.These prayers are emanating directly grom mouth of Supreme Lord, so my dear readers and my dear listners of Chaitanya Bhagvata please hear this stuti very attentively Shrila Vrindavana dasa Thakura is requesting every devotee.The first verse of this stuti should be memorized by every devotee on this planet because that is the definition of name of Lord Nityananda.


“naame nityaananda tumi, rupe nityaananda .

ei tumi nityaananda raama-murttimanta ..18..


Very beautiful verse,Nityananda has come three times,one can give a long lecture from this verse.I will try to explain in short. Ofcourse nobody can try explain the different moods arising in heart of Lord Gauranga when He is Glorifying Lord Nityananda, will touch just a drop of the ocean. Name Nityananda:here Lord Gauranga is explaining that the name of Lord Nityananda Prabhu is non-different from Nityananda Prabhu that is why His name is also full of bliss and happiness.If somebody does not know who is Nityananda Prabhu but simply chant His name still that person will be full of bliss and happiness.Like many people in India they chant Nityananda Nityananda to somebody else their friend or relatives or Guru,but jagat Guru Supreme Lord’s name is Nityananda Baladeva, Lord Balaram Himself, they chant unknowingly but they get divine bliss that is why Lord Gauranga says name Nityananda, Your name of Nityananda is eternal actual factual absolute truth it is totally the perfect it is totally the perfect description of your divine nityananda we can talk about this,many different meanings are there but maybe we will give separate class for them. Name nityananda tumi, Your name of Nityananda You have made it sarthaka means paripurna means it is fully applicable to You because You are fully in bliss, your divine form is melting in bliss and anyone who chants Nityananda even once comes immediately in contact with Your divine blissful causeless mercy and You will never leave that soul again.rupe nityananda Chanting Your name will reveal form and when the form is revealed the devotee finds out that the form is also Nityananda full of eternal bliss and happiness.On all levels name, form ,qualities, associates, abodes beautiful prayer by Gauranga very deep meanings are there.rupe nityananda if somebody wants ultimate bliss then instead of meditating on light,breath,some abstract object bramhan one should meditate on Nityananda’s form because rupe Nityananda, His Transcendental form is reservoir of transcendental bliss, ei tumi Nityananda Rama murtimanta, Your name is Nityananda but actually Lord Balarama personified Himself, murtimanta means You are not plenary expansion of Lord Balarama,You are Balarama Himself You are Balarama personally he has landed here His incarnated here fully, because Lord sometimes incarnates in partial incarnations expansions and so many unlimited expansions tadekatmarupa . In that way You have different expansions,but You are Balarama Himself I can see Your Golden plow, I can see Your cloth, nobody can see,but I can see You are Balarama personified You are golden outside and white inside just like Gauranga is golden outside and blackish inside antar krishnam bahir gauram darshitangadi to show His divine opulances Lord is blackish inside similarly Nityananda is golden white shukla varna tinged with red Balarama’s complexion is whitish tinged with red. Lord Nityananda is Balarama murtimanta Himself. It is confirmed in Bramha Yamala, Lord Gauranga’s stuti is confirmed in scriptures, He is Supreme Lord even if He dosent confirm His words are the scriptures, but it is confirmed in Brihad Yamala in Ananta Samhita

balaramo mamaivamsah, so 'pi mat-prstham esyati;

nityananda iti khyato nyasi-cudamanih ksitau

It is described that Lord Krishna says that Balarama My first expansion will advent as nityanando iti khyato, He will become famous allover the creation as Lord Nityananda and He will become the crest jewel of all renunciants in the material and spiritual planes Nityananda Prabhu is chudamani crest jewel of all renunciants. He is so absorbed He is even renounced about His clothes. Some people try to imitate Him nowadays by going about without clothes in name of spiritual life or in name of fashion or in name of so many other things or in name of tapasya austerities some people don’t wear any clothes but one will perish if one tries to imitate Nityananda because ordinary man ordinary soul it is not civilized to move about without  clothes.Even the demigods, Urvashi came down from heavenly planets and put a condition to Pururava king of this earth if I see You naked I will go away.This is not culture or heavenly vedic culture is not like that.So normal ordinary human being conditioned soul,being without clothes is not proper etiquette,but for Supreme Personality of Godhead Lord Nityananda Balarama,it is His divine transcendental pastime which cannot be imitated by any conditioned soul.If one can go into divine trance like Lord Nityananda then one can forget about clothes, it is not possible nobody can  ever experience this kind of trances for 3-4 days going in blissful ecstasy of pure love exteme floating and swimming.First You float in Ganga and embrace crocodiles.then You give up Your clothes.Do everything what Nityananda has done,don’t imitate one part of His activities and leave out other.Dont imitate God become servant of God.


nityaananda-rpayyatana, bhojana, vebhaara .

nityaananda vinaa kichu naahika tomaara ..19..


Gauranga MahaPrabhu is saying that O Nityananda Prabhu, Your paryatana Your movements,Your journeys Your travels,wherever You go, all Your traveling is Nityananda full of bliss,You are bliss personified eternal happiness not perishable happiness which You find in this material world. Nityananda Prabhu is not reservoir of perishable happiness,Nitya means eternal non-perishable happiness which increases at every step.My dear Lord Nityananda Gauranga MahaPrabhu is saying, I know that without bliss without  spiritual happiness there is no other way to describe Your pastime Your pastimes Your existence.Your existence is simply divine happiness, there is nothing except Nityananda in Your transcendental form,whether You move around whether You eat bhojana whether You have dealings with others vyabhara, everything is transcendental.


tomaare bujhite shakti manushyera kothaa ?

parama susatya—tumi yathaa, krishna tathaa ..”20..


