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Title: 001 Vayu Purana

User: Swami Gaurangapada Date: 2006-06-18 04:51:06


The glories of Lord Nityananda as the incarnation of Lord Balarama, the origin of both the spiritual and material world, are given in the revealed Vedic scriptures as follows:


Vayu Purana


(1) balaramo mamaivamsah, so 'pi mat-prstham esyati;

nityananda iti khyato nyasi-cudamanih ksitau


In the Vayu Purana, the Lord tells Brahma: "Lord Balarama, who is My first expansion and non-different from Me will also appear by My side as Lord Shri Nityananda. He will become the crest jewel of all renunciants on the earth."


(2) krtvavadhuta-vesam sa, dharman bhagavatan bahun;

grahayitva janan ittham grhinam asramam tatah.


"Assuming the dress of an avadhuta, He will freely distribute bhagavata dharma i.e. love of God. He will distribute this pure love through various means and deliver all the living entities. He will do so first as a brahmacari and later as a householder."


(3) jahnavy-adibhir atmanam, darsayisyati manavan.


"Accompanied by His eternal consort Shrimati Jahnavi-devi and many other intimate associates, He (Nityananda) will reveal His transcendental pastimes to the people."