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Title: Realisations

User: Igor     Date: 2006-10-18 12:23:21


It is 21.45. End of working day.

Many realizations during this week.

I made some notes


Things that I learn or I realized a little in last period


1. Spiritual life is marathon. It is not 100 m race. I started to think, to plan in advance. Not just that feeling Oh I must do everything in this moment. Learning to act according to my present situation and limitations.


2. At the same time accepting spiritual practice and trying to make advancement. Step by step. This is gradual process.


3. I should not expect that Lord/or His devotees should serve me in any way material/spiritual. I should try to organize my life on material/spiritual level so that I can help them according to my capacity


4. Accepting my limitations/problems/anarthas/hidrances and work to overcome them. Also accepting good points/qualities/abilities and trying to improve them


5. Spiritual life is not just black and white issue. There are many tones of grey.


6. I am neophyte devotee and should not trying to imitate/act/behave on some other way


7. All philosophy is within Naam. That is most important. I should organize life on that way to steadily increase quality and quantity of chanting. I find inspiration in Bhaktivinoda Thakura and in his life.


8. Physical, social, mental issues can be quite disturbing for person on neophyte level like me. Person must learn to tolerate them and learn to solve his or hers own problems.


9. I do not love God. I am just learning what it means.


10. There is great difference between theoretical and practical experience. I have some theoretical, sastric knowledge, but a little practical.


11. I found that to be born in this western civilization is great obstacle in terms of self control/behavior/tradition etc. Holy name is only solution. Not fit for tapasya of any kind.


12.Practicaly I understand that in present moment I must walk on two traces at same time - trace one material/physical/social level and trace two - spiritual practice. It will be nice to only walk on trace two, but it is not possible for me in this moment.


13.It is necessary to be sincere toward yourself. That is prerequisite for further advancement


14. Even small effort in this path is of unlimited benefit 


15. Always chant Nityananda Gauranga Hare Krishna



Dhana mora nityananda...


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