Lord Gauranga said that, which human being has the actual power to understand You even little bit. Nobody can in this world and paramasusatya I tell You the truth the actual truth wherever You are Krishna is there,very beautiful statement. One should understand that those devotees who established Nityananda Gauranga dities at home they should understand Krishna is there,wherever Nityananda Prabhu is there Krishna is there according to Gauranga,not anybody else and this is not exaggeration this is paramsusatya this is topmost truth ,not truth param topmost auspicious truth su means very good auspicious. So if one dosen’t accept Gauranga’s verse that wherever Lord Nityananda is there Krishna is present and ironically Lord Gauranga said wherever You dance I am also present. I always want to see Your dance and Nityananda Prabhu is dancing 24 hours, every second He is dancing.So Gauranga has to be with Him 24 hrs wherever He is.His transcendental body is playground, sporting ground of Krishna and Gauranga. If You don’t sport and swim in this transcendental ocean of Lord Nityananda’s name and His pastimes and His Glories as recited by Gauranga Himself then one has to forcibly drown in leeches and worms and insects and stool and mucus bile, one has to swim in that sporting ground of cycle and birth and death,maha anarthas one has to swim in sporting ground of grevious sin. So one has to choose if one has to swim in sporting ground Nityananda eternal bliss and happiness,or one has to swim in stool,99% of the people are choosing stool,but it is our duty those who become aware of this topmost sporting ground of Nityananda Prabhu’s name and pastimes it is our duty to communicate to people on emergency basis to extricate them from stool and place them in divine blissful nectarian ocean.


caitanyera rase nityaananda mahaamati .

ye balena, ye karena—sarvatra sammati ..21..


In Gauranga rasa Nityananda has become maha-mati very very advanced consciousness very very elevated topmost consciousness.So whatever He speaks and whatever He does,is directly authorized and approved and blessed by Lord Gauranga.No one should ever have tinge of doubt in Lord Nityananda Prabhu’s activities otherwise one is finished.Tomorrow we will see how Gauranga MahaPrabhu requests Nityananda for something ,give Me something which He requests Nityananda and distributes to all devotees.So Lord Gauranga has glorified Nityananda in these 3 verses described in Chaitanya Bhagvata and these 3 verses contain the essence of Nityananda philosophy Nityananda tattva verse 18,19,20 of Madhya Khanda Ch 12. First is Your name is Nityananda personified bliss, Your form is Nityananda and You are Balarama Yourself, second verse is that Your traveling Your walking Your gamana  is Nityananda Your eating is Nityananda Your dealings are full of eterbal bliss,everything is Nityananda there is never any dimunition of Nityananda whatever You do,whatevere is related with You even Your servants.Whatever You look at becomes Nityananda and the third verse is that no human being can actually understand Your potency and the topmost truth is that wherever You are there Krishna is there These are 3 verses.Chaitanya Bhagvata ki Jaya Gauranga MahaPrabhu ki Jaya,Nityananda Prabhu ki Jaya,Shrila Vrindavana dasa Thakuara ki Jaya, Bhaktivinoda Bhaktisiddhanta Shrila Prabhupada ki Jaya, Gurudeva ki Jaya ananta koti Nityananda Gauranga bhakta vrinda ki jaya.




10. Supreme Glories of Lord Nityananda’s loin cloth




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Om namo Bhagvate Vasudevaya

Om namo Bhagvate Vasudevaya

Om namo Bhagvate Vasudevaya


Ch 12 Chaitanya Bhagvata Madhya Khanda entitled glories of Lord Nityananda Prabhu.We saw verse 1- 21 how Lord Gauranga MahaPrabhu is Himself glorifying Supreme Personality of Servitor Godhead Lord Nityananda Prabhu in three verses, verse no 18,19,20 which every devotee should know to understand and grasp the Nityananda tattva.After worshipping Lord Nityananda, Lord Gauranga gave Him a seat so now Lord Gauranga MahaPrabhu is asking something from Nityananda Prabhu.Imagine the Supreme Lord from whom all devotees ask everything,He is asking something from Nitai.This shows that Nitai is very dear to Him.Nityananda bhakti is even higher than Gauranga bhakti because Nityananda Prabhu is the only media,only channel,only hope to Gauranga Radha Krishna. Lochana dasa Thakura sings that,nitai katia muhana that Nityananda with His plow has made a channel from the ocean of Gauranga RadhaKrishna prema,He has made a channel for those fallen conditioned soul who cannot directly access the unlimited ocean they cannot go there because of  their offences.Lord Nityananda Prabhu has made a transcendental channel through which mercy of Gauranga.He has brought that mercy which was not accessible because Lord Nityananda is constantly thinking about welfare of kali-yuga souls.He is constantly asking Gauranga what will happen to them please think about their benefit,so He is taking all pains to bring mercy to us.Lord Gauranga fully appreciates most compassionate nature of Lord Nityananda Prabhu. I personally desire that my mind deep into compassionate nature of Nityananda Prabhu,more and more we should try to understand this from different angles of vison how He has shown unprecedented mercy to fallen souls.If we don’t meditate on Lord Nityananda it is a calamity, because Supreme Lord is meditating on Lord Nityananda.


Prabhu bale,—“ekakhaani kaupina tomaara .

deha’—ihaa vada icchaa aachaye aamaara ..”22..


Lord Gauranga MahaPrabhu said I have a bada icha very strong intense desire.What is that desire,please give me a piece of Your loin cloth kaupina I want that so much, He being Lord, He is desiring loin cloth kaupina of Nitai one cannot estimate the actual position of Lord Nityananda Prabhu. Kaupina is normally standard garment for renounced person.And there is no one as opulent and renounced in this world as Nityananda.Many different esoteric reasons why Gauranga MahaPrabhu is asking the loin cloth of Nityananda, first of all because Nityananda Prabhu is exhibiting mood of renounced personality,He dosent have any possessions except kaupina,so kaupina is the maha maha prasada of Lord Nityananda Prabhu and an object which is to be worshipped just like Him.Just like we worship Nityananda we worship His paraphernalia just like the Lord because our clothes are different from ourselves but clothes of Lord are non-different from Themselves.There is no diference between the clothes,the ornaments,the bed,the shoes,the crown and the Lord Himself. So speaking in that way.


eta vali’ Prabhu taara kaupina aaniyaa .

chota kari’ cirilena aneka kariyaa ..23..


Speaking like this Lord Gauranga requested Him, because Nityananda Prabhu was not at all in external consciousness. He was in total bliss so Gauranga MahaPrabhu Himself went and got His kaupina and He took Lord Nityananda Prabhu’s kaupina and tore it into many small pieces,imagine the Supreme Absolute truth who is origin of millions of universes. He is tearing the kaupina of Nityananda to distribute it to all the devotees because Lord Gauranga knew it is the greatest gift I can give to the devotees, it will imbue them with topmost love for Me.


sakala-vaishnavamandalire jane jane .

khaani khaani kari’ Prabhu dilena aapane ..24..


