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Title: Red-eyed Buffaloes

User: Nava Gauranga dasa  Date: 2006-07-19 08:12:44


Nityananda! Gauranga! Hare Krishna!

Dear Swami Gaurangapada and devotees,

please accept my simple obiesances.


    Just now I have come back from down town, and felt inspired to write an entry in the blog. I just had my first visit with a chinese herbalist doctor. My physical health has not been functioning that well lately, and it has been manifesting as severe headaches and other symptoms. Finally after years of problems with health issues the herbalist/healer has pin-pointed the problem areas. By Nityananda Prabhu's mercy and gradual day by day living in Gauranga Krishna consciousness I hope to heal gradually.

    Inspired by the assembled devotees writings and realisations of Nityananda's mercy, last night I lay down for rest and internally meditated upon his Holy Name. During this meditation I glimpsed a small portion of his nature and mercy. I realised that his nature is "all-accomodating", that he has room in his heart for all, and at the same time he is fully prayer was, "Oh Lord Nityananda, please I beg of you, mould my heart in such a way that it may be "all-accomodating"...please my Lord help me with this."

Surely this will be my healing balm.


    I have been reading a small book called 'Golden Reflections' that tells the stories of BR Shridhar Maharaja and the early days and developments of the Shri Chaitanya Saraswat Math. I would like to share a sweet story from the book about Shridhara Maharaja and his disciple Govinda Maharaja, and two red-eyed buffaloes. It is a very sweet story, warm, and blissful.

    Reading about the early days of Shridhara Maharaja and Shri Chaitanya Saraswat Math has warmed my heart and makes me reflect on our own little developing community here at Swami Gaurangapada's forum. My dear friends, we are also in the beginning of a sweet transcendental adventure together.

    I hope you enjoy this pastime from the book, "Golden Reflections"...I have called it....

                            *****Two Red-eyed Buffaloes*****


Question: are labourers hired to cultivate the field at the Math?


Start Quote:  Shrila BS Govinda Maharaja: Generally the cultivation is done by the brahmacaris of the Math, but at certain times extra labour is hired. Around 1962 we purchased two very big and strong male buffaloes to help with the cultivation. I was the driver of the buffaloes and they were very happy with me. They were very broad and strong, and they were so big it is not easy to imagine. The cross-bars on the cart were especially wide for the buffaloes to fit in.

    Those buffaloes would play with me here, but Shrila Guru Maharaja would be afraid they may kill me. They were big, strong, and young, and Guru Maharaja did not like that I would always mix with them.

    In order to feed them grass I would take them to the pasture in front of Mahaprabhu's Temple. One day I was with them there and Shrila Guru Maharaja told me, "Don't go close to the buffaloes." But I assured him, "These buffaloes will not attack me." He objected, "These are beasts, they can attack you."

    I replied, "No Maharaja, these are not like beasts." Then I went in front of the biggest buffalo, then I quickly went to his rear and thumped him on his leg. Then, like a kid goat, he quickly turned, and with his horns he put his head against my body, but very carefully. Seeing this, Shrila Guru Maharaja said, "Oh, he will not attack you?" And I reassured him that he would not. Again I did it many times. Shrila Guru Maharaja watched and was surprised to see that each time the buffalo appeared to be quickly going to attack I would raise my arm slightly and he would put his horns carefully there by my side in a playing way. Shrila Guru Maharaja was surprised to see that such a strong 'red-eyed buffalo' of whom everyone was fearful, was playing with me.

    That buffaloes name was Ramdas. The other buffalo was called Syamdas. When Syamdas died, I purchased another, named Haridas. They were very strong and they ploughed the field, pulled carts, etc. End Quote.



Nityananda's mercy comes in many ways, and today was very special. I feel warmed and light after reading this small story of the 'red-eyed buffaloes'. You see...Nitai's mercy is endless. Nitai-Gaurahari bol.


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