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Title: I must say in blog that I like photoplog

User: Igor     Date: 2006-10-18 12:23:21


Photoplog is such wonderfull feature!

Thank you dear Gaurangapada Swami for so dedicatly and expertly are increasing beauty of this forum!

This photoplog is realy nice! There is proverb that one picture worth 1000 words and that may be true! Jagganatha Puri, Gambhira...

I have never been in India, but by seeing such wonderfull pictures I can get some idea about Holy Places. So nice.

I am amased how great energy you have. You are really most incrediable person, maha bhagavata! Almost everyday you are suprising me with new ideas and increasing this forum and they are so perfect!


Open window

of your hearth

you will see

Golden Lord is dancing

singing and crying


I must wrote in blog that I like photoplog

and one verse more

let us chant Nitai-Gaur!


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