So Lord personally distributed various pieces of Nityananda’s kaupina.What fortunate devotees were assembled there the Supreme good fortune of directly getting mahaprasada of Nityananda Prabhu’s cloth what a great benediction it is and not only that directly from hands of MahaPrabhu. Very Very rare good fortune this is.Lord instructed the devotees what do with that piece of kaupina


Prabhu bale,—“e vastra vaandhaha sabe shire .

anyera ki daaya—ihaa vaanthe yogeshvare ..25..


Lord Gauranga said My dear devotees please tie this cloth on Your head, because what to speak of ordinary human beings of this world this cloth of Nityananda this mahaprasada is desired by yogeshwara the greatest of mystics by even Lord Krishna Himself and the greatest of yogis,Lord Shiva who is the greatest yogi all the great yogis and yogeshwara they all desire this cloth


nityaanandaprasaade se haya vishnu-bhakti .

jaaniha—krishnera nityaananda purna-shakti ..26..


Very beautiful verse this is also very famous verse,Lord Gauranga is saying that Nityananda prasade se hai Vishnu bhakti, by Lord Nityananda’s mercy you get Vishnu bhakti otherwise Vishnu bhakti is far away from you.Because know it for certain 100% that Nityananda is purna shakti complete personification of potency of Lord Krishna so nobody can achieve Krishna without Nityananda Prabhu’s mercy.Some devotees they worship Krishna very sincerely but they don’t try to develop a relationship with Lord Nityananda Prabhu, such devotes find it very difficult to make any tangible progress in Krishna bhakti especially in kali yuga,because Lord Gauranga is saying that you can get Krishna bhakti only by mercy of Lord Nityananda.So actually the goal of all spiritual practices the goal of reading Bhagvad Gita the goal of reading Shrimad Bhagavatam is ultimately come to the goal of reading Chaitanya Bhagvata and understanding Nitai, understanding Lord Nityananda’s mercy. Because unless Nityananda’s mercy is there one will not achieve love of God, and if Nityananda’s mercy is there we don’t need anything else.Nothing else is required.In commentary Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thakura is quoting Shrila Narottama dasa Thakura


Heno nitai bine bai radha-krishna paite nai

dhridha kari dhara nitai paya


BhaktiSiddhanta Saraswati is categorically saying that only by Nityananda Prabhus mercy living entities propensity for worshipping Hari is awakened.There is no other way because Lord Nityananda is predominating diety of Sandhini potency of Lord which creates and maintains spiritual and material worlds Shrila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati is saying in Lord Nityananda’s form as a younger sister of Radharani Ananga Manjiri, Nityananda Prabhu nourishes conjugal mellows actually anyone who wants to enter the dancing party of Radha Krishna it is compulsory, mandatory that one has to catch hold of the lotus feet of Nityananda Prabhu and the Holy name of Nityananda Prabhu otherwise there is no hope to see Radha Krishna face to face. Catching the lotus feet of Gurudeva is not substitute for not catching lotus feet of Nityananda because Nitai is Akhanda Guru tattva the original Guru of all Gurus.Ccatching lotus feet of Gurudeva is following is instructions right, so what will Gurudeva’s primary instructions is to surrender to Nityananda. Heno nitai bine bhai radha-krishna paite nai, Shrila Narottama dasa is Acharya He is Gurudeva for us, They are our shiksha Gurus, They are saying without Nityananda there is no Radha Krishna that’s why please hold His feet lightly,dridha kari dharo nitaire paya strongly all the Gurus repeat the same order if one Guru dosent repeat order of surrendering to Lord Nityananda’s lotus feet then how can he be Guru,he is not Guru.So catching lotus feet of Gurudeva is to actually following His instructions to actually try to become devotee of Nityananda chanting His holy name.The answer to Your question is given by Bhaktisiddhanta himself he says that as the  Supreme Jagad Guru Nityananda Prabhu alone is the origin of Guru Tattva,all Gurus are His partial representations.In regards to devotee the spiritual master is incarnation of Nityananda who is manifestation of Shri Chaitanya.So connection with Nityananda Prabhu must be there otherwise the Guru is not the Guru,the disciple is not the disciple the devotee is not the devotee and bhakti is actually not bhakti.


se sambandha naahi jaa’ra, vrithaa janma gela taa’ra,

sei pashu bada duraacaara


Shrila Narottama dasa Thakura says that one who dosent develop the sambandha with Nitai Nityananda sambandha he has wasted his life,life after life simply transmigrating.He is abominable sinful animal engaged in bad activities.So one has to come out from platform of durachar.Even to give up abominable activities one needs mercy of Lord Nityananda’s holy name. There is no other way,sometimes some people vow to become devotees and they try to give up sinful activities durachar but because Nityananda Prabhu’s sambandha is not there to His holy name.So we are recommending to the whole world to chant minimum 1080 times the names of Nityananda daily,without that one cannot become devotees,without that one cannot actually stop oneself from abominable activities only Nityananda’s holy name will purify our hearts.Described by Bhaktivinoda Thakura Vanik adhama murkha je karila paar bramhanda pavitra hai naama laile jaar.


By chanting His name the sinful mentality will become purified, sometimes devotees take up chanting of Hare Krishna mahamantra and they chant for many many years 30 years, 40 years but still that inclination the propensity they dont go they give up chanting sometimes and go back to durachar why is this? Because Nityananda Prabhu’s mercy is not there.Very short time we have only 20-40 years in kali yuga to perfect our life to make this our last life in this material world, so we have to directly go to the point we cant afford. Once we know about Nityananda one must simply catch His name catch His lotus feet,catch His pastime not worry about anything else, not waste our time with any other distractions.One pointed devotee of Lord Nityananda,His holy names His pastimes can actually and factually understand Radha Krishna very soon,because Nityananda has authority over any rasa with Krishna evry rasa,any rasa you want to enter, Nityananda can take You,even Radha kunda Nitai is there,in centre of Radha Kunda Nitai is there,Ananga Manjiri has a beautiful groove,center of Radha kunda middle of water, there is bridge from Raghunatha dasa Gosvami’s samadhi to RadhaKunda ofcourse one cannot see that groove with material eyes.Radharani’s younger sister Janhavi devi,it was only due to mercy of Ananga Manjiri Shrila Bhaktivinoda Thakura attained vision of Radha Krishna and got the name Kamala Manjiri, direct entry into Radha Krishna’s pastimes so it was only by mercy of Lord Nityananda Prabhu.All Acharyas have realized Radha Krishna by mercy of Nityananda Prabhu.There is no doubt about it,still why should we hesitate to chant His holy name why should we stop others from chanting His holy name,why should we speak even a drop against His holy name,I don’t understand after becoming a devotee one will not become happy if we of Nityananda.If he dosen’t become happy what chance he has for success in spiritual life.Nityananda Prabhu’s holy name is so dear to my heart it is the dearmost thing.Somebody asked me what is the dearmost thing to my heart,I said it is Nityananda Prabhu’s holy name because it  gives so much solace and comfort and hope to conditioned souls,that nothong else in this creation can actually do that.


