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Title: The Kirtana Discipline

User: Nava Gauranga dasa  Date: 2006-10-18 12:23:21


Nityananda! Gauranga! Hare Krishna!

Dear Swami Gaurangapada, and assembled devotees,

please accept my humble obiesances.


The past weeks I have been putting a concentrated effort into making good use of the 'Gaurangapada Vanibase'. Realisations are, that Gurudeva has granted us immeasureable mercy, by making available this Vanibase download.


My convictions are that reading the holy writings of the saintly acaryas, is our greatest wealth. I consider myself most unfortunate, in that I have no good qualifications for devotional service, but by gradually reading from the Vanibase, I have been tasting a tiny drop of how sweet this GaurangaKrishna Bhakti science really is. It is melting my heart. And I am beginning to realise that Krishna is the highest spiritual conception. The reading process is nurturing

sure faith in Krishna consciousness, of this there is no doubt.


I am totally bewildered how a great sinner, such as I, has been graced by the presence of such a beautiful spiritual path (Gaudiya Vaisnavism). Such can only be the nature of Gauranga Mahaprabhu! Totally extending; extremely merciful; the greatest well wisher of the most fallen in Kali Yuga. Distributing the highest conception, the Krishna conception, to one and all freely.


Millions of obiesances to the incarnation of God in Kali Yuga. Shri Krishna Chaitanya! Kali Yuga is worshipable, because He has appeared in this age distributing the Holy Names.


And He taught that kirtana is the spiritual process for this age. He quoted scripture, that says, 'there is no other way'.



Just now I have finished reading Shrila Raghunatha dasa Goswami's, Ragavartma Chandrika. I would like to quote a paragraph from it to finish this blog entry. I feel the paragraph glorifies the importance of Kirtana so nicely.


.....The following statements prove that the process connecting the devotee to his cherished devotional sentiments (bhava-sambandhi) must be done without interruption. Namani rupani tadarthakani gayan vilajjo vicaredasangah, “discard bashfulness and spurn society, live by glorifying with sweet hymns the self-illuminating holy name of Krishna and His sublime beauty.” And again, srnvanti gayanty gayanty abhiksnasha, smaranti nandanti tabehitam janaah, “Your devotees experience supreme exhilaration by incessantly hearing, chanting, glorifying, and remembering Your spotless character.” With this in mind, smarana (remembering), previously described as being a prominent devotional activity, must be placed under the auspice of the kirtana discipline. In Kali-Yuga, kirtana as devotional service is the most important devotional practice. For this reason all the scriptures unanimously declare that it is the foremost devotional discipline....end quote.


                                   aspiring to be your servant,

                                               Nava Gauranga dasa.


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