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Title: 007 Jaimini Bharata

User: Swami Gaurangapada Date: 2006-06-26 08:18:18


jaimini-bharate-asvamedha-parve (Chapter 32)


(1) bhakti-yoga-prakasaya, lokasyanugrahaya ca;

sannyasasramam ashritya, krisna-chaitanya-rupa-dhrik.

 In the Jaimini-bharata, Asvamedha Parva, Chapter 32, Narada Muni tells Uddhava:


“To show mercy to the people by manifesting the science of His own devotional service, the Supreme Personality of Godhead will descend to the earth. He will accept the sannyasa-asrama and His name will be Shri Krishna Chaitanya.”


(2) In the Jaimini-bharata, Asvamedha Parva, Chapter 32, Lord Krishna tells Narada:


“Happily smiling, Lord Krishna told Narada: ‘Rukmini just told Me about the glories of ecstatic love for My  feet. Hearing her words I, even though I am the Supreme Lord Himself, have become ovewhelmed by the greatness of that love which My devotees possess for Me.    I will thus personally taste the bliss of that ecstatic love and I will make the whole world taste it also. Assuming a humble nature by becoming My own devotee, I will manifest in the Kali-yuga. The Kali-yuga is horrible. It is filled with sins. Religion is not present in it. Therefore, becoming humble, I will teach the world. Speaking in this way, Lord Krishna manifested a most beautiful fair form splendid like gold, a form filled with ecstatic spiritual love, a form with a broad chest and two arms that touched His knees. Then He vowed: “In this form, I will widely distribute ecstatic spiritual love for Me.’”


(iii) anyavatara bahavah, sarve sadharana matah;

kalau krishnavataras tu, gudhah sannyasa-vesha-dhrik.


“Lord Krishna descends to the world in many different incarnations which only partially  exhibit His potencies. However, in Kali-yuga, He directly appears Himself with His complete potencies in a hidden incarnation disguised as a sannyasi.”