krishnera dvitiya—nityaananda vai naai .

sangi, sakhaa, shayana, bhushana, vandhu, bhaai ..27..


There is nobody as dear to Krishna as Nityananda.Gauranga is Himself saying. Krishna is the first manifestation and Nityananda is second manifestation of Krishna and He serves the Lord as His companion sangi,sakha and shayana as His bed,bhushan as His ornaments, bandhu as His well wisher and intimate friend and bhai brother. So all the relationship which Krishna has He has  first with Nityananda then with others.Krishna is directly conquered by love of Nityananda, all relationships of Krishna are going through Nityananda.So anyone who has Nityananda Prabhu’s mercy can enter in circle of Krishna no other way.


vedera agamya nityaanandera caritra .

sarvajiva-janaka, rakshaka, sarvamitra ..28..


Nityananda Prabhu’s characteristics and His charitra pastimes are uninaccessible and unfathomable and incomprehensible to even Vedas, vedera agamya, sarva jiva janaka He is actually the seed giving father of all living entities cause He is the cause of Mahavishnu who impregnates the mahata tatva by His glance, purusha and prakriti the first purusha MahaVishnu is actually partial expansion of Nityananda.Nityananda is the father of all souls,and rakshaka He is also the maintainer He maintains the creation by glancing over it and sarva mitra He is the wellwisher and intimate friend of all living entities because He is present as the supersoul as a size of thumb in our heart. Shridhara Swami says that actually supersoul is not of the size of thumb. Shridhara Swami says in His commentaries on Gita that when you extend your five fingers the top of index finger the distance between top of index finger and top of thumb that is size of Supersoul the 4 handed form of Kshirodakshayi Vishnu in our heart.So Nityananda Prabhu’s expansion, so Nityananda Prabhu knows everything ,He is in our heart,He is our intimate friend an intimate friend is one who knows our secrets so there is no one is as intimate to us than Nityananda.


ihaara vyabhaara saba krishnarasamaya .

ihaane sevile krishna-pemabhakti haya ..29..


All the dealings and all the transcendental activities of Nityananda are full of Krishna rasa, mellows of Krishna bhakti, all mellows of Krishna are there in transcendental divine activiuties ,by hearing Nityananda leela one is not missing out anything.By serving Nityananda one gets pure love of Krishna prema bhakti.Not by bypassing Nityananda,never get Krishna prema.This is confirmed by Krishnadasa Kaviraja Gosvami in Chaitanya Charitamrita.

jaya jaya nityananda-caranaravinda

yaohra haite painu shri-radha-govinda

All glories to the lotus feet of Lord Nityananda by that lotus feet I received Radha Govinda by His mercy.So who is that unfortunate soul who will bypass Nityananda Prabhu’s mercy and directly go to Radha Govinda.If one goes to Radha Govinda without chanting Nityananda’s name and Nityananda Prabhu’s mercy, then he will never become qualified for Radha Govinda.


bhakti kari’ ihaana kaupina vaandha’ shire .

mahaayatne ihaa pujaa kara giyaa ghare ..”30..


Very beautiful instruction, Lord Gauranga MahaPrabhu gave to devotees.Please worship this kaupina with great care and attention in your home and with great faith and devotion please wear, tie this kaupina on your head and you will get pure love of Krishna effortlessly.


paaiyaa Prabhura aajnaa sarvabhaktagana .

parama aadare shire karilaa vandhana ..31..


So reciveing the direct order of Lord Gauranga,actually Lord Gauranga MahaPrabhu not only addressed the devotees who were present there but also us also now all the souls for all time to come please worship Nityananda with great care and attention please accept His Mahaprasada. So devotees took order of Lord Gauranga very seriously parama adare with ultimate supreme respect and worship and adoration they tied piece of kaupina which they had received from lotus hands of Lord Gauranga.The transcendental kaupina of Lord Nityananda with lotus hands of Lord Gauranga what a great fortune it is.We can also receive this kaupina by attentively hearing this pastime in our heart we can actually receive the mercy Lord Gauranga is giving and Gauranga is giving the teasure of Nityananda to everyone.If somebodys faith is not there in Lord Nityananda and His transcendental nature and paraphernalia including His kaupina then such a devotee cannot advance in spiritual life.Lord Nityananda Prabhu is satchidananda vigraha the personification of sat chit and ananda the source and the reservoir of all divine qualities and all His items including his cloth are also divine,they are not made up of material elements totally spiritual because material objects cannot cover the Lord how can material objects cover the spiritual form of Lord Nityananda not possible to cover the spiritual form of Nityananda You need spiritual cloth.The devotees they worshipped it they tied it on their head and worshipped it and they felt so satisfied and happy they started dancing in love.


Om Namo Bhagvata Vasudevaya

Om Namo Bhagvata Vasudevaya

Om Namo Bhagvata Vasudevaya


Text 32 Ch 12 Chaitanya Bhagvata Glories of Lord Nityananda Prabhu we saw how taking the order of Lord Gauranga on their head joyfully because it is very fortunate to tie piece of kaupina loin cloth of Lord Nityananda on head. All devotees should do that one will become very dear to Krishna if one does that so all devotees thay seriously sincerely faithfully they became totally overwhelmed with pure love by Nityananda Prabhu’s mercy.So we have  seen in this chapter that nectar is increasing  first Nityananda was glorified offered a seat and glorified by beautiful prayers then Gauranga distributed pieces of His loin cloth as mahaprasada and now the third glorification Gauranga MahaPrabhu is not satisfied in glorifying Nityananda He wants to go on and on unlimitedly now Gauranga is even condensing the nectar even more,He is telling the devotees even more…




11. The Supreme Glories of Lord Nityananda’s Charanamrita




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Prabhu bale,—“shunaha sakala bhaktagana .

nityaananda-paadodaka karaha grahana ..32..


