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Title: Hard week

User: Igor     Date: 2006-10-18 12:23:21


It is Saturday, and I am still working.

I must share with you - this was probably hardest week in my whole life. Sukha and dukha, happiness and distress. This one was distress.

       But we should be able to learn from every situation, even from hard ones. I realized how this world is painful and temporary, so insecure place. Struggle at every step. We had electricity problems on house, stove burned out. No electricity for some time. Place where we are is very old and electric wires in walls are not functioning well. I am grateful to Lord that this slow, small PC is still in good shape, so that I can write and associate with you.

     Sometimes old friends and persons you know for long time can turn against you in second. I had that realizations this week. I also noticed that actually such things are very painful for me and that I can not tolerate too much stress. This week was extremely stressful for me. Then I can not functionate well. (that is probably due to my childhood - I have very sad and painful childhood too many traumas and distress from that time). It took many years to build self-confidence and I am still healing bottomless wounds from that time. But this world is not ideal place. What to do? abrahma bhuvana lokam punar avartino arjuna. This world is full of such and similar sad stories. You see this week it was so hard to me that I completely neglected my translations. I am hoping to be in better shape next week.

This life is not straight line. It is complex, curved trace. And no matter how prepare we are we may be surprised. Therefore we should always remember what our real wealth is

dhana mora nityananda radha krishna shri carana

sei mora abharana


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