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Title: Unbounded Mercy

User: Nava Gauranga dasa  Date: 2006-07-14 12:30:08


Nityananda! Gauranga! Hare Krishna!

Dear Swami Gaurangapada and devotees,

please accept my simple obiesances.


    Since yesterday's post I have been thinking alot about the nature of mercy. Really any blessing that may come is dependant on mercy. I have lived enough years to know that any self effort and striving for spiritual success, or emancipation, or whatever on my behalf is sure to bring trouble.

     It appears that mercy is dependant on the descending process, it really can't be earnt. So this really points, I feel, to the need for surrender.

    To surrender entails a need for trust. To trust God that his mercy will suffice.

    By reading scripture we can read of the nature of God, of his unlimited love, kindness and mercy. If I am to surrender and accept him as my guardian, I need to know that he is fully loving.

    In Bhagavad Gita Chapter 5 text 29, Krishna is described as the 'benefactor' and "well wisher" of all living entities. The Gaudiya Vaishnava conception of Godhead is of the highest type. Gauranga-Krishna truly is a God of divine love.


    Nityananda-Gauranga lila is of an extremely merciful nature. It is extending by nature, and reaches out to the most fallen souls in Kali Yuga. Lord Nityananda's mercy is beyond my ability to describe. By focusing upon His Lotus Feet through chanting of the 'Nityananda' Mantraraja is the greatest security. Surrender to his Holy Name is the greatest safety, for he wishes to extend mercy without consideration. His mercy is above justice.

    I would like to quote the following few words from HH BR Shridhara's book, "The Golden Volcano of Divine Love."


                                 ***All Embracing Mercy***

    Nityananda Prabhu's mercy sometimes exceeds the mercy of Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. Because it may create a bad precedent, Mahaprabhu sometimes cannot accept certain fallen souls-He has to consider their status as well as other things. Nityananda Prabhu's mercy, however, does not care for any unfavorable circumstances; His mercy is very lavish and almost blind. He does not discriminate between different degrees of sinners. His mercy is all-embracing. And Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu cannot dismiss His recommendation. Even those who Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu

rejected, Nityananda Prabhu sheltered, and gradually Mahaprabhu had to accept them. So the

grace of Nityananda is the greatest both in magnitude and circumference, and that is our solace,

for by His mercy even the most fallen souls can attain the supreme goal.........Nityananda Prabhu's mercy is so powerful that if one simply takes a piece of His loincloth

and wears it respectfully on his body, he will be saved from all the disturbances of the mundane

senses." Therefore we pray, "May my mind always stick to His holy feet; I offer my obeisances

to Shri Nityananda Prabhu." End quote.


    So how may my mind always stick to His holy feet. Surely through the chanting of the 'Nityananda' mantraraja.


    I would like to wind up this entry by saying that we are called to surrender. But we need not worry or have fear. For he truly is our ever wellwisher. The following quote is from the preface to HH BR Shridhara's book "Positive and Progressive Immortality." I love this book alot, it's one of my favorites. It speaks about surrender and seeking the Lord's guardianship. The following quote describes the "Unbounded Merciful Nature" of God so nicely.

    We really are in good hands.


   "The nature of the progressive substance is eternal existence, knowledge, and beauty (sac-cidananda).

The one harmonizing organic whole (advaya-jnana-tattva) contains all similarities and

differences, held inconceivably in the hand of the Absolute (acintya-bhedabheda-tattva). And there

is no anarchy in the absolute power. Nonetheless, mercy is found to be above justice. Above judiciousness,

the supreme position is held by love, sympathy, and beauty: 'I am the absolute power, but

I am friendly to you all. Knowing this, you need never fear (Bhagavad-gita, 5.29).' This revelation

relieves us of all apprehension: we are not victims of a chaotic environment, but it is judicious, considerate

- and the ultimate dispenser is our friend." End quote.




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