The Lord requesting all devotees, My dear devotees please grahana ,honour and accept not just drink  honour and accept the the charnamrita, padodaka the divine water that has washed the lotus feet of Nityananda please accept it now this is Your chance Lord Gauranga MahaPrabhu told all the devotees.Very fortunate that they received the direct order from Lord Gauranga to steal water of lotus feet of Lord Nityananda Gauranga MahaPrabhu sometimes forbid to take the water of His lotus feet,but Nityananda Prabhu because of extremely being overwhelmed with intense love for Gauranga and His holy name and His pastimes, Nityananda Prabhu was even unaware if someone would take water from His lotus feet or Glorify Him. Very easy to get the ultimate the highest benediction of water of Nitai’s lotus feet because of Nityananda’s causeless mercy which we discussed in previous commentaries to Chaitanya Bhagvata that Vaishnavere pada dhuli are pada jala vaishnavere utishtathi  dhare mahabala the three things which are very conducive to instantly achieve Krishna prema the ultimate crest jewel of all achievements in life pure love of God can be easily achieved by somehow procuring these three things vaishnava pada jala the water that has washed lotus feet of vaishnavas ,vaishnava pada dhuli dust of lotus feet of Vaishnavas  and the remnants foodstuffs which are eaten by vaishnavas so one gets pure love of Krishna by eating these. So what to speak of directly drinking the water of lotus feet of Nityananda, who is the master of all vaishanvas, who is father of all vaishnavas, who is Himself the greatest of Vaishnavas who is Himself the greatest vaishnava devotee of Lord Gauranga even though He is God. If Supreme Lord Krishna has become devotee Lord Gauranga in kali-yuga why should Balarama have any shame of becoming devotee there is no shame He has become Nityananda, He is God Himself as well as His own devotee. He is proclaiming loudly the glories of Gauranga MahaPrabhu, so Gauranga is ordering please take, drink this water.


karilei maatra ei paadodaka paana .

krishne dridha bhakti haya, ithe naahi aana ..”33..


Very very beautiful verse. Lord Gauranga MahaPrabhu is elaborating on water of Lord Nityananda’s lotus feet. He is saying that karilie matra padodaka snana, simply one does nothing else,simply if one takes bath in water that has washed the lotus feet of Lord Nityananda then Krishna drudha bhakti hoya then very staunch irrevocable devotion towards Lord Krishna nistha,prema,ruchi,asakti byhava prema, in palms of ones hands, easily achieved simply one has to take bath in water that has washed the lotus feet of Nityananda Prabhu.There is pond in Ekachakra where Lord Nityananda Prabhu took bath one should take water.In that way one gets staunch drudha bhakti,irrevocable very very strong faith n devotion,very rarely achieved. Krishna says in Gita this kind of one pointed devotion is very rarely achieved.  vaushakha anantasya mudhaya avyavasaya,when the mind is focused is so many sense objects one cannot develop love for Lord.But simply even if ones mind is very distracted very flickering,if still somehow or other one can take bath in water that has washed lotus feet of Lord Nityananda Prabhu and His pure devotees then one will become fixed, Nityananda Prabhu’s lotus feet water,Nityananda Prabhu’s holy name,Nityananda Prabhu’s pastimes,Nityananda Prabhu’s dhama all these things, Nityananda Prabhu’s associates,devotees all such things they do not consider qualification or disqualification.


aajnaa paai’ sabe nityaanandera carana .

paakhaaliyaa paadodaka karaye grahana ..34..


So receiving order of Lord Gauranga all devotees approached Nityananda Prabhu in very humble and very greedy mood and respectful mood and they washed his lotus feet with holy scented water ganges water.They all drank that water,honoured the water by drinking it.The water that has washed Lord Nityananda lotus feet is non-different from Him,everything is absolute.


paancabaara dashabaara ekajane khaaya .

baahya naahi, nityaananda haasaye sadaaya ..35..


Some very fortunate devotees they were not very satisfied by drinking even one time or two times. Some devotees drank five times or ten times they were drinking many many times.But Nityananda Prabhu had no external consciousness,He was simply laughing and smiling always He was unaware of what was going on.


aapane vasiyaa mahaaPrabhu gaura-raaya .

nityaaananda-paadodaka kautuke lotaaya ..36..


So kautuka ,Shrila Vrindavana dasa Thakura is totally glorifying Lord Nityananda Prabhu,without this Thakura Vrindavana souls in kali-yuga wouldn’t have got Nityananda rasa without this great scripture Chaitanya Bhagvata,how we would ever be able to hear these pastimes.So Gauranga raya sat in great jubiliation and He sitting at one place Lord Gauranga MahaPrabhu was kautuka feeling very blissful,enlivened, feeling very joyous. He was personally distributing water which had washed lotus feet of Lord Nityananda and He was glorifying it. What a beautiful pastime this must have been Gauranga’s home. Our eyes are so condemned that we could not see this personally, but we can still do that by our ears.But we can still do that by our  Bhagvatam says that in kali yuga ears are the eyes, spiritual eyes are the ears through the ears shravana adi chitta kari udaya, by shravana heart becomes pure and pastimes arise in the heart. So ears are the means to capture the nectar of Nityananda’s lila, Gauranga’s pastimes, Gauranga’s name, Hare Krishna mahamantra.


sabe nityaananda-paadodaka kari’ paana .

mattapraaya ‘hari’ vali’ karaye aahvaana ..37..


All devotees after drinking the nectar of Nityananda were totally intoxicated with love of God, totally overwhelmed with divine ecstasy they had never experienced before even in association of Gauranga.Drinking Nityananda’s lotus feet is very very special the water and all the devotees loudly started invoking the Lord Hari Hari Hari bol in that way they became ecstatic.




