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Title: Today

User: neilsf    Date: 2006-07-25 07:42:50


Nityananda! Gauranga! Hare Krishna!


I bow to the Lotus feet of my Lord and Master Lord Nityananda and I bow again and again to the Lotus feet of his representative in the world, my Spiritual Master, Swami Gaurangapada


Thanks to everyone for your kind and encouraging words. They are a great help to me.


I feel its time for me to stop feeling sorry for myself and to just get up and chant. Swami Gaurangapada is right. I chant to say thank you to Lord Nityananda for everything that He gives me. It is selfish to expect to be happy. I want to SERVE Lord Nityananda and do what makes Him happy. I sometimes feel unable to do anything, but I'm thankful that every day I can do my chanting and so feel that I'm doing something to make the Lord happy.


Today is a new day and I'm just going to do my best and take today as the Lord gives it to me.


I'm thankful for all the association of the wonderful Vaishnavas here at Swami Gaurangapada's forum. I am so fortunate to have such an opportunity.


My pranams again and again to Swami Gaurangapada and all the Vaishnavas.


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