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001 Because Great Acharyas have done it in the past
002 The Name 'NITYANANDA' immediately evokes Krishna preme even in a sinful person
003 Anyone who even hears 'NITYANANDA' once certainly achieves Krishna
004 Without Lord Nityananda one can never achieve the mercy of Lord Gauranga
005 If GAURANGA punishes NITYANANDA protects,if NITYANANDA punishes theres no hope
006 NITYANANDA'S name & form are full of SUPREME ETERNAL BLISS
007 Without NITYANANDA one can never achieve RADHA-KRSNA & VRINDAVNA-DHAMA
008 Only NITYANANDA can bestow mercy on the most fallen souls like us
009 LORD NITYANANDA bestows mercy without even considering our qualifications
010 LORD NITYANANDA immideately bestows His topmost mercy
011 The name 'NITYANANDA' is a mantra also
012 Anyone who has no relation with Lord Nityananda has wasted his life
013 Chanting NITYANANDA' immidiately destroyes sinful reactons of unlimited lives
014By chanting NITYANANDA'S NAME, Krishna-Prem comes searching for that person
015 In the name of NITYANANDA there are no offences
016 One can never visit Vrindavana without achieving mercy of NITYANANDA & GAURANGA