12. Result of honouring Lord Nityananda’s Charanamrita




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keha bale,—“aaji dhanya haila jivana .”

keha bale,—“aaji saba khandila vandhana ..”38..


Some great devotees got the water many times, he said today my life has become successful and glorious, all my bhakti has become fructified because I have got this divine water. Some devotees said today all my material bondage has been destroyed, all my material attachment all my material conditioning has been completely destroyed.


keha bale,—“aaji hailaama krishnadaasa .”

keha bale,—“aaji dhanya divasa-prakaasha ..”39..


Some said that today I have actually become Krishna dasa, I have been endeavouring to become servant of Krishna but today after drinking this water I have become Krishna dasa eternal servant of Krishna.


keha bale,—“paadodaka vada svaadu laage .

ekhano mukhera mishtataa naahi bhaange ..”40..


Some devotees said, oh today when the sun has risen, today has become the most auspicious day of my life, prakash divine enlightenment I have received today. Some devotees said that, I feel that this padodaka this water that has washed Nityananda Prabhus feet I feel that it is very tasteful and delicious and sweet.I feel its v v nectarian ambrosial nectar.Even now when I drank it is somehow or other,my mouth is still sweet I cannot forget the taste the ambrosial nectar of this water which has washed feet of Lord Nityananda charnamrita. Shrila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thakura Prabhupada says that anyone who considers water that has washed lotus feet of Lord Nityananda as ordinary mundane water and rejects it or ignores it is narakiya sahit, hellish mentality doomed to hell.What to speak of drinking this water just by hearing the glories of this water of Nityananda’s lotus feet simply by thinking about it by remembering it, one becomes self realized and understands constitutional postion with Krishna.This is Shrila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati’s commentary. Shrila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati says that sometimes some people,  posing as spiritual masters or gurus reject the water of lotus feet of Nityananda that will not bring any auspiciousness to them and their disciples.


ki se nityaananda-paadodakera prabhaava .

paanamaatra sabe hailaa cancala-svabhaava ..41..


So if one does not want to become agitated if someone wants to remain so called peaceful then one should not drink this water because the actual extreme spiritual potency. The prabhava the influence the strong powerful influence of Nityananda padodaka the water of otus fewet of Lord Nityananda one becomes agitated with pure love so if one wants to remain so called peaceful one shouldn’t drink because pure love for Nityananda Gauranga and Radha Krishna is above the zero level,peace is just at the zero level distress in material world is minus level,so many people in this world are striving for peace but that is only zero level,much above zero level is positive level of bhakti ananda the spiritual love of bhakti devotion the holy names,psstimes, Lords.So that is totally positive level.If someone wants to remain only at zero level or minus level one should not drink this water at the lotus feet of Lord Nityananda because otherwise one will go to plus infinity and if one dosent take that water he will go at minus infinity one cannot remain at peaceful level for long because there are so meany disturbances within this material world at every second padam padam yad vipadam na tesham every second there is difficulties,so one will go to minus levels if one does not take this water.


keha naace, keha gaaya, keha gadi’ yaaya .

hunkaara garjana keha karaye sadaaya ..42..

Some people danced so people started dancing wildly in love they also forgot their external consciousness just like Lord Nityananda and some devotees started falling on the ground.And some devotees became so blissful they could not contain their ecstasies they started roaring very loudly all the time.




13. Tumultous kirtana with ecstatic dancing




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uthila paramaananda krishnera kirtana .

vihvala haiyaa nritya kare bhaktagana ..43..


Tumultous kirtana ensued after drinking from water from Lord Nityananda’s lotus feet all devotees totally forgot their external consciousness and they started tumultuous kirtana of holy names parmananda the greatest topmost bliss manifested there and all devotees danced in that kirtana by becoming agitated vihvala.


kshaneke shrigauracandra kariyaa hunkaara .

uthiyaa laagilaa nritya karite apaara ..44..


So very soon seeing this dancing Gauranga MahaPrabhu got up and started dancing And very loudly He roared and He also began to dance apara very profusely in very different varieties and moods.


nityaaananda-svarupa uthilaa tatakshana .

nritya kare dui Prabhu vedi’ bhakta gana ..45..


Nityananda Svarupa He is known as swarupa because bhakta rupa bhakta swarupa bhakta avatara bhakta shakti and bhakta senapati, Gauranga is bhakta rupa Nityananda is bhakta swarupa Advaita is bhakta avatara Gadhadhara is bhakta shakti and Shrivasa is bhakta senapati the leader of all bhaktas.So Gauranga bhakta rupa and bhakta swarupa Nityananda.Nityananda bhakta swarupa He got up and He saw his Prabhu Gauranga dancing in most beautiful most enchanting manner and so Nityananda Prabhu could not control Himself so he also got up so both these  MahaPrabhus started dancing along with their associates.


kaara gaaye kevaa pade, kevaa kaare dhare .

kevaa kaara caranera dhuli laya shire ..46..


So some devotees they did not know keba gaya keba pade gaye, means bodies. So some devotees did not know whose bodies they fell upon. But they started falling upon each others bodies like chain reaction. Some devotees they had no consciousness fell upon each other and some devotees caught others. They did not know who they caught, they were holding each other and were mesmerisied by love genearated by drinking the water of lotus feet of Lord Nityananda lotus feet and some devotees started grabing dust of other devotee’s lotus feet and that way there was a big transcendental festival.



kevaa kaara galaa dhari’ karaye rodana .

 kevaa kon rupa kare,—naa yaaya varnana ..47..


Some devotees would catch the neck of some other devotees and simply cry and other devotees what action they performed cannot be described in words.


Prabhu kariyaao kaaro kichu bhaya naani .

Prabhu-bhritya-sakale naacaye eka thaani ..48..


This is the difference between Navadvipa and Vaikuntha, in Vaikuntha the devotees cannot dance with the Lord they are always servants of Lord they always see with awe and reverence but in Navadvipa and Puri there is no aishvarya the devotees participate in kirtana along with the Lord without any  awe and reverence and sometimes they even fall on the body of Lord bashing each other in transcendental love and dancing.So devotees had no fear of disrespecting the Lord in any way because Lord was always pleased with their devoton.So both the Prabhus and devotees started dancing together.


nityaananda-caitanye kariyaa kolaakuli .

aanande naacena dui Prabhu kutuhali ..49..


