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Title: Mahastotra verses 89-108

User: Swami Gaurangapada Date: 2006-05-13 15:13:52


                                                                                                         Nityananda Gauranga Naam Mahima Mahastotra

Nityananda Gauranga Naam Glories Hymn


The most essential 108 Verses from the Acharyas

glorifying the Holy Names of Nityananda & Gauranga


Composed by His Holiness Bhaktiratna Sadhu Swami Gaurangapada


Verses 89-108 added May 13, 2006.


wealth of gaura's pastimes is, kali's suitable boon;

gaura is the essence of, the kali yuga age..89


vrindavana dasa is the original author;

of chaitanya bhagavata gaura's pastimes..90


even if an atheist sinner reads chaitanya bhagavata;

becomes a great devotee at that very moment..91


the three worlds are delivered by, chaitanya bhagavata;

due to the purifying, nityananda's glories..92


shrimad bhagavatam is for the liberated souls;

chaitanya bhagavata's mercy is for everyone..93


chaitanya bhagavata mangala and charitamrita;

chandramrita etc. are full of all nectar..94


nine islands of navadvipa are, nine kinds of bhakti;

sixteen rivers flowing and secret vraja goloka..95


residence in navadvipa puri with gauranga connection;

shelter of gauranga's name, and goal of pure bhakti..96


offenders in vraja get impersonal mukti;

but those in navadvipa get pure love and bhakti..97


if the lowest person, remembers navadvipa puri;

he or she becomes a saint, purifies the planet..98


even if one goes to, billons of holy places;

one will not get radha-krishna without navadvipa puri..99


if one who is devoid of all spiritual practice;

stays in navadvipa puri, will get love of god..100


those who go to navadvipa puri with lust anger and greed;

even they are delivered from birth and death..101


holy places in kali yuga are extremely weak;

navadvipa puri are the essence, to remove all sins..102


navadvipa puri vrindavana gaura krishna's names;

one who thinks are different, goes down to hell..103


brahma paramatma names are secondary names;

names which address krishna's pastimes, are primary names..104


one thousand vishnu's names are beyond all vedas;

one name of rama is equal, to these 1000 names..105


three names of rama equal one krishna's name;

krishna's name is topmost in all the vedas..106


gauranga's name is the top of topmost,

fruit of chanting all names, by chanting once..107


chanting gauranga's name, become nitai dasa,

in life and death is only prayer, of gaurangapada..108