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Title: 001 Urdhvamnaya Tantra

User: Swami Gaurangapada Date: 2006-06-26 09:08:36




(1) prasadam paramesani, gaurangasya mahaprabhoh;

pavanam sarva-jivanam, durlabham dushkritam kila.


In the Irdhvamnaya-tantra, Lord Siva declares to Parvati:


“O supreme goddess, the prasadam of Lord Gauranga Mahaprabhu purifies all the living entities and cannot be attained by the sinful people.


(2) aham brahma tvam isani, devas ca pitaras tatha;

munayo rishayah sarve, prasada-yacaka dhruvam.


“I, Brahma, you, O goddess, the demigods, the forefathers, the munis and sages (rishis), all desperately beg for that prasadam.


(3) gaura-niveditannena, yashtavyah sarvada vayam;

pavitram gaura-nirmalyam, grahyam deyam janaih sada.


“All of us eternally worship the foodstuffs offered to Lord Gaura. Lord Gaura’s remanants are supremely pure and should always be distributed and accepted by everyone.


(4) jaty-abhimana-mohandha-vidyahankara-piditah;

dushkriti-dushitah sattvah, prasade rati-varjitah.


“They who are blinded by the pride and illusion of birth in a high family, they who are tortured by the pride of knowledge, and they who are contaminated in consciousness due to sinful activities are not attracted to this prasadam.


(5) aham tan raurave devi, nikshipya yatana-maye;

dandam dadami satyam te, vadami natra samsayah.


“O goddess, I cast them into a hell filled with great tortures. In this way I will severly punish them. I tell you the truth. Of this there is no doubt.


(6) yatra tatra navadvipe, yad annam tan-niveditam;

tad grahyam brahmana sakshac, candalad api candike.


“O goddess Candika, if a brahmana is offered Gaura-prasadam anywhere in Navadvipa, he should accept it even if it is given by a candala (dog-eater).


(7) sushkam paryushitam vapi, nitam va bahu-duratah;

prapti-matrena bhoktavyam, natra kala-vicarana.


“Whether dried up, stale, or brought from very far away, this prasadam should be eaten immediately when it is received. There is no consideration of whether it is the proper time or not.


(8) na desa-niyamas tatra, na patra-niyamas tatha;

na datri-niyamo devi, gaura-bhukta-nishevane.


“O goddess, in honouring the food enjoyed by Lord Gaura, there are no rules and restrictions of what is proper place and time, who is the proper recepient, or who is the proper giver.


(9) a-kantha-bhojanad devi, gaure bhaktih prajayate;

na cati-dharma-vadho ’sti, gaura-bhukta-nishevane.


“O goddess, by eating this prasadam until one is filled upto the neck, devotion of for Gaura is born. Overeating Gaura-prasadam is not against any religious principles.”