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Title: My Sincere Prayer

User: neilsf    Date: 2006-08-02 09:34:12


Nityananda! Gauranga! Hare Krishna!


I am a fallen soul, over burdened with heavy karma. I don't know where my negative karma will lead me. I am filled with anxiety about the smallest things. I sometimes find the simplest tasks are beyond my ability.


I pray that no matter what happens I may always keep the vision of Shri Gurudeva Swami Gaurangapada and my Lords Nityananda and Gauranga's lotus feet in my heart.


I pray that no matter what happens that I may always chant my prescribed rounds and that I may meditate on those three pairs of feet always. May I always feel that they are my only shelter.


May I always do that which makes the Guru happy.


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