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Title: 005 Nityananda is the Savior of the Most Fallen

User: Swami Gaurangapada Date: 2006-06-18 04:57:02


Nityananda is the Savior of the Most Fallen



jagai madhai haite muni se papishtha

purishera kita haite muni se laghishtha

mora nama sune yei tara punya kshaya

mora nama laya yei tara papa haya

emana nirghrina more keba kripa kare

eka nityananda vinu jagat bhitare

preme matta nityananda kripa-avatara

uttama, adhama, kichu na kare vicara

ye age padaye, tare karaye nistara

ataeva nistarila mo-hena duracara


I am more sinful than Jagai and Madhai and even lower than the worms in stool. Anyone who hears my name loses the results of his pious activities. Whoever utters my name becomes sinful. Who in this world but Nityananda could show His mercy to such an abominable person as me? Because He is intoxicated by ecstatic love and is an incarnation of mercy, He does not distinguish between the good and the bad. He delivers all those who fall down before Him. Therefore He has delivered such a sinful and fallen person as me. (Cc. Adi 5.205-209)


Freedom from Anarthas and the Desire for Bhakti

is Strengthened by the Mercy of Nitai



samsarera para hai' bhaktira sagare

ye dubibe se bhajuk nitai-candere


 One who would cross over the ocean of material existence and swim in the bhakti ocean should worship the lotus feet of Nityananda. (Cb. Adi 1.77)