(spike came lights have gone off)So very beautiful description that Nityananda Prabhu and Gauranga MahaPrabhu were embracing each other in divine bliss and kolakuli cannot be described in English it is a very sweet word in Bengali.And both the Mahaprabhus were dancing in great bliss,Gauranga MahaPrabhu was feeling very very happy He has amply glorified Lord Nityananda today and He felt very very blissful that His devotees have drank the water tied the kaupina on their heads.


prithivi kampitaa nityaananda-pada-taale .

dekhiyaa aanande sarvagane ‘hari’ bale ..50..


Nityananda Prabhu’s wild ecstatic dancing because of that the whole earth below His lotus feet began shivering began trembling due to tulmultous kirtana of Nityananda Prabhu He used to jump high in the air ,the earth itself started shaking the devotees felt very happy and blissful and started saying Hari Hari Hari


premarase matta dui vaikuntha-ishvara .

naacena laiyaa saba prema-anucara ..51..


So both the Lords became intoxicated by pure love and prema anuchara they were absorbed in prema rasa and all anuchara their associates confidants were also absorbed in that same topmost love and all were dancing.


esaba lilaara kabhu naahi pariccheda .

‘aavirbhaava’, ‘tirobhaava’ maatra kahe veda ..52..


So these divine pastimes of Nityananda Gauranga are never ending there should be faith in heart of devotees that these are eternal pastimes goin on spiritual world in Vedas they are described as avirbhav tirobhav means they describe that these pastimes manifest in front of our eyes and Lord goes back again to the transcendental abode.So they disappear in front of our eyes but that dosent mean that the pastimes ends.Like the sun rises in the morning and sets in the night,that dosent mean the sun has died in night the sun is finished,no sun has risen in another place. Similarly nitya leela of Nityananda Gauranga is continuing in the material world they come in one universe in kali yuga then they go to another universe. Their pastimes are nitya going on in material creation as well as in spiritual creation they are always eternal so both places they are eternal, that is nitya aprakat lila and  this is nitya prakat lila. Nitya leela going on is spiritual world of Puri,Vrindavana,Navadvipa is nitya aprakata lila.and this is nitya prakat lila manifested pastimes, even the very moment we are speaking the pastimes are going on.


ei mata sarvadina Prabhu nritya kari’ .

vasilena sarva-gana-sange gaurahari ..53..


In this way dancing for whole day Lord Gauranga Mahaprabhu, Gaurahari very sweet name of Gauranga MahaPrabhu, Gaurahari the blackish Hari has become golden. So Gaurahari sat down with His devotere after whole day of sankirtana and glorification.




14. Glories of air that has touched Lord Nityananda




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haate tina taali diyaa shrigaurasundara .

sabaare kahena ati amaayaa-uttara ..54..


Then Gaurangasundara the Supreme Lord clapped three times(Swami Gaurangapada claps 3 times) miracle! just now when we clapped 3 times electricity has come back, which means that material energy of Lord is in tune with His pastimes. Just at that moment after three claps,Lord Nityananda Gauranga are very pleased with Chaitanya Bhagvata katha. So Lord Gauranga clapping three times.You see description of pastimes of Lord Nityananda pleases the Lord very quickly.


Prabhu bale,—“ei nityaanandasvarupere .

ye karaye bhakti-shraddhaa, se kare aamaare ..55..


So anyone who has bhakti and shraddha for Nityanandsa Swarupa, has actually  bhakti, shraddha for Me, such a person automatically has bhakti and sharddha in Me.Bhakti mans devotion and shraddha means strong faith.One who has staunch faith and devotion in Nityananda is automatically staunch devotee of Lord Gauranga.


ihaana carana—shiva-vrahmaara vandita .

ataeva ihaane kariha sabe prita ..56..


My dear devotees Gauranga is saying, the lotus feet of Lord Nityananda is worshippd by Bramha and Shiva so please develop very special love and affection for Lord Nityananda’s lotus feet,His name,His pastimes,please develop great devotion. It is very beautiful because Krishna Himself is speaking the glories of Lord Balarama,Gauranga is Himself speaking the Glories of Lord Nityananda.


tilaarddheka ihaane yaahaara dvesha rahe .

bhakta haileo se aamaara priya nahe ..57..


Very beautiful this verse, every devotee should know.Any devotee who opposes the chanting of holy name of Nityananda Prabhu, will face this heavy problem.Lord Gauranga is saying that if anyone has drop or even tiny tiny seed of envy towards Nityananda Prabhu is not dear to Me,even if he maybe My devotee ,I am not interested in such a devotee. So we all have come to the material world due to envy for the Lord that’s why we are here. We have chosen this from the tatastha line , we have chosen to enjoy sepeartely from Him. So in that envy we are trying to take the process of bhakti yoga chanting, hearing to relieve that envy,but in that process if we end up in increasing our envy, fanning our envy, by critisising holy names of Nityananda Gauranga, by criticizing devotees who chant holy name of Nityannada Gauranga, other Vaishnavas who chant Nityananda Gauranga and Hare Krishna. By criticizing any devotee of Nityananda Gauranga Radha Krishna.By minimising the process of hearing and chanting the holy names of Nityananda Gauranga and Their pastimes.If we show our envy towards Nityananda in any form, in any way, in any time, its very easy for us, because we are in a conditioned state,we have to glorify the devotees and holy names what to speak of holy name of Nityananda Prabhu and His pastimes. One should not feel envious oh this devotee is chanting Nityananda Gauranga mantras along with Hare Krishna mahamantra and I am not chanting, oh he is deviating, he is deviating.No, one should be very careful, if one feels lacking one should also chant.Anybody who chants 16 rounds of Hare Krishna mahamantra daily and another devotee is chanting 10 rounds of Nityananda, 10 rounds of Gauranga mantra and 16 rounds of Hare Krishna Mahamantra, surely this devotee is chanting 2000 names extra. If someone is canting more than me, why should I be envious why should I try to stop that devotee,one should be happy, one should start dancing, oh he is chanting the name of my Lord Nityananda daily 1000 times,one should embrace that devotee one shld  try to take the water of his lotus feet, befriend that devotee and become his servant.Unless one hears the pastimes of Nityananda regularly chants His holy name regularly, unless one associates with Nityananda Prabhus devotees regularly,there is a chance that one will commit some kind of offence which has some drop of envy towards Nityananda. One has to be very careful in this regard if someone does it,  then one loses the favour of Lord Gauranga forever. Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thakura Prabhupada is saying that Nityananda Prabhu’s lotus feet are, what to speak of worshipping by Bramha and Shiva they are even worshipped by Vishnu Tattvas, Vishnu tattvasa are themselves sevants of Lord Nityananda. So those who are neglectful of this most worshippable object of Lord Nityananda’s holy name,His pastimes,His devotees,maintain envy even for moment they can never become worthy candidates for Lord Gauranga MahaPrabhu’s mercy. They always remain aloof, always remain captured and conquered by His illusory energy of maya.


