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Title: Lord Balarama's Glories

User: Nava Gauranga dasa  Date: 2006-08-26 04:23:10


Nityananda! Gauranga! Hare Krishna!

Dear Swami Gaurangapada and assembled devotees,

please accept my simple obiesances.


I am fortunate to live in a two bedroom government housing apartment. Last week I slowly cleared one room and decorated it with a nice bookshelf of devotional books and sitting atop of it, Guru Parampara photos. Photos of Swami Gaurangapada, his dear Gurudeva HH Bhaktishastri Parampada, HH Bhaktisiddhanta Prabhupada, and the wonderful Bhaktivinoda Thakura.


A nice altar for AC Bhaktivedanta and Shri Shri Gaura-Nitai has also been set-up. As Gaura-Nitai have not yet been installed, I guess I am slowly preparing this small temple room for installation day. It will be a special, sanctified room away from the hustle and bustle of householder life. A place for ecstatic kirtana, silent japa, and sumptuos bhoga offerings. A transcendental place for devotion and spiritual growth.


I have also set up a wooden table and placed the antique Shri Bala Gopala Deity atop. I have not found a home for Him as yet, where He may receive appropriate service and love.

So I will be patient and nurture Him until a more advanced devotee receives Him in love. He is also awaiting installation.


The past week I have been reading Gurudeva's e-book called, "The Glories of Lord Balarama". It is such pure nectar and has enlightened my heart to Lord Balarama's supreme glory. It is almost as if while reading this book, that the giant waves of the material energy become a smooth calm ocean!


I honestly feel this sublime e-book is very very potent. I would encourage all to read it and meditate on it's contents.


I cannot fully comprehend how the powerful and supreme Lord Balarama is non-different to Lord Nityananda. And that we have received the Holy Name of Nityananda from Swami Gaurangapada. Lord Nityananda and His Holy Name consider no offences. This I find truly wonderful and amazing.


Reading the above mentioned e-book and chanting Nityananda Naam has been a profound spiritual experience for me this week. I long so much to be able oneday, to surrender more to the Holy Names. The batterings of the material world seem to be pointing to surrender to God very strongly for me. There is surely no other shelter. I feel grateful to be slowly realising that Guru and Gauranga are my most merciful well wishers.


Dear devotees, I very gently and humbly call out today..."dive into the e-book 'Glories of Lord Balarama' and always call out in your heart..'Nityananda, Nityananda, Nityananda'..."


                                 aspiring to be a simple servant,

                                             Nava Gauranga dasa.


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