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Title: 017 Vamana Purana

User: Swami Gaurangapada Date: 2006-06-26 06:53:41


In the Varaha Purana, the Supreme Lord declares:


“I will appear in the form of a topmost brahmana and a great devotee of Lord Krishna. At that time I will be the embodiment of unlimited transcendental pastimes, which will be manifested for the   protection of all living entities.”




kali-ghora-tamas-channat, sarvan acara-varjitan;

saci-garbhe ca sambhuya, tarayishyami narada.


In the Vamana Purana, the Supreme Lord declares:


“O Narada, in the dense darkness of Kali-yuga arising due to ignorance and indulgence in prohibited activities, I will take birth in Shrimati Sacidevi’s (mother of the universe) womb and  deliver the most sinful people from their miserable situation.”



aham eva kvacid brahman, sannyasashritam ashritah;

hari-bhaktim grahayami, kalau papa-hatan naran.


In the Upapuranas, the Supreme Lord Shri Krishna speaks to Vyasadeva:


“O learned brahmana, sometimes I accept the renounced order of life to induce the fallen people of the age of Kali to accept devotional service to the Lord.”*