ihaana vaataasa laagiveka yaara gaaya .

taahaareo krishna naa chaadive sarvathaaya ..”58..


We saw the glories of His cloth, we saw the glories of His water,glories of His holy name,Glories of His pastimes,now Lord Gauranga MahaPrabhu is glorifying very special. He is saying that the air which has touched the body of Lord Nityananda,if that air somehow comes to us and touches our body,even if small molecule of air touches our body which has touched the body of Lord Nityananda, then Lord Krishna will never ever give up that person again.Shrila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati is saying that the subtle fragrance is transmitted through air and touch of Lord Nityananda Prabhu’s bodily fragrance makes Krishna bhakti in person so strong, that Lord Krishna never rejects such a devotee.That is why we are recommending that every home on this world there are billions of homes everyone is staying in some home we are recommending everyone in this world should have diety of Nityananda Gauranga. One should not think if one is qualified or disqualified one should simply bring dities of  Nityananda Gauranga in one’s home .Or picture, photograph is also ok,dities even better. The dities can be made of metal, wood or stone or any kind of element. Shrila Prabhupada instructed Yashodharma, 1975. He said one should distribute dolls of Nityananda Gauranga massively on streets, let the meat eaters sinful people take them to their homes,let them see Them daily,let the air touch them.If you have dities of Nityananda Gauranga then air of Nityananda will touch you sometime. Some devotees put fan for dities so obviously air will come. So it will be so nice to receive this benedictions.Sometimes because of maya formidable illusory energy sometimes we can give up Krishna bhakti, so what we want is we want Krishna to catch us.If we catch Krishna we can give Him up sometimes, but if Krishna catches us we will always be with Him.Like the kitten is very safe because the cat catches the kitten but the monkey child it holds the monkey from the back so it sometimes falls down when monkey is jumping from tree to tree. Bcause it is holding mother whereas cat is holding mother much safer very safe.So similarly Krishna catches us we are very safe.If  one wants Krishna to catch us eternally and hold us under His divine shelter then ones body should get touched by the air of Lord Nityananda Prabhu’s transcendental air.


shuniyaa pravura vaakya sarva bhaktagana .

mahaa-jayajaya-dhvani karilaa takhana ..59..


Hearing this divine topmost glorification of Lord Nityananda from Lord Gauranga’s  lotus mouth all devotees became so ecstatic Jaya Jaya Maha tumultuously loudly all vibrations of all Glories all Glories sounded.




15. Benedictions by Shrila Vrindavana dasa Thakura




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bhakti kari’ ye shunaye e saba aakhyaana .

taara svaami haya gauracandra bhagavaan ..60..


Benedictions were given by Gauranga MahaPrabhu, now we hear benedictions of Vrindavana dasa Thakura, anyone who hears these pastimes these glorification of Lord Nityananda by Lord Gauranga. Anyone who hears this chapter with devotion, with faith, not with doubts with challenging mentality, no, with faith,.tara swmi 100% such a devotee will achieve Gaurangachandra Bhagvan the Supreme Personality of Godhead will become his master life after life.Lord will accept the devotee.


nityaanandasvarupera e sakala kathaa .

ye dekhila, se taanhaare jaanaye sarvathaa ..61..


Those who have seen these pastimes by Nityananda Swarupa described by Gauranga MahaPrabhu Himself,only those devotees understand Nityananda Prabhu in truth.Those who have not read this chapter in Chaitanya Bhagvata how can they understand Nityananda its very difficult.One may chant but one should read this chapter also to nourish that faith. While chanting.So to know Nityananda one has to understand His tattva His pastimes.


ei mata kata nityaanandera pravaava .

jaane yata caitanyera priya mahaabhaaga ..62..


In that way the extraordinary unlimited spiritual influence of Nityananda Prabhu is known to confidential and elevated of Gauranga MahaPrabhus dear associates and it has to be revealed by Gauranga Himself, like He did in this chapter. So that all conditioned souls understand will also understand glories.That way Shrila Vrindavana dasa Thakura ends this chapter.


shrikrishnachaitanya-nityaanandacaanda jaana .

vrindaavanadaasa tachu padayuge gaana ..63..


That way Shri Krishna Chaitanya Nityananda Chanda jana. These two moon like Lords Nityananda Gauranga, I am siting at their lotus feet and singing their glories.Vrindavana dasa Thakura is none other than kusumapida, cowherd boys of Krishna in Vrindavana and also incarnation of Vedavyasa so he is singing glories of Gauranga and Nityananda.


Chaitanya Bhagvata ki Jaya, Vrindavana dasa thakura ki Jaya Gauranga MahaPrabhu ki Jaya Nityananda Prabhu ki jaya samasta Nityananda Gauranga bhakta vrinda ki jaya.Bhaktivinoda Thakura Bhaktisiddhanta Shrila Prabhupada ki Jaya Gurudeva ki JayaNitai gaur premanande hari hari bol.


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Nityananda Gauranga Hare Krishna

This is extraordinary nectar - ebook together with Swami Gaurangapada lectures! Thank you so much! Most precious gift to all devotees and to all humanity! Thank you! This is really beautifull. Nityananda Gauranga Hare Krishna


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Nityananda Gauranga Hare Krishna

This is extraordinary nectar - ebook together with Swami Gaurangapada lectures! Thank you so much! Most precious gift to all devotees and to all humanity! Thank you! This is really beautifull. Nityananda Gauranga Hare Krishna


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