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Title: Neighbor near death

User: Igor     Date: 2006-07-20 11:32:12


Just few minutes ago I was talking with my neighbor, he stopped me on stairs, heavily breathing and sweating at same time.

What is happening, Jovica - I asked him.

Oh, you don't know, he replied. Yesterday, I was in hospital, I almost die.

What? What happened?

  My neighbor is young man in his thirties, married and have daughter. He have full time job in State Service for Traffic (maintains of roads and highways).

Yesterday,  he said, while I was working, suddenly I felt so strange, my heart started to beat, and I felt that my right side of body started to paralyze. Immediately I was driven in hospital, but after examination they said that it is nothing serious, dehydration, just to drink more water and they gave me some pills and that was all!

He looked so angry.

But today, similar thing happened, stronger stroke then yesterday, I was in total shock. I called ambulance soon they transferred me to emergency hospital department. Doctor measured my blood pressure and I was nearly to death because my high and low blood pressures were almost at same level!  They immediately gave me injection and after some time situation become secure. I have never felt so near death, and I am not even forty years old! And my wife and daughter, they will be helpless without me. Tomorrow I must go to work again.

Why, I asked. How will you go in such condition?

Oh, I must go. In company is total havoc, many workers are not necessary anymore and director will soon fire many. So I must be there, now I must be there. If I lose job, that will be total tragedy. Oh, I am in hurry, I am going to some medicaments so that I will be able to work tomorrow, he said.


     In this moment, while typing on keyboard, so many thoughts overwhelming me. This life is so short, who knows when death will come. Two, four, ten or hundred years, it doesn't matter. Money, place, wealth, health, fame, sensual enjoyment will have no value then. Who knows, maybe tomorrow I will be in position of my neighbor, near death. We are helpless. Only help and security is chanting of Nityananda and Gauranga Mantrarajas.


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