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Title: Its Aweful Hot

User: Nitaipada_Maharaja   Date: 2007-01-05 13:05:51


It has been terribly hot here for the past few days.  Even the poor animals suffer from this heat.  Over 105 for the past few days means everything suffers.


Shrila Prabhupada told us that even when material nature makes things difficult and unpleasant that we still must preform our devotional duties.  We must still chant, cook, clean, maintain the Deities, ect.  But it is so hard at times when all you desire is to cool off and get a little relief.


I was cooking prasadam last evening when it hit me that even when things are miserably hot, we still have to cook for the Lord.  This also means everything that goes along with it.  Clean up the kitchen prior to prep, sweep the floors out, Lord knows I didn't desire to last night.  But in the midst of it all I remembered a time when I was a teen and my Grandmotherhad me cleaning during the summer.  "Why do we have to clean again, we just did all this at breakfast?"  Because Son, God will accept a megar meal out of a clean kitchen, but not a King's feast out of a dirty one."  So simply, but wisely said.  Now as a Devotee, those words carry even more weight than they did at 14.


I love to cook for Their Lordships.  I think I lost my mind last night.  It was 110 in that kitchen, but I managed to make several wonderful dishes for Their Lordships.  Caitanaya Bhagavata tells us of how Shri Gaura loves spinich, so I made him Paneer Sak.  I made Samosas for Shri Nitai.  And since my belly didn't want anything heavy, I made some Urad Dhal and Chapatis.  It was a nice dinner, and I made enough that I won't have to cook much today.  But it is nice to make atleast one dish a day to offer to Their Lordships.  (Wonder if They hate leftovers as much as I do?)


Mataji Chandrika has started a recipe blog, has some nice items on it.  Later I want to print off several of her recipes and try them out.  Wonder how her sweet tomato sauce differs from mine?  Have